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Yes, we are participating in a Dungeon Crawl.  ARE WE INSANE?  Seriously folks, I don’t know that we have what it takes to run with the “Big BDSM Dogs” on this hop.  The dark, intense, hand sweating, metal gripping, back lashing drama that I picture happening in a dungeon, (not to mention one hot scene after another that I read last week) is just not at my fingertips to post.  But rather than whine, I decided to join in.  My gym teacher's favorite phrase was “don’t say I can’t – say I’ll try”Pretty sad, when the only words of wisdom you can come up with were from your gym teacher.  Did I mention I got a “C” in that class?  I’m hoping to get a better grade in “Dungeon”.

In this scene from our upcoming novella, “The Author”, Carla (Dana’s best friend) is an attorney who works in a downtown Pittsburgh office.  She just started dating Michael Cohen, a very sweet, mild mannered, soft spoken therapist – who happens to be Dana’s former doctor, and a very handsome, dominant man.
The time was eight o’clock in the evening.  Michael heard his outside office door open and knew it was her.  She didn’t call, like he asked her to.  He stood at his desk as she walked into the room.  There was a look of disappointment on his face, and she knew he was unhappy.  He motioned with his finger for her to stand in front of him.

“Why didn’t you call, Carla?”
“Would you believe, I forgot?”  She fluttered her eyelashes.
“Try again, young lady.  I’m not amused … at all.”
“I don’t know.  I’m sorry.”  Her eyes lowered to the floor.
“Does my disobedient girl need to be taught a lesson?”
She quickly lifted her head.  “No, sir.”
“Oh, I have to disagree.”  Slowly, he walked behind her and stopped abruptly.  “Put your hands on the desk, right now.” 
“Michael, please.  This is embarrassing.”
“Bend over – ass out.” His tone was strict but calm as he paused to admire the view, before slowly sliding the skirt down her legs.  “I think these need to go, too,” he said as he removed her tights and panties, tossing them on a nearby chair.
“Lift your bottom higher.”  He kept the instructions brief, and tapped underneath her round cheeks, until she got into his preferred position.  When he was satisfied, his hand met her hind end with four crisp smacks in a row.  One stung more than the last, and left red imprints of his affection on each pale, bare moon.
“Please stop, Michael.  I said I was sorry.”  Tears gathered in her eyes.
“This spanking will not be over until your behind has been well-toasted,” he growled softly.  Dana, we both know how dangerous it is to walk these city streets at night, and I won’t ever gamble with your safety.  Is that understood, young lady?”
“Yes, sir.”
True to his word, the spanking didn’t end until her backside was red and radiant.  Tears streamed down her face, as he carefully moved her hot fanny to the edge of his cool, granite desk top.  Of course, she squirmed and wanted to rub her tender target, but knew it wasn’t allowed. 
“I should have called you.  I don’t know why I didn’t,” she sobbed.
“You are forgiven, my sweet.” He kissed her gently on the forehead, wiped her wet nose, and thumbed the tears from her red-rimmed eyes.  “Now let’s get your mind off your sore bottom, shall we?”

She hiccuped softly, as he gently nudged her legs apart.  With her knees open, there was room for his head to nestle right down the middle.  He kissed her tenderly on the smooth lips of her vagina, and her muscles clenched as she felt his warm breath and tongue tease her slightly.  Looking for the right spot to savor, he settled beneath the canopy of her clitoris and vibrated the tip of his tongue against her hard gem.  As Michael continued to suck and gently nibble, her orgasm exploded quickly, sending chills throughout her body.  She held on to his head, as he continued to please her again and again, until her spasms became so intense that they bordered on being painful.
Finally, Carla was sated and exhausted.  In his comfortable leather chair, Michael seated himself and pulled her onto his lap.  As he gently kissed her cheek, she looked up at him with a smile.
“Are we still going out to dinner, Dr. Cohen?  I’m starving.”
Well, that’s all I got – thanks for giving us a chance.  And there are sooo many great stops to visit … so keep crawling!


  1. That last line made me giggle. I really like what he did for her after her spanking. Dr. Cohen sounds delicious!

    1. I'm so glad you like Michael ... and Carla is a great match for him! Hopefully, they'll get their own story someday :)

  2. Great addition to the hop! Loved your post. Remember that BDSM is a big umbrella and the hardcore lifestylers don't get to claim the whole thing. I appreciate reading about a variety of BDSM activities not just the seriously painful ones.

    I think it's so interesting how you two write together. Have you done the Writing Process Hop? I'll have to check, but if you haven't someone needs to tag you.

    1. Glad you liked the post, and thanks for making us feel so welcome. We do enjoy writing together ... and haven't been tagged on the writing process hop, yet. Didn't know if anyone would be interested - but appreciate you asking. Thanks :)

  3. lovely snippet. glad you joined us

    1. Thanks, Joelle. You always make us feel at home, and it is very much appreciated!

  4. Great to have you here, Shelly!

    I want to echo what Normandie said. This hop truly IS big tent, just as BDSM is. I know it can be a little intimidating (though there's no need to be) to hang around with the "hardcore" BDSM peeps, but seriously we uber-pervs love all kinds of stuff. Spanking, and DD, and "softer" expressions of kink definitely belong here, and are most welcome here:)

    The clip was great. Erotic and tender both. I wanted to note something too from your set-up:

    "...Carla (Dana’s best friend) is an attorney who works in a downtown Pittsburgh office. She just started dating Michael Cohen, a very sweet, mild mannered, soft spoken therapist – who happens to be Dana’s former doctor, and a very handsome, dominant man."

    I don't know if you're going indie with this one, or going with a publisher, but I HIGHLY recommend you put that cited verbiage, verbatim, into your product description at the various retailers. I'd buy that book, sight unseen, based on that killer set-up alone.

    Great job, and I hope you come back next week!

    1. The real reason I stopped here this week, is because you and Sheri reached out to me. I know how hard it is to start new projects, and I wanted to support you guys. Oh, and I'm glad you liked the scene - because, obviously, I had no idea what to post.

      Thanks for your advice on the description, but Doug sent it to the publisher on Monday - and I don't know if we can change it. If for some reason, she doesn't like our book - I will insert your suggestion before we send it anywhere else. Obviously, I trust and value your opinion. I didn't even consider including them in the description, they're kind of a surprise that happens in the middle.

      Thanks for your encouragement and kindness, Trent. I will be back. :)

  5. What Normandie and Trent said! Hear hear! HUGE tent. Personally? I dislike what I call "kink snobs." I hope I don't ever come across that way. :)

    And whut Trent said. I'd buy on the basis of the blurby bit, too.

    Do come back, you guys. You are a fantastic addition, great to have you. Anytime.

    1. Thanks for your support, Sheri! Oh my God, "kink snobs" is such a great term! (Can I borrow it?) Doug and I are so new at this, and I'm just trying to be careful of where we stick our noses in. We all know it is hard enough to write something for the public to read ... we don't need the added stress of worrying what our own people think. Hopefully, I'll be able to dig something worthy up for next week :) You guys are the best!

    2. Definitely borrow it. I use it in real life. Yeah, I have to be careful where I say it, but, damn, I get pissy at that stuff and wanna shut those fuckers DOWN. Tolerance? Openmindedness? Hullo? But that's just me. Sometimes I have to count to ten. Made it to about six once. Personal best.

  6. Very nice, Shelly. "red and radiant"--can just see that.

    And to echo what the others have said, BDSM can be just about anything that is non-vanilla. I'm the farthest thing from a "protocol" Dom as you are likely to find, so I tend to make my own rules as I go. Don't be afraid to make your own; readers are out there for it.

    1. Thanks, Corey. I appreciate the advice and encouragement :)


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