Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Isn't it always exciting to wait for something new to be published?  While still in the hands of our editor, I thought it might be fun to give you another dark scene to chew on from our upcoming title, Her Doctor Daddy.  Here is another look at our serial killer as he hunts down his next victim in a local bar ... (gulp). The year is 1975 and the setting is Ft. Lauderdale.  Hope you enjoy the tension.


The loud click of his black leather platform shoes echoed on the sidewalk as he walked down the street towards the bar, ignoring those who threw stares his way.  Lowering yellow shaded aviator sunglasses down to the tip of his nose, he finally reached his destination and entered. 

“Oh, what a night,” he sang out loud to the tune of the Franki Valli single that was blaring from the speakers before chuckling to himself, enjoying the double entendre.

Pressing through the mass assembly of young adults, his destination was an outside area where a few bamboo tiki lights glowed, and he reveled in the mood of the intimate, balmy bar scene. He watched intently as people moved slowly, disappearing into the dancing crowd as they paired up with strangers. Humming, he cruised with deliberation as a lion might search for his next meal and twisted through the sexy, gyrating crowd.  His lips turned upward as the women gravitated toward him. Outwardly, he wore a smile, but inwardly he sported a familiar sneer.

Though the music stopped playing, the crowd paid no attention and kept moving.  Without missing a beat, the DJ switched to his next selection, Love to Love You by Donna Summer – obviously trying to elevate the heated atmosphere with some musical electricity. Spinning his head to soak in the provocative ambiance, he suddenly spied a young cub with dark long hair, dancing by herself off to the side.  

I think she ignored me last week, but tonight will be a different story.

Nonchalantly moving to the beat, he gently touched several women on the cheek with his finger tip while passing by.  As the song picked up its tempo - a young lady moved in closer, blocking his path.  Teasing for only a moment by bumping his hip onto hers, he continued working his way toward the shy girl dancing alone.  His thought was singular as he focused on his prey. He made it to the dark area on the other side of the bar, and then he stopped.

Mmm, I’m definitely going home with you tonight, my sweet little lamb chop.


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  1. Ahh... a man with prey in his sights. Will she be able to resist him, I wonder? Lovely snippet Shelly!

    1. Without giving up too much information? I'm thinking she's about to become a headline in future news reports! YIKES! Thanks for coming by to see me, Christina. Always enjoy a visit with you! :)


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