Friday, August 18, 2017


Hi there and welcome to Saturday Spanks!  The Daddy She Needed is live on Amazon and some of your other favorite retailers, so I thought I'd share a snippet with you today!  This one doesn't need much of a set up - Jill Walsh is an author of AP erotic romance and just used an old remedy of hers to help get her new book started.  Her boyfriend, Joe McDormand pens dark, dubious consent novels and was obviously not pleased when he saw that she was enjoying herself in their bedroom ... all alone!  If you want to see how this scene started, you can click here. The following 8 or so lines is the end of the chapter.


“Oh, and maybe I should explain something in a bit more detail, so it’s crystal clear.”

Jill froze like a statue before pivoting to face him.

“Pleasuring yourself is like stealing pleasure from me. I want to be the one who’s in control of that delicate, delicious pussy of yours,” he said with a wink.

“I can’t believe you’re saying that out loud.”

“What? You don’t like the dirty talk? Is it too back alley for the delicate ears of my little kitten?” he joked.

She crossed her eyes as her cheeks flushed pink. “I write this stuff, remember?”

"Ahh, yes. So, let’s consider this a friendly warning to the author who writes erotic romance. The next time I catch your fingers where they shouldn’t be…”

A streak of red crept up her neck.

He nodded and smiled. “Want to finish my thought?”

"I’ll get a spanking,” she mumbled, her face radiating a lovely shade of scarlet.

“You’ll receive a good hard strapping,” he corrected in a nonchalant tone before swiveling back around in his chair. “On your bare bottom.”


Okay, I think he made the point that he wasn't pleased.  But you'll be happier than a kid in a candy store when you scroll down and see the wonderful snippets you can read after this one.  Happy hopping!!

And now the blurb:

When Jillian Rae Walsh finally meets fellow author Joseph McDormand after flirting online for months, she has no choice but to admit that she has been lying to him about her age and life experiences. Rather than the divorced, early-middle-aged woman she had pretended to be in the hopes that readers would take her more seriously, she is actually twenty-two and never married.

Joseph makes it clear that he will not tolerate being lied to, and if they are going to pursue a romance Jillian will need to be punished for her deception. All is forgiven after a well-deserved bare-bottom spanking and some time in the corner to reflect on her naughty behavior, but it isn’t long before an ill-advised drive home after a night of drinking gets her in more serious trouble.

Deciding that it is time for more drastic action, Joseph informs Jillian that he will be taking on the role of her firm but loving daddy, and she soon learns that there are more intimate, embarrassing ways than a spanking to teach a naughty little girl to be good. Yet even when his stern punishments leave her cheeks blushing and her bottom sore both inside and out, Jillian cannot imagine feeling safer and more loved than she does in Joseph’s arms.

But Jillian has not told Joseph the full truth about her past, and when a man who has hurt her before seems intent on doing so again it will be up to him to keep her safe. Can her daddy find a way to protect his little girl before it is too late?

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  1. I love Joe's dirty talk with his kitten

  2. I definitely got his message. So, looks like she's going to have to go to him when she needs to gear up to write. I mean she was only doing it for her profession. Right? Loved the snippet, Shelly.

  3. Naughty naughty, but I live it!
    Well done, Shelly

  4. Scary! Better leave the pleasuring to him. Nice Snippet!

  5. So Joe doesn't want Jill having any parties for one? I wonder how long she can live by that rule? LOL.

  6. Ooh, a good hard strapping. I think I'm dribbling. It's almost worth being naughty for, right? Devilish and devious as ever, Shelly ;) Looking forward to more!!!

  7. He's told her now - I wonder what will happen?


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