Friday, December 15, 2017


Hi there and welcome to Saturday Spanks!  I'm sure everyone is rushing around getting ready for the holiday, so I really appreciate you stopping by for a quick spanking snippet! This week I'm continuing the short scene I posted a couple of weeks ago when On His Naughty List was released, and in case you want to refresh your memory -- you can find it HERE!

Andy walked to the edge of the mattress and as he approached her, his mouth tightened into a straight line. “Are you done testing my patience today, young lady?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Because I think it’s finally time to take you in that sweet bottom of yours.”

She stared at him incredulously, and her heart thundered in her chest. “Are you kidding? Y-You want to go there… tonight? On Christmas Eve? Aren’t we supposed to meet Teddy and Dan downstairs for a drink?” she managed through a couple of labored breaths.

“They can start without us.” Turning around, he reached for two large pillows and placed one behind her head before making sure that her hips rested comfortably on the other. As he raised her knees with one hand, his intense gaze met hers. 

“Keep those eyes open and on me, Ashley.” His voice was velvety as he retrieved her pink Lucite hairbrush from the nightstand and promptly smacked each lower cheek with it. Twice.

“Hey! What was that for?”

"I want your backside nice and red when I enter your quivering little rosebud with my stiff cock."

 And now for the blurb:

With the mayor breathing down his neck as he tries to solve a high-profile case, Lieutenant Andrew Geraci is grateful for the extra help when Ashley Scott is assigned to his team. Though she quickly impresses him with her skill and intelligence, when the headstrong young detective jeopardizes their undercover work with her failure to do as she is told, Andrew does not hesitate to take her over his knee for a sound spanking on her bare bottom.

Despite her blushing cheeks and sore backside, the stern chastisement leaves Ashley intensely aroused, and soon enough she is writhing in ecstasy as Andrew masters her beautiful body completely. But when she continues to disregard his orders, Ashley learns the hard way that Andrew is more than willing to punish a disobedient woman’s bottom both inside and out.

As the investigation proceeds, their romance grows more passionate by the day. But when the man they are hunting realizes they are closing in and decides to come after Ashley, will Andrew be able to keep her safe?

On His Naughty List is now available:

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Well, that's it for me today!  Thanks for visiting to see what I'm up to, and I do hope you enjoyed my little Saturday morning teaser!  But before you leave this hop, I highly suggest that you grab a cup of coffee and visit all the other authors to see what they've been up to! ~ shelly :) 


  1. Oh WOW Christmas Eve is going to be HOTT! Great snippet, Luvs

  2. My, my. I guess there are some things that are worth keeping your guests waiting for, however, I do hope this isn't the first time he's taken her that way. I mean, we wouldn't want him to rush through anything, would we? Love the snippet, Shelly.


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