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I have been a longtime lover of mafia stories, and now I've finally written one!  I hope you enjoy the following filthy teaser!

“We’ve both had a long day, little one. Get your nightgown on and wait for me in the bedroom.”

Jennie licked her lips as she stared into the delicious roaring fire that Anthony built for them, and her eyelashes fluttered when the sparks danced and crackled on the logs. “Are you going to tuck me in now and say goodnight, or will you come in later?”

“I’ll be in soon,” he insisted in a firm but gentle manner, “and I have a new rule that I’d like to implement…”

“Is this request coming from the guy who kidnapped me, or the man who is pretending to be my husband?”

His eyes darkened as he vaulted off the couch to face her. “I do not make requests—I make rules. And while you’re living under this roof with me, you will do as I say. Is that clear, bambolina?”

Though her insides quivered at his stern demeanor, she pursed her lips in defiance. Something inside her just loved to provoke him. To taunt him. To see how far she could take him.

“From now on when you get undressed at the end of each day, you’ll remove your panties before you put your nightgown on. Do I need to tell you why?”

“Do I need to remind you that you’re not really my husband?”

A crooked smile emerged as he angled his head toward her. “Which part of I’m the head of this house, and you’ll do as I say do you not understand?”

After boosting herself off the couch, she spun her small body around and crossed her arms. Jennie loved toying with this hot dominant man, but when she saw that his stubbled jaw was firmly set, she stopped and clamped her lips together. It was the same expression he wore right before he’d spanked her for taking his disposable phone.

His eyes sparkled as he blinked and grinned. “Yes? Is there something you want to say to me?”

She licked her dry lips and let her arms fall limp to her sides.

“So, let’s recap the day. My naughty girl needed to be spanked this morning for stealing my disposable phone to call her sister with.”

“You’re still talking about my slight misbehavior? I thought I’d already been forgiven for that.”

“Slight misbehavior?” he echoed, narrowing his eyes. “A grave mistake would be a better description in my book. Yes, your spanking this morning did give you a clean slate after your badly behaved actions, but when I saw those flaming cheeks of yours bent over my knee this morning, well, it was extremely difficult not to make you mine right there and then. You needed to learn a lesson, and I didn’t want to mix your punishment with pleasure…”

A quick breath caught in her throat as she watched him adjust the massive bulge in his pants.

“In case there’s any confusion over what I’m about to do—let me clear this up for you. I’m going to redden that gorgeous ass of yours again, but this time, your tender virginal cunt will be fucked long and hard afterward. When I’m done driving my stiff cock deep inside you, you’ll finally understand where we stand with one another.”

She swallowed twice as her nether lips fluttered. Was it possible to be aroused and anxious at the same time?

“You see, my little one, being the head of this house means I’ll take what I want, when I want it. And right now, I want your pussy naked under your nightgown, so I can fuck it senseless and claim it as my own,” he said, his eyes smoldering with desire. “Have I made my intentions straightforward enough for you?”

It was difficult for her to swallow, let alone speak, so she nodded her head.

“Good. Now get going,” he ordered, his raspy voice laced with lust. “And don’t tell me you aren’t turned on, because I can smell your unshaved pussy through your precious pink cotton panties.”

Her hands trembled as she palmed her embarrassed face.

“Yes, I saw your adorable furry mound while you were bent over my knee this morning. But no worries, I brought a brand-new razor, and we’ll have a shaving event bright and early tomorrow morning. After that, I’ll expect you to do it yourself every day because I’m a man who likes his captive to have smooth skin everywhere.” His wink was subtle as he spun her around and trailed his finger down the crease of her ass. “And I prefer the seam of this fuzzy peach to be bare when my cock thrusts inside it,” he noted, rubbing her crimped hole before gently pushing the pad of his finger against it.


Anthony DiPasquale knew that as the stepdaughter of a powerful mob boss, Jennie Salerno was off-limits, but if he was the kind of man who followed the rules he wouldn't be in Italy on the run from the feds in the first place. Though her father plans to marry Jennie off for his own benefit, when Anthony realizes she is in danger he makes it clear to the beautiful nineteen-year-old that she will be coming with him and he will be protecting her whether she likes it or not.

Jennie soon learns the hard way that Anthony will not hesitate to carry out his threat to spank her if she disobeys, but when he claims her virgin body roughly while her backside is still sore the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible. Even after she puts herself at risk again and her bottom is punished inside and out, her arousal is as intense as it is undeniable.

Over the coming days Jennie discovers what it means to be thoroughly mastered by a man who never tires of making her blush crimson and beg shamefully for each quivering climax, but when the heat on Anthony dies down and he returns to America will he bring her home with him?

His to Protect is available on Amazon and Free in the Kindle Unlimited Program.

Have a great week! ~ shelly

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