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The following excerpt finishes last week’s dream scene from our upcoming novella, “The Author" - which should be available from Blushing Books very soon.  Dana (who writes DD and AP) fell asleep reading a ménage story on her Kindle.  By page 99 in this book, it is easy to understand why Richard (her boyfriend) and Michael (her therapist) have the leading roles in this dream. It was a fun scene to write (almost in cartoon fashion) since it had to come from the recesses of Dana’s mind.   Just a side note:  Doug’s real name is Richard … my husband’s name is Mike, and I was the only one who saw the humor in this chapter :)


“Are you feeling okay baby?  If you don’t want to go through with this – you should tell me now.”

But before she could answer, there was a knock on the door and her “cowboy friend” strutted in.  He was also wearing the same ensemble - tight black jeans and no shirt. 

“I thought we invited you to dinner.  Aren’t we starting this party a little early?” she asked snidely as he put his black Stetson on the chair.

“Maybe we ought to start this party with a good old fashioned spankin’,” Mike barked as he removed her towel and winked at Richard.

With approval, Richard handed him two pillows from the bed, and before she could think, she was placed over them with her bottom high in the air.  Richard held her down with a firm hand, while Mike spoke, giving her behind three swift smacks.

“We both want to give you more pleasure than you ever dreamed of.  But we really need you to behave, darlin’.  Understand?”


Another smack was administered to her bare ass.  “Is that how you answer me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Better,” Richard smiled.  “Now, if we’re done disciplining our girl – let’s start the party.”  He turned and looked at her with dark piercing eyes.  “You are going to suck Mike’s cock.  I want you to make him very hard, sweet girl.” 

Richard sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her onto his lap.  Mike took off his shoes and undid his jeans, which in seconds were tossed into the corner.  He was a little shorter than Richard, but well built and strong with a dusting of dark brown hair that made its way south from his navel.  Smiling, he walked over to her and stood between her legs.  His length was instantly rising.

Mike folded his arms and nodded, giving his permission.  She took his erection in her hand, stroking and tugging at it.  They both watched intently, which made her extremely nervous.  Pressing her lips to the tip, she swirled her tongue around his soft skin.

“Oh my God, keep going,” he sighed happily.

Richard started chuckling behind her.  He parted her legs and petted her clipped mound; his fingers rubbed up and down her bare, wet slit.

“I love that you shave the important part smooth, sweetheart,” he complimented with a whisper in her ear.  “Now relax and let me make your pussy happy.”

As Richard’s fingers teased, she became soaked with excitement.  Instinctively, she took Mike’s penis further into her mouth, and he started to groan.  Reaching up to gently cup his balls, she felt his cock thicken and harden quickly.  Almost to orgasm, the flood of liquid between her legs began to trickle. 

“Good girl,” Richard whispered.  “But I don’t want either of you coming yet,” he warned as he removed his fingers from her clit and looked at Mike. 
They glanced at each other as she tasted a small amount of his pre cum.  Unfortunately for her, he obeyed Richard and slowly pulled out of her mouth. 

“This better be good.  Not that you care, but we were both happy as clams.”  Mike countered.

“I’m going to make her squirt,” he responded cheerfully.  “Want to help?”

Mike quickly secured Dana’s hands behind her back.  Richard latched on to her nipples sucking each one, until they were hard and erect.  As he kneeled in front of her open legs, he gently parted her labia with his fingers lightly rubbing up and down to make sure she was still moist.  Not wasting another minute, he gently kissed her smooth pussy lips on either side finishing with the flat of his tongue - licking every inch of the area from one end to the other.  It was exhilarating, being controlled by both men at the same time.

She moaned as a shiver darted through her body.

“I think she likes that,” Mike cracked.

With the tip of his tongue, Richard circled her hard nub and then thrust it deep inside, over and over.  She never had an orgasm standing before, but just as her soaking wet pussy was about to climax, her knees buckled and she started to fall back into Mike’s arms.

“Are you okay, darlin’?” Richard asked with concern.  “Don’t leave us now, sugar plum.  The best is yet to come.”

She had a strange expression on her face, and they both laughed.

“We’re going to fuck you at the same time, angel,” Richard whispered in her ear.  Then he looked at Mike.  “Dana never asked me to use a condom because she knows I’ve been tested.  But I need to ask about you.”

“I have Richard.  I’m good to go.  Are you okay with me going bareback, sweet girl?”

She nodded.

Richard went to the dresser and retrieved a tube of lubricant.

“Will it hurt with both of you inside me at the same time?”

He pushed his jeans down; his erection sprang loose for all to see.  “It will be tight and painful at first, but once we’re both in completely, it should be heaven for you, darlin’.”

Mike nodded in agreement.

“Go over to the middle of the bed and lie on your tummy,” Richard directed in a dark voice. 
Her knees trembled; his tone meant business.  Both men joined her on the bed, one on either side.

“I’m going to use a lube syringe to make sure that you’re slippery enough to take Mike’s cock.  It’s going to go deep in your tushy and fill you up.  Dana darlin’, behave yourself and don’t you dare try to rid yourself of this liquid.  Remember, neither one of us has a problem spanking you.”

Mike’s large hands gently, but firmly pressed her down into the mattress.  They knew she wasn’t going anywhere, but as usual, she loved the undivided attention those two handsome men gave her.

Richard uncapped the syringe and filled it with lubricant.  Then he gently parted her backside and touched the wet nozzle to her bottom hole slowly sliding it in.  He depressed the plunger, and she gasped as the cool liquid filled her rectum.  As he finally slid the nozzle out, she could tell her rear end was completely filled and dripping with the substance.  Richard slowly moved toward her on the bed, turned over on his back and motioned for her to mount him.  Taking some lubricant, he fisted his own erection and grabbed her hand.  She obeyed and with Mike watching, together they guided his stiff, slippery cock into her entrance, as she lowered herself onto him.  Richard didn’t bother to hide his pleasure, and moaned with appreciation as she started moving up and down.  Eventually, his big cock disappeared inside her.

“Mike, I think you better get behind her now.”

In an instant, she felt Mike’s hand on her back as he pressed her forward.  But she didn’t move an inch.

“Come on sweetie, lean forward all the way.”

“I don’t think I can do this,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“Yes you can, baby - just try to relax.  I’ll be gentle.” He spoke softly and rubbed her back.

She finally complied, bending forward until she was lying on Richard’s chest.   Mike’s fingers smoothed a thick gel around and inside her small puckered hole.

“That’s perfect, honey girl.  Now just relax and let me in.”

She felt the tip of Mike’s penis press into her anus.

“Let him in darlin’.  Exhale and bear down.  Take it slow Mike,” Richard instructed in a deep voice.

She gasped as his thick cock tried to invade her small entrance.  It seemed impossible that he would get all the way in.  But even with the lube, it burned as he stretched and inched his way inside her narrow passage.  As Mike continued to push, and she moved with him, so did Richard.  She buried her face into his shoulder as Richard pushed further inward.  It was so snug that the lube had nowhere to go but out, and created embarrassing noises that no one paid attention to.

“Are you doing okay, baby?” Mike asked then kissed the back of her neck. 

“Yes, it’s getting better now,” she meekly responded.

“Richard, let’s give her something good to remember.”

Suddenly his cock slid out of her bottom, and Richard thrust his hips up and buried himself deep into her pussy.  As he pulled out, Mike pushed forward, and they took turns fucking her with an intensity she’d never experienced.  It wasn’t long before she was participating, taking them deeper and faster.  That “full” feeling that she enjoyed so much was finally the “real thing”, and as she cried out in pleasure, they were not far behind in their own release.
Fluids soaked the mattress, and she felt as though she was floating in happiness, as they ejaculated at the same time.

Mike exited first, and then she rolled off of Richard.  The three of them were on their backs, satisfied, eyes closed.  “Are you okay, my darlin’?  Let us clean you off,” Richard insisted as he walked naked into the bathroom to get two wet washcloths.

Mike nodded his appreciation as he took the cloth from Richard.  “Push up on your knees, kitten so we can make you feel better.  This cloth is cool and will feel good on your sore tushy,” he said as he carefully wiped the stickiness off of her bottom.

“Over on your back, sugar,” Richard instructed as he rolled her over and separated her knees to clean her pussy with the clean, warm cloth.  “Feel better, sweet girl?”

“Much.  Thanks,” she replied with a tired smile.

“I think someone needs to sleep.  We’ll get dressed and let ourselves out.  Don’t forget your hat,” Richard said as he winked at Mike.


“Dana … Dana.”  He gently shook her shoulder.  

She opened her eyes and looked around the room.  “I must have gone to sleep,” she mumbled and tried to focus on his face.

“I’ll bet that was some dream, kitten,” Richard chuckled.

“What do you mean?” she asked nervously and tried to sit up.

“You were moaning in your sleep.  I just wanted to make sure it was the good kind,” he winked.

“Thank God it was only a dream,” she smiled and held her flushed cheeks.

“Care to share?” Richard asked as he crossed his arms.

“Maybe another time, baby.  I need to go to the bathroom, and then get back to sleep.  I have a meeting in the morning.”  As she rolled out of bed smiling, he gave a loving smack to her bum.

“I want to hear about that dream tomorrow,” he called out as she closed the bathroom door. 

She giggled and leaned against the inside of the door frame.  “I obviously read that book too many times.”

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  1. You pulled a Rip Van Winkle!!!!

    Well played, well played:)

    1. You're just what the doc ordered, Trent! Doug and I argued over this one - he didn't think it played like a dream. Naturally, I wouldn't give up and spun it until he was happy. You can't imagine how many times these scenes go back and forth until everyone is satisfied, and then I still worry. If people only knew how much we put into this writing business ... so as always, thanks for your support :)

  2. Whew! DP... double penetration... this has been on my fantasy list for as long as I can remember. That feeling of "fullness" the thought of two hot as hell men, and being sandwiched between them, used by them as well as being pleasured by them.
    You're excerpt today, Shelly, is quite 'titillating' to say the least.

    I wonder what Richard is going to think, and or, do when he learns of what she's been reading about and dreaming about.
    Your heroine and I share something in common. I often fall asleep with my head next to or directly on my kindle. LOL.

    1. Always love hearing from you, LA! Yes, I've been DYING to write a ménage - and it looked like this was the only way I was going to sneak one in. Her dream is actually referred to a number of times ... and dealt with at the end of the book. I was so worried that the editor would want to cut it ... which would have left a number of "holes" in our story. In the end, I think he thought the whole "Jewish Cowboy" image was absurd. I love a Hero who has a sense of humor :)

  3. OMG! That was seriously HOT! Wow!! Good luck with the release and congrats!!

    1. Oh and totally funny on the names... :)

    2. The word HOT coming from you is a real compliment ... and thanks so much for cheering us on - we love that!!
      We have so much fun using our own names - but I took them both to the edge with that one :)

  4. Ooh my favourite scenario - twice the fun with both at the same time. Yummy excerpt. :)

    1. And then add how much fun it was to write?? I should only dream like this!! Thanks, Christina :)

  5. I love menage scenes. I just wrote my first one a couple months ago. Even though this was a dream, it was very hot and detailed.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm hoping maybe someday I'll get to write one that actually happens. For now ~ sigh ~ I'll be content with it in dreamland :)

  6. That was very very hot. You pulled this off flawlessly. Great flow and of course the heat level was through the roof.

    1. It's spring, I have a really bad cold ... and you are officially the HIGHLIGHT of my day! Thanks so much for all your happy, kind words :)


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