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This is a scene from our WIP currently titled, “The Author’s Friends”.  Last week Carla was given an opportunity to interview with the governor for a new job and asked Dana to meet her for a few drinks.  Naturally, they were picked up by guess who ... and we had a sneak peek into how Michael dealt with Carla's little secret.  As promised, this week we’ll drive over to Dana and Richard’s to have a look through their window.
The disappointment on Richard’s face said it all.
“Carla needed some quick friend time and I had to answer the call.  I’m not trying to blame anyone for what we did tonight; things just got a little out of hand.  It was a bad decision that won’t happen again, I promise.”
“Darlin’, please don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
Oh-oh, that heavy Southern drawl is never a good sign, she thought.
“I’m going to take Floyd for a walk; why don’t you go upstairs and shower to clear your head.  I’ll meet you in the bedroom and we’ll talk.” Richard gave her a gentle nudge to get moving.
“I’ll bet that’ll be a real two-sided conversation,” Dana said in muted sarcasm.
“I still have my hearing kitten, please don’t make things worse for yourself.” Richard leashed Floyd and walked out the front door smiling.

Dana looked at herself in the mirror as she dried her hair. How do I get myself into these situations?  In hopes of mounting a solid defense for the upcoming conversation, she tried to pull herself together and reviewed the evening.  Taking her robe off the hook and sliding it over her shoulders, she walked into the bedroom.  Richard was already perched on the side of the bed. 
He patted the mattress signaling for her to sit down beside him.  Dana slowly crossed the room and made a last minute decision to go with contrite instead of defensive.
“I’m really sorry.” Her head and body lowered at the same time.
“Darlin’, I understand Carla needed your friendship tonight, but both of you acted irresponsibly.  How exactly did you expect to get home?  You have low blood sugar, for God’s sake; were you ever intending to eat dinner?
“Are you going to spank me?” she asked quietly playing with the hem of her short nightgown.
“I have a different punishment in mind for you tonight, sugar.”  Richard gently took her by the hand and positioned her over the side of the bed.  “Lift up your nightgown and slide those panties down, please,” he said softly.
The familiar “snap” of the plastic lube container prepared her for the scene without turning around.  As Richard’s wet finger slowly rubbed and teased her smooth bottom hole; she whimpered and squirmed in a small show of defiance, earning her a sharp swat of disapproval.
“Be still, young lady.” 
Richard seductively moved his finger in and out, wiggling and playing more than he usually did, to keep her mind occupied.  Finally, he pulled a surprise from the drawer that he and Dana never used, but she always suspected he would want to try.
“Is that what I think it is?”
“It’s a little gift to wear in your beautiful bottom while you eat dinner.  Now be a good girl and separate your cheeks for me.”  Richard lubed the stainless steel butt plug and gently began to push it into her slick anus.  “Come on baby doll, if you relax … it will make the insertion easier.”
“For me or you?” she snidely asked.
“Jesus, you would think as a butt plug went into your ass, your mouth would automatically close,” he quipped, slowly edging the foreign object further into her backside. 
“Fine.”  Inhaling and exhaling a dramatic deep breath, the cool, steel invader stretched and burned until her sphincter finally relaxed and it was completely seated within her.  “I can’t believe you actually bought this, and it isn’t even my birthday.”
“Yep … you are one lucky girl." His tone was light as he gave a tug on the plug.
“The silicone variety comes in an abundance of colors.  Maybe I could put it on my list for Santa next year; I hear it’s a great stocking stuffer.”
“That mouth of yours really needs an edit mode, sugar pop.  A spankin’ wasn’t my first choice for your punishment, but I hear it is a wonderful supplement to your little steel friend.  By the way, these also make great stocking stuffers,” he drawled spinning a new flat-backed hairbrush in his hand.
“So what’s for dinner, Richard?” she uttered with a groan, attempting to lift herself off the bed.
He gently put his hand on the small of her back. “Not so fast kitten,” he said as he rubbed the flat side of the hairbrush on her bare bottom.  “According to Michael, these also come in an array of styles and colors …”
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  1. Oh yum! I hope she enjoys the hairbrush... all that squiggling and squirming to come - delicious!

    1. He certainly aimed to please in this scene, didn't he? Thanks so much, Christina :)

  2. Oh no, no, NO! You did NOT just leave us hanging there! ...You did. You totally did. You said this is a WIP. When does it come out? How long am I going to have to wait to read the rest of this scene? *Whine!*

    1. Yep we did ... and the "whine" is such a compliment!! "The Author" is due out any day and this is the sequel which we are now to the halfway mark. Thanks for stopping to see us ... we love the encouragement :)

  3. I adore the tenderness here, alongside the perfect humiliation. So lovely.

    1. Ooh ... perfect humiliation ... I like that!!! Thanks so much, Emily :)

  4. I love her knowing reaction to the 'snap' of that cap and I'm really starting to fall for your characters, Shelly.
    As Emily mentioned, the tenderness between the couple is perfect, but also hot!
    The humor from Richard about thinking her mouth would automatically close while he made intrusion to her booty was simply wonderful. I can really feel the comfort level that Richard and Danna share as a couple.
    I feel a bit cheated that you left us hanging where you did. I would love to see how Danna reacts when she gets a spanking with the 'new toy' in place. You're going to show us that next week, right Shelly, RIGHT?
    And yes, I want to know the estimated release date too.

    1. I'm so glad you like the characters, LA ... they have been so much fun to write! LOL - you were the queen of leaving us hanging this week ... I'm simply a runner-up in the pageant :) Still waiting for the release of "The Author" ... hopefully soon. Thanks for stopping by ... always enjoy your comments!

  5. This is very well done - the banter between them totally natural and just good. They just click and if there's a butt plug, well, it just makes things that much more interesting!

    1. Thanks so much, Natasha! Doug does love a good butt plug scene ... although he didn't write this one. Come to think of it - I probably made his day!! Too much information for ya? :)

  6. Agreeing with the others, I also love the tenderness and compassion in these two... Sounds like her "little steel friend" may need some companionship, and then she can indeed have the former anticipation come to term... Just lovely...

    1. Thanks, Joseph. I don't think she's ever been spanked with a hairbrush before ... wait let me think ... no that was Carla. So let's say she's in for a real treat and Richard is just the one to give it to her. :)


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