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The Author has been published and is available on Blushing Books and Amazon!   Normally, you would expect us to post a scene from our new title in an attempt to actually sell it.  But I promised a continuation of last week's post from our WIP "The Author's Friends" ... so here it is!  If you missed the first part of this steamy scene, you can scroll down and find it at the bottom of this page.  Thanks for reading!


“Don’t get too comfortable.  Now that we have declared our love for each other, let’s move on to the subject of trust.” Michael carefully removed Carla's panties and lifted her from his lap back to a position against the headboard.  Making sure she rested comfortably on a pillow, he raised her knees with one hand and smacked her red-hot ass with the other.  “Look at me, please.”

“Oh my God, you aren’t finished?”

Still holding her legs with his right hand, Michael reached over to open the end table drawer and pulled out a small container.  There was a gleam in his eyes as he slowly stroked and smeared her bottom hole with the thick gel.  

“Let’s talk about how much you trust me.”  

Carla gasped as his cool, wet digit barely poked inside her anus.  He rubbed and prodded the sensitive area while gazing into her eyes, waiting for a response.

“I do trust you, Michael.”

“Hmm.  It sure didn’t feel that way at the restaurant.  And then, to make matters worse, you ran to Dana and Richard’s house.  Did you really think I was cheating on you with Lilly?”

“I didn’t know what to think.  You told me not to come, and then I saw you holding her … ahhh!”  Carla’s sentence was cut short by Michael’s finger sliding deep into her bottom.
He inserted a second lubricated finger effortlessly and slowly moved them in and out as he watched her facial expression change.  “There is no one in my life but you, Carla.  You are my only love.  What do I have to do to earn your trust?  I was trying to protect you from getting hurt.”  He quickly removed his pants and lubricated his hardened, hot cock with gel as she watched.

“I know you love me, but she’s beautiful and rich …”

He positioned the broad tip of his penis into her trembling smooth hole.  As he moved it in slowly, her eyes widened.  “Relax, my love.  You know it will be painful at first …”

“Michael, it hurts.  It really does.” She tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes.  I want you to look at me.  I’ll never lie to you … about anything.  Yes, it hurts at first but eventually it will feel good."

Carla's eyes focused on his thick cock edging into her ass.  She bit her lip as he added more lube, inching and pressing his way into her small entrance. 

“Is this a punishment?” she asked in a hushed tone.

“No. I just want to make sure you know you are mine.”

“You were the first ... the only one to satisfy me this way.”  Her eyes were glossy with tears.

“Hold on to your knees, and move with me.  Possess and swallow my cock until it can’t go any further inside you.” He grazed her lips and thrust his tongue into her mouth as he drove deeper and deeper into her ass.  She melted into his kiss and let go of her knees, taking him in until he seated himself completely.

“Let me feel how wet you are.” Michael took his clean hand and stroked the slippery soft skin of her labia.  “You are soaked, my sweet.  I want to watch you play.”

Carla groaned as she stroked her swollen folds over and over.  Her breathing intensified as they moved together, kissing and rubbing their face onto one another.

“There will be no coming until I say you can,” Michael whispered breathlessly in her ear.

“Then please say I can,” she whispered in response rounding her swollen clit with tense fingers.

“Hang on a little longer…”

Those were his last words as he pulled his slick cock almost all of the way out and drove back in deep.  Then without warning, he fucked her hard and fast - again and again.  The burn was finally gone, but the full exhilarating sensation became more intense with each plunge.  “Oh my God, I’m coming baby.” His body suddenly jerked forward, and she could feel his cum spray deep into her rectum as her muscles involuntarily shuddered and throbbed at the same time.  Their eyes remained open enjoying every moment of the lust and tenderness they felt for each other.  Holding on to each other tight, Michael gave Carla a gentle kiss on the lips.

“I’m going to clean your bottom with a cool washcloth, and then prepare us a nice dinner.”

"I guess lunch wasn't enjoyable."

“I didn’t stay long enough at the restaurant to eat.” He bent her knees forward and gave her a loving pat on each side of her behind before walking into the bathroom to prepare a washcloth.  Twirling his finger in a circular motion, Carla complied and turned over onto her knees allowing him to clean and soothe her sore backside.  He knew how embarrassing a position it was for her, but it gratified him to be able to care for her in a way that no one else ever had. 

“Good girl.  Why don’t you get dressed and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

Carla passed a full-length mirror on her way across the room.  Pausing for a moment, she turned at the waist to inspect her radiant bum.  He walked over to enjoy the view.

“This ass is the only one I'm interested in.  It’s all mine.” He bent down and softly bit her right cheek.

“All yours, indeed,” she whispered with a satisfied smile.


Thanks for reading! ~ shelly


  1. God that was Hot!! I lived how he bit her bottom!! Nice!

    1. Thanks, Megan. I'm so glad you enjoyed ... I know he did!

  2. I loved this, and the aftercare too. So hot.

    1. Thanks, Ashe! I agree ... the aftercare is so important and sooo sexy!

  3. Damn, Shelly!
    Thank you so much carrying on from last weeks excerpt. This might sound strange but I really enjoyed the way you described her discomfort while Michael was edging his way in. Anyone experienced with anal sex knows that no matter how many times you do it, that initial pinch and burn is always going to happen. But the reward is always worth it ヅ

    1. Thank YOU so much for coming back to read this week !!! Your enjoyment is not strange at all ... anal activity is not just uncomfortable physically, but emotionally. But that's probably what makes it so exciting, right? And then there's the reward ... ;)

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    1. Oooh, a Yowza from Corey Harper! This is a yum for me. ;) Thanks so much!!


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