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Welcome to WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY, where we share with the world what we currently are working on behind the scenes.  This is from our work in progress, “The Sail of Their Lives”, a DD/erotic romance/murder mystery laced with age play.  Obviously, we will only share the sex and punishment scenes, so it won’t ruin the mystery!  Thanks, of course, to Melody for keeping this weekly blog hop fun to participate in!  Next week – I will share a special Halloween scene written for this upcoming title.
Jackie nervously fingered her necklace.  “This afternoon, it was Detective Andrews following us.  God knows who that was outside.  Danny, I’m scared.”

He wrapped his sturdy arms around her.  “I won’t let anything happen to you, Cookie.  I promise.”  She nodded as he took her by the hand.  “I have the perfect activity to relax you.”

Her eyes rolled to the ceiling as they walked into his bedroom.

“In case you’ve forgotten, that type of eye movement will get your bare bum spanked in this house.” She giggled as he playfully swatted her bottom and pulled her close.
“See, now that’s the smile I was hoping for.  Face the other way, and let me help you undress.”

Jackie obediently turned around and raised her arms, allowing Daniel to pull the skimpy, ribbed tank top over her head as he sat on the bed.  “I don’t think we have any need for these,” he said tugging her shorts down.  Rubbing her behind lovingly he quickly added, “Slide your panties down real nice and slow for me.”  With his hands on her waist, he watched as she slid them to the floor.

“My nightgown is in the other room,” she said looking over her shoulder.

“Mmm hmm - and there it shall stay, my sweet girl.” He pulled her onto his lap and tweaked her nipple firmly between two fingers before the pads of his digits trailed down her soft tummy, finally locating a slick spot inside the short, dark stubble between her legs.  “How do you like your new room?  Is there anything I can do to make your evening sweeter?”  An audible gasp was heard as he tickled her clitoris and lightly kissed her soft neck. 

“Once again, you are fully clothed and I don’t have a stitch on.  There seems to be a pattern forming here.” She smiled and inhaled a short breath as he caressed her warm, wet folds. 
“Tonight I will bury my cock deep into your pussy, but tomorrow I plan to thrust it into your hot little bottom hole,” he whispered in her ear.

She turned her head to face him as he stroked her drenched, swollen flesh.  Placing his face onto the side of hers, he continued to verbalize exactly how he intended to take her in the ass.  “First, I will carefully plant this round, full behind over my knee and spank it until it is very warm and extremely red.”  He slipped his finger deep into her pussy as she moved her bottom slightly upward.

“Ahh, you want a preview, Princess?  It would be my pleasure.” He retrieved his wet finger and teased the perimeter of her anus, slowly and deliberately.  Her bottom twitched with delight and jetted out, encouraging the tip of his finger to delve deeper into her dark, narrow passage.  Breathlessly, Jackie turned to unbuttoned his shorts, but then quickly paused to look up for approval.

“Would you like a snack, young lady?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered and slowly crawled off of his lap to kneel on the floor.

With Daniel’s shorts open, she gently moved her lips around the circumference of the wide, smooth, purple tip, catching a drop of moisture from his slit onto her tongue.  Reaching down, he tenderly ran his fingers up and down the cleft of her bottom while she pulled and stroked his stiff cock guiding it into her mouth.

“That’s my girl, take it all in.” His tone was low and raspy.

She savored every inch of his silky skin as he gradually moved her head toward him, encouraging Jackie’s warm, wet mouth to take his girth completely.  

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this … I don’t think I can wait,” he moaned quietly.

Licking and sucking furiously, she kept an eye on his face not wanting to miss one moment of ecstasy.  As her tongue continued to wash over his swollen, hardened cock, she marveled at her own pleasure, seeing him so happy and fulfilled.  

“Oh my God … I’m coming, Jackie … I’m coming right now!” He started to pull out of her mouth, but she refused to surrender and began swallowing his hot spurts of happiness.  Daniel’s eyes were closed and his body was warm with contentment and gratitude.  It was after she licked every last drop of salty seed off his shiny tip, that he lifted her back into his lap.  He gently kissed her cheek and then her mouth, tasting what was left of his intense orgasm. 

"Things didn't happen exactly as I planned." He placed a hand over his heart and grinned.
She slipped her arms around his thick neck and sighed.  "I'm so happy to move into your bedroom.  It's been hard sleeping alone for the past five years."

“There’s no need for you to sleep alone anymore, Cookie.  I’ve been thinking … instead of changing your ticket – let’s just cancel it.”

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  1. I love this excerpt. Everything about it. The way he swats her playfully- wanting to see her smile. The way he explains what he's going to do while he teases her tight little bottom hole. (I think you like anal as much as I do Shelly ;-) )
    But then Jackie pulls out a wild card he can't refuse. "Would you like a snack, young lady?" ☺
    I'm finding it impossible not to fall for Danny. How do you always manage to write such a hot yet warm and sincere hero, where can I get one?

    1. I guess it's no secret that we both have the same kink ... and don't worry, if I'm not mistaken, that anal scene will come shortly after next week's Halloween snippet! I'm so glad you are falling for Danny ... I like him too!! Thanks so much, Melody ... nice compliments! :)

    2. OMG... you said anal anthology, oh yes you did. If someone puts that together.. I WANT IN. Just saying ☺
      SO, so, many people enjoy anal scenes. Oh yes, I think an anal anthology would sell like hotcakes.
      How about this 5 different authors.... base the book on a club theme as an opener, then 5 different shorts (10K or belowish) about what happens on anal night at the club... the special night could be called 'bottoms up' ?
      Lordy, see where you make my mind go with that little suggestion?

    3. I think you're on to something ... and I love your enthusiasm! Since you know more authors in this business, I'll put the ball in your court! We both know there's a market for this kink ... and plenty of "anal loving authors" to contact. Really, I was just joking ... but hmm ... Bottoms Up? Love it! :)

  2. Awww! I love that last line. "I've been thinking...instead of changing your ticket - let's just cancel it." He's a keeper.

    1. I agree, Meredith!! He's got it all!! Thanks for coming by to see me!! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Joelle! And thanks for the tune of "My Sharona" playing in my head today! We used to sing that for a friend of mine - her name was Sharon! :)

  4. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this … I don’t think I can wait,” he moaned quietly.
    Fabulous line. I'm a sucker for a poor hero who starts things and then gets a leetle bit excited mid way. OOh and the tight little bottom hole bit.... YOU TEASE... you know I love anal. Next week Shelly Douglas, you need to deliver the goods. But this week's excerpt was pretty darn spanktastic ;)

    1. Someone needs to put together an "Anal Anthology" ... hmmm ... let's have a meeting about this! :) Sorry for being a tease, but as I said to Melody - the anal scene will be coming in the next few weeks! LOL! Oh, I do intend to post the Halloween scene next Wednesday! It was Shelly written and Douglas approved ... so hopefully you'll like it! Thanks, Christina!! :)

  5. Teased with a spanking and anal! Five years in her own room, that's quite a wait!

    1. She's been waiting five years for this man ... it's almost biblical! :) Sorry about the tease ... but the spanking is coming next week and the anal is in two!! Thanks, Helen! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Tara! It's one of my favorite things ... and I'm loving the company! ;)

  7. That was very hot. Pushed all my buttons!!

    1. I thought we might have the same buttons! Thanks, Megan ... so happy to see you here! :)

  8. Nice spicy excerpt. Spurts of happiness made me smile (him too, LOL)

    1. So glad you liked this, Maddie! I guess we can all assume he did! LOL!! Thanks for stopping by to see me! :)


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