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Welcome, once again, to WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY – where we love to share our works in progress!  Thanks, as always, to our friend, Melody, for her enthusiastic efforts in keeping this blog hop fun to participate in.  The new WIP IT UP blog background definitely put me in the mood to write something chilling, so I hope you’ll come back on October 29 for a spooky Halloween scene straight from our WIP!  This week, I’m sharing the third part of a scene where Jackie gets into trouble for wanting to help the detective who is working on their case.  The first snippet was anal, the second included a spanking and I am finishing with something sexual.  Naturally, it’s a ‘hat trick’ in my book!
She ran the tip of her fingernail down the outline of his swollen cock.  It involuntarily twitched as he gently rubbed noses with her until their lips came very close. 

“But I don’t want to behave all the time.”

“So you want to play the part of the bad girl, is that it?”

She reached down and slowly unzipped his jeans.  “I seem to be in my nightshirt with no panties on, and you are fully clothed, sir.”

He instantly pressed his mouth hungrily onto hers and their tongues darted wildly.  After carrying her back over to the bed, he quickly removed his pants and tee shirt.

“Ooh, you’re going commando. I like that,” she teased.

His thick, stiff cock poked her tummy while he gently kissed her face and neck.  As Jackie’s nightshirt was carefully pulled over her head, his broad tip moistened with pre-cum felt deliciously smooth, wet and warm on her belly.  He knew a sore bottom against the comforter was the reason she was fidgeting, and tried not to smile.

“If your tush hurts too much in this position, I’d be very happy to see you on your knees.”

She nodded in appreciation and rolled over, lifting her bottom.  The sight of her beautiful red cheeks in the air was almost too much for him to bear. 

“Head down, ass up high.”  Daniel's voice was raspy and his breathing ragged.  “Jackie, if you want me to use a condom, I will.”  He moved to lick her pussy while savoring her sweet scent.  

“I don’t think you have time to put one on,” she teased.  “Jesus.  If you keep that up, I’m going to come right now.”

“You will wait for me.” His words were spoken slow and deliberate.

“Please … I can’t.”

“What you need, bad girl - is a good licking.” He grinned as his tongue circled her clit and followed a trail from her vagina to her silky smooth bottom hole.  Rounding the rim slowly with the very tip of his tongue, she pleaded for him to stop.

“Please, don’t do that.  I can’t hold on much longer.”

He laughed.  “I’ve been dreaming about this sensuous ass for a long time and intend to give it all kinds of attention.  Damn it, Jackie, we waited five years.  You can wait five more minutes while I get to know every inch of you.”  He kissed each warm cheek and bit tenderly underneath in the sensitive crease.  Savoring the moment, he rubbed his thick, smooth crown over her soaked pussy, finally positioning himself inside.  Slowly, she rocked back and forth encouraging Daniel to seat himself fully.  

“I want to see your face when I fuck you,” he whispered.

She turned her head to the side and looked over her shoulder.  “Oh my God, Danny … deeper … please deeper.”

He moved his fingers and rubbed her clit which was slick, bulbous and stiff while he drove his hard cock in and out with long, hard strides.  She gasped and nodded her head violently as he finally pressed his thumb down. 

“Please, Danny!  I’m begging you!”

“Let it go, Jackie.  Come for me.”  With his hands holding firmly onto her hips, he gave one final thrust and not another word was spoken between them.  In seconds, her clit pulsed with such intensity that she thought it was turning inside out, while the tempo of his hot seed beat deep inside her.  When his heart stopped racing, he slowly withdrew his softened penis, and she unfolded her body onto the mattress.  Carefully lifting her to a side position, he then spooned from behind; his body warmth was a comforting sensation.  Feeling the sticky drizzle of semen down her thighs, she drew in a deep breath and let out an audible sigh.

“Do I need to tell you what this means, young lady?”

“No,” she whispered.  “I know what it means.”

“Make my day.  I want to hear you say it.”

“It means … I’m yours.”

He paused and smiled.  “Did you call me, Danny?”

“Yes, I did.”
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  1. Great stuff... whoa...soooo hot.

    1. What a great compliment to read first thing this morning! Thanks so much, Maggie!! :)

  2. Hot snippet once again Shelly! I don't blame Jackie for not always wanting to be the good girl! I can't wait for your Halloween post! :-)

    1. Thanks, Meredith!! Bad girls are so much more fun, right? I'm glad you're looking forward to the Halloween post - I wrote it while Doug was out of town ... talk about while the cat's away ... but he read it yesterday and liked it - so up it will go! :)

  3. Oh, nice one, Shelly... hopping along here getting a bit warm. Heh.

    1. Thanks so much, Sheri! I'm always happy when you hop over here!! :)

  4. I was right there wiggling and squirming along with her when ran his tongue to her rear hole. I dunno why... but it's just so freaking hot when I guy does that.
    I especially like the way you referenced the head of his cock as "thick, smooth crown" ... I gribbled at that. (Gribble= grinning and dribbling... compliments of Chrisitina Mandra who made up this word)
    Loved losing myself in your snippet today, Shelly, and I too, am looking forward to your Halloween post ☺☺

    1. I agree on what's freaking hot ... and though I love everything anal ... just the thought of a tongue there - puts me over the top!
      I also love the word gribble ...Christina cracks me up!! :)
      I'm going to try and show some restraint and wait until the last Wednesday in October to post my Halloween scene! First you really put me in the mood with your blog background, and then you share the first in a series of Halloween snippets today! I just hope I can dig deep for some posting patience! ;) Thanks for coming by with your encouraging words, Melody!! I always look forward to your visits :)

  5. I love it when they want to watch... 'I want to see your face when I fuck you,' ooooohhh yes. All that intense emotion, a generous helping of naughtiness of teasing and I nearly purred at the rimming scene. Shelly & Dough... you write sex scenes so good, they're BAD lol!!! And I mean that in the best way :D

    1. Thanks, Christina, and we will take that in the BEST way ( I'll see Mr. Douglas on Friday night so I'll share with him)!! Ooh ... we almost made you purr? YUM!! :)

  6. Damn, cold shower time... that was just so hot. Love his concern for her tush :D
    And I really want to know what the significance of her calling him Danny is.

    1. I'm so glad you liked this, Tara! So here it is about Danny in a nutshell: Jackie has been friends with her brother-in-law for over 25 years. Daniel, along his wife and brother (Jackie's husband), were on a boat that exploded five years ago, and she has just been summoned back to the island for questioning since what was originally deemed an accident is now a murder investigation. She thinks she knows Daniel inside and out - until she meets a woman he was dating before she arrived - who affectionately refers to him as Danny. In the beginning she took every opportunity to make fun of the endearment (probably out of jealousy), but in the heat of passion she can't help herself. He's obviously, amused! ;)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Daryl - glad you liked! And thanks for the tweet - it is really appreciated!! :)

  8. That was really freaking hot!

    1. I'm so happy you enjoyed our scene, Corinne! Thanks for stopping by to comment!! :)

  9. Wow, Very hot snippet. Sorry I am late to this party. WIP Wednesday and here it is Sunday morn. Better late than never.

    1. Thanks so much, Jule! This party runs all week, so stop in any time! Always happy to see you here! :)


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