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Welcome to Wipitup - where our Hostess with the Mostest, Ms. Melody, provides this lovely Wednesday spot for us to share a work-in-progress. The following snippet just so happens to be a continuation from our last post.  In case you missed it and have the desire to read the entire scene - you can find it here.  This story is currently under construction with the working title, "Their Destiny".  Hope you enjoy!


“The no-driving-while-drinking rule is not new to you.  How many times have we talked about it?”  He lowered Libby's legs and watched as her eyes tried to focus on his stern expression.
“I managed to get home in once piece.  Don’t you think we could do this another time?” she asked in a raspy voice, laced with drunken stupidity.
“We probably should wait until you’re sober tomorrow.  But, unfortunately, I have this nagging need to take care of this little problem right now.”
“Really, James, I’m too tired for your histrionics.  It’s been an exhausting week at the bank.  Please just let me get some sleep.”
“I don’t think you understand how serious this matter is.  While driving under the influence, you or some innocent person could have been critically injured or killed.  Not to mention you risked the life of your friend, Cindy, too.”  James put his thumbs on either side of her thong and skimmed it down until he completely removed it.  Grabbing Libby’s ankles, he bent her knees and lifted her bottom off the bed leaving her pussy completely exposed.  As a hard and deliberate smack was applied to her backside, he watched her face react to the pain.
It was the first time he disciplined his girl long and hard in that position, and she didn’t like it.  It was tough for her to watch the disappointment on his face, and it was equally as difficult for him to see her tears well up.  But she knew the punishment was deserved and didn’t fight him.  When he was finished, James lovingly patted her sore bottom as he looked into her eyes.
“Drunk drivers really do kill people, and I don’t want you to be a casualty or end up in jail.” His voice was soothing as she crawled into his arms, sobbing and promising never to drink and drive again.  He said it was probably a safe bet that her pledge had been made before.  Not responding was definitely the smartest thing she'd done all day.
He bent over to kiss her soft lips as his fingers tested to see if she was wet from the spanking.  “I don’t usually like to mix punishment and pleasure, but right now you need to know how devastated I would be if I lost you.”  He returned Libby to the bed with legs bent and knees spread wide before him.  Sliding his hands under her hot, red behind, he moved her pussy closer to his mouth.  Warm air wafted into her soft, pink folds causing her to become slick and slippery as she imagined what his tongue would do next.  She started to close her eyes, but he shook his head.
“Don’t even think about drifting off, my love.  I want you to watch me give you pleasure.”
She nodded in agreement and tenderly ran her fingers through his short, dark hair.  His thumbs gently stroked her shaved lips and watched her sensitive skin swell like the ocean.  Slowly, he brought his mouth close to her warm, velvety sex, the tip of his tongue barely touching her clit.  She jumped and moaned at the sensation.
“Hush.  If you don’t behave yourself, I can and will spank you again.”
She tried to settle down, but when he flattened his tongue and delicately laved from the top of her perineum to her swollen button and put pressure on it, her back arched trying to receive more. 
“There's no need to be greedy.  I’ll let you come if you’re a good girl.”

He licked Libby’s soaking wet slit up and down until he finally closed his lips around her aching nub.  She tried not to make any noise, but as he began to suck and nip at the rock-hard pebble, there was a deep groan emanating from the back of her throat.  Finally plunging two fingers into her wet pussy, he continued to stroke with his tongue over and over until her body started writhing and shaking. Climaxing with such a shatter, she was unable to hold back an ear-piercing scream. Tiny multiple orgasms rocked her core, one after the other as he relentlessly nibbled on her clit.  When Libby couldn’t take it anymore, she finally had to push his head away in order to get him to stop.
She tasted herself as he softly kissed her on the lips.  “You sleep now, baby, and have good dreams.”
“What about you, what can I do …?”
“Not tonight, my love.  Just sleep and know how much I love you.”  With those last words, he slid her under the covers and walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind him.
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  1. First a punishment spanking, then an ubber hot oral release. Damn! I want a guy like James.
    Most unselfish of him to give her what she needed and leave her to drift off into dreamland fully satisfied. A guy like that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    I can't help but wonder what's going to happen in the morning.
    Thanks for the lovely comment 'Hostess with the mostest' ☺. I am always happy to hear when others appreciate the Wipitup hop.

    1. I LOVE James. Imagine a warm and fuzzy man who spanks and enjoys a bit of role play now and then. ;) I've been wanting to post an anal scene for you, Mel. Need to get to that. We are finally starting to wrap this WIP up ... and though I've only shared sex and punishment scenes - keep in the back of your mind - this turns into a psychological thriller! Those snippets will come later. :)

      We all appreciate the work you put into this hop and can't thank you enough! :)

  2. Oh oh oh! A damn fine spanking and then hot oral? What a big teasers you are Shelly & Doug. And can I just say that I'm a leetle bit in love with James... Oh, OK a lot then :P Delicious :)

    1. I hate to tell you, but our teasing is about to get much worse! ;) Yes, indeed - James is a dream man who just gets better and better as our story continues. I think you'll like David, too - he's definitely the knight in shining armor type - a real protector.

      When you think something is delicious - it makes my day! So glad you're enjoying. :)

  3. Well deserved punishment with an mind-blowing release. Great scene. :)

    1. Aww ... thanks for the nice comment, Jennifer! Always happy to see you stop by! :)


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