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Welcome to Wipitup!  This is the place where (thanks to Melody) we have an opportunity to share a work in progress with you.  The following scene is from a little something we’re working on called “Their Destiny”.  This week we meet Libby’s friend and co-worker, Cindy Lewis.  Hope you enjoy.

James was due home late from a three-day stint at the firehouse, and Libby had endured a long and grueling day at the bank.  Her friend and co-worker, Cindy, suggested they unwind at a local restaurant that had a reputation for a lively Friday night happy hour.  Time passed quickly as they chatted, and one glass of wine turned into sharing a bottle.  They probably should’ve ordered dinner, but decided to split an appetizer instead.  By the time they were done toasting the end of the week, they were toast.

“Libby, maybe you should leave your car here and see if James is available to pick us up.” Cindy’s brow wrinkled with worry as she took the last sip of Merlot from her glass.

“That’s ridiculous - we both know I’m perfectly capable of driving.  When I sent James a text and told him we were working late, he decided to have dinner with David.  They haven’t seen much of each other since James moved in with me, and I don't want to disrupt their evening.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking out loud.  You don't usually drink more than a glass of wine, and we haven't had much to eat.” Her voice was barely audible due to the noise level in the small room.

“I promise to get you home safe and sound.” Libby spoke in a convincing tone and threw her friend a kiss from across the booth.

She dropped Cindy off without incident and headed home.  No cars were in her driveway, so that was a good sign.  Libby walked into the house, slithered up to the bedroom, undressed and collapsed on the bed.  When her eyes opened, they instantly recognized a familiar face staring down at her.

“Hey kiddo, how are you feeling?” The indirect light from the hallway was just enough to see James’ concerned expression.

“I must’ve fallen asleep.  When did you get in?” She closed one eye and yawned.

“I walked in about fifteen minutes ago.  Your cell phone was ringing, and I saw that it was Cindy, so I answered it.”

“Why would Cindy call?  I just dropped her off.”

“She wanted to make sure you got home okay.  It seems you two had a good time at happy hour.”

“Jesus.  She blabbed that we shared a bottle of wine?”

“You two drank an entire bottle of wine and then drove home?” A low growl came from the back of his throat.

“I am so screwed,” she mumbled putting the pillow over her head.

“No, that would be good news for you.” His facetious tone almost seemed playful, which led her to believe he wasn't angry.  Her antenna was usually better than that.

“I know I shouldn’t have driven home, but I didn’t want to bother you and David.”

“Because after we saw the condition you were in, there would be trouble?” His head dipped toward hers.
“This, obviously, is how you made it through the Academy...” Libby's sentence was barely completed when her legs were lifted with one hand and a resounding crack landed right in the middle of her thong-clad behind.  It quickly occurred to her that more coverage on her ass would’ve been smarter.
Yeah, a lot of things are smarter in hindsight. :)  So, thanks for dropping by and while you have a few minutes, do yourself a favor and continue hopping along to read some other scenes in progress!  Have a great week.  ~ shelly


  1. Drinking and driving, big no-no! I think they both deserve spankings.
    However, that also goes both ways. I wonder if David and James had any drinks with their dinner?
    Is 'The sails of our lives' out for release yet, or soon? Yes, I'm still stuck on your last Wip and I want to read it. Dying to know more about those watchers. ;)

    1. You're so sweet for asking, Mel! We just signed a contract for our upcoming release under the title of "Barely Survived". Of course, I'll keep you posted on an actual publication date!

      Back to our scene: This was the first time James disciplined Libby for being reckless, and though it was well-deserved, she really had no idea what she was in for. She probably should have pretended to be asleep! :)

    2. I'll make a note that the title has changed... tell the publisher to kick it up on this one, you have fans waiting to read it.

      Pretending to be asleep. That's probably what I would have done, although, it would only be a short term fix. I think I'd rather end the day with a spanking, rather than start the day with one. ;)

  2. Damn Libby, your ass is gonna be toast!! And you sooooo deserve a thorough spanking for drink driving so I hope James gives your bottom the spanking of it's life and then some!! If she were a sensible girl, she would have wore a thick pair of jeans in anticipation me thinks :D Nice snippet :)

    1. Yes, perhaps a thick pair of jeans or ski-wear on her bottom would've been more sensible! I'm thinking this is a mistake that won't be made twice. Thanks for coming by ... love seeing you over here! :)

  3. I love how you talked about Cindy's quiet voice. Yup, splitting a bottle of wine and driving? I'd never hear the end of it if I pulled that, but then I'm a light weight when it comes to alcohol- one wine cooler is enough for my Master to forbid me to drive. This is such an intriguing story- James and David interest me so.

    1. Thanks, Joelle - I'm so glad you're enjoying this story! The three of them are such good friends, so it's fun to watch them deal with everyday life, but as the tale unfolds, together they own enough baggage to open a luggage store. And Libby's friend, Cindy, adds yet another overnight tote to the pile! Always appreciate you stopping by! :)

  4. Oh, you silly girl! A punishment's definitely in order.

    I too want to know about your previous WIP, so please do mention details as soon as you have them!

    1. I know! What in the hell was she thinking? I swear ... this girl gets herself in more hot water ... ;)

      I'm so excited that you guys are asking about our upcoming release! Of course, we will be delighted to share all details as soon as they become available! Thanks so much, Tara! :)


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