Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Happy Wednesday and welcome Wipsters!  I haven’t been sharing on this hop for a while, because Doug and I have been busy whipping up our newest tale.  Tentatively titled The Attraction, this is the story of Mika, a divorced fifty-year-old-woman living in NYC.  Since her husband left her for a woman half his age, she decided it would be fun to date younger men.  To set up our scene, Mika met Rick on a spanking forum and they’d been together for a month.  This is her recollection of their first sexual experience together, and it takes place in her lavish NYC apartment.  Hope you enjoy. :)


With muscular arms, he elevated Mika off the counter and watched her stand in front of him.  Her dress fell to the floor revealing a sexy woman wearing nothing but stiletto heels. 

“You never mentioned that you liked to wax.  I’m impressed you’re going bare,” he said, caressing her smooth mound.

“Who said anything about liking it …?”

Rick quickly turned her around and landed a brisk smack on her pale hind end.  “Aren’t we sassy tonight?”  


“We don’t need your neighbors to hear,” he admonished in a low tone.  “Behave yourself and be quiet.”

She nodded.

“You know better than that.” His hand made hard contact once again with her fleshy globes.

“Yes, sir.”  Her tone was quiet and sincere.

His cock was about to explode with happiness.  He’d waited a month to hear those two sexy words come from her mouth.  As she twisted her head around to see his expression, another sting from his firm palm met her soft backside.

“Bend over the counter.”

Taking a deep breath, she slowly presented her full, bare bottom.

“Mika, is this what you really want from me?”

Her head swiveled to make eye contact.  

"I'll take that as a yes.  Turn around."

Rick spanked her cheeks until they were red as smoldering embers.  She reveled in the tingling sensation of his hand smoothing her hot, tender skin and allowed her imagination to speculate what might happen next.  As she remained bent over, a cool, wet finger drifted up and down the cleft of her ass. 

“Are you ready for me to enter you here?”

Mika was surprised and embarrassed.  After all, it was such a forbidden place for her to be taken in their first sexual experience together.  But as he gradually pushed into her smooth, puckered hole, her eyes shut tight with anxious anticipation. 

“Mika, I memorized every one of your texts to me.  You were very specific in your pleasures.  Now it’s important for me to hear that you still want this.”

It was much easier to write about her desires on the forum than to say them out loud, she thought to herself.  A sharp intake of breath was heard as his finger drove deeper into her warm, dark passage. 
“I’m waiting.”

“I do,” she finally said quietly.

After rolling on a condom and coating himself with a dollop of thick gel, Rick held her around the waist and gradually maneuvered the tip of his wet penis into her anus.  Nervously, Mika hunched over grabbing the counter and spread her legs farther apart, hoping he would enjoy her submission.  As he inched the head of his cock into her moist opening, she tried to be brave and softly whined.  Feeling him patiently retreat and then enter again, Mika moaned louder in response while slightly pressing her bottom back into him.  Anticipating she was ready for more, Rick inched inside her tight tunnel a little further, stretching the muscles in her narrow anal cavity.  Mika wiggled her bottom and let out a roaring groan.

“Just a little further, baby.  Are you okay?”

“It hurts, Rick.”

“I’m being as gentle as I can, but you need to relax.  Take a deep breath and bear down.  You’ve done this before, right?”

She nodded as his throbbing, hard cock continued to fill her completely.  Finally, the intense pain was gone and she was able to enjoy Rick’s steady metrical cadence.  His drives were long and deep as her sphincter contracted, and she basked in the thrill of the ride.  There was a sexiness to having her reddened bottom bent over the kitchen counter by this strong, younger man, and she tried to visualize the size of his protruding veins entering her.  As he tightly gripped her hips, she knew he was almost ready to erupt.  Reaching underneath with delicate fingers, she frantically circled the tip of her swollen, saucy clit.  With one last thrust of his full, hardened length, Rick’s juices exploded.  Mika threw her head back, lost in the intensity of her spasms and climaxed, reveling in the carnal pleasure of their lustful scene. 
Rick continued to glide in and out with ease until his size receded.  Softening, he finally slid out, turned Mika around and kissed the tip of her nose.  “I hope that was as good as your fantasies.”

“It’s not a fantasy anymore,” she whispered as her eyes glittered.


Thanks for stopping by to visit and to Melody for providing us with a great place to hop!  Please don't stop here - there are so many good posts to visit and hot new scenes to read!  Have a great week!  ~ shelly


  1. I'm doing a major happy dance over here right now. Thanks so much Shelly!
    3 blogs today, including yours, gave mention of anal delights, but only yours quelled my need for a full anal scene. ♥
    This older woman, younger man story quite the scrumptious idea. I think I'm already hooked. ☺

    1. Thanks so much, Mel! You know I aim to please. ;) I'm glad you like the premise of this May/December romance! But since mixing the genres has been so much fun for us - we decided to cloak this in mystery as we did with our last two stories. Only this time, there's a serial killer involved. YIKES :)

  2. Great line - it's not a fantasy anymore.

    1. Thanks, Daryl! I'm so glad you stopped by to read :)

  3. I'm with Melody. I was ready for the good stuff. Too many teases this week. Great scene. )

  4. It sounds like Mika found a better lover for her than her loser husband. Great scene!

    1. You're so right! Anyone was better than him! Thanks, Meredith :)

  5. Wow. Just Wow!!! Fanning myself here and it ain't from the humid weather outside. I eagerly anticipate the release of this book. I am loving it already. I'm happy that Mika is not a 22 y/o college student but a 50-something woman. Gret scene.

    1. Thanks so much, Jule, you just made my day a happier one! I love that we're on the same page ;)


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