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Welcome all WIPSTERS!  This week I'm giving you the first taste of our WIP which is an age play story under the working title of His Firm Hand.  Instead of a lengthy explanation about the premise - I decided to share a scene between Michele and her older friend Marsha and, hopefully, their discussion should give some background as to why our couple is going to engage in age play activities.  Note that their role play is planned to only occur during the week, and they will return to regular married adult life on the weekends.  Michele is 25-year-old English teacher in the local community college and her husband Paul is a 35-year-old psychiatrist.  Hope you enjoy. :)  


“God, I don’t know where to start.”

“The beginning is usually best, and lucky for you, I’m free all day.”

Michele cleared her throat and swallowed hard.  “No, this time I’m going straight for the punch line.”

“That would be a different approach for you,” Marsha said facetiously with a smile.

Michele rolled her eyes before speaking.  “You know Paul and I agreed to a domestic discipline lifestyle before we were married.”

“But you haven’t been participating lately, right?”

Michele nervously rearranged her silverware.  “Well, now he wants to bring the rules back.”  She hesitated before speaking again.  “In spades.”

Marsha’s elbow touched the table as she moved in closer.  “What in the hell does that mean?”

Michele took a deep breath.  “He wants to pay more attention to me and liven things up with role play in the middle of the week.”

“Role play?  Does he want you to play the part of a hooker?  Dave and I did that once on a vacation in Bermuda.  Oh my God, we had so much fun at the bar that night.  I didn’t have any panties on, and he got so excited in the elevator …”  

Michele held up one hand to stop her. “Marsha, please.  I haven’t eaten breakfast, yet.”

“Sorry,” she whispered through a lopsided smile. “So, what kind of role play are you talking about?”

“Paul wants me to play the part of a teenager.”

“Why in God’s name would he want that?  I live with teenagers, and they can be really annoying.”

“On top of our original DD arrangement, just imagine the additional rules and punishment opportunities,” Michele said, crossing her arms and leaning back into the chair.

“He is a psychiatrist, so it might go deeper.  Paul certainly has the capability to travel that route.”

Michele nodded thoughtfully.  “Especially since I've been extremely stressed lately with school back in session.  He probably thinks acting out some of my frustrations might alleviate other emotional pressures.  And who is more dramatic than a teenager?”

“Hmm ...” Marsha contemplated the possibilities and leaned forward.  “It sounds kind of kinky, too.” She tilted her head and smiled. “So why the unhappy face?  I’m sure he wouldn’t expect you to indulge unless you were on board with this.  Did you agree?”

“I did agree.  And just for the record – I’m nervous, not unhappy.  There’s a difference.”

“Of course there is.”  Marsha grinned and patted Michele’s arm.  “Hold your next thought, here comes our breakfast.”

After their steaming, full plates were served, Michele eagerly picked up a crispy slice of bacon while Marsha’s eyes stared a hole through her.

“What?” Michele innocently asked while savoring the smoky flavor. 

“For God’s sake.  You know I want details.  Did this kinky new lifestyle of yours begin, yet?”

“Yeah, it started.” Michele’s face blushed red at the thought as she wiped her hands on a napkin.

“Well?  You can’t bring this up and not share details, missy!”

Michele lifted a buttered piece of toast.  “Jesus. I really intended to share more with you.  But it’s just too damn embarrassing.” Her face radiated with heat.

Marsha took a sip of her coffee. “I’ll bet if you teased Paul like this, your backside would be draped over his knee.”

“Bare backside,” she corrected casually, reaching for the basket of assorted jams.

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  1. Now that's the kind of spice I like! But teenager? I'm with Marsha... LOL! But yes, she should be sharing details... breakfast or not... we wanna know!! :)

    1. I know just how you feel, LOL! Teenage age play?? (Rolls eyes) But you know Paul's punishments won't be limited to the teenage "I'm going to ground you" kind. HA! Not under our roof of a spanking story! So glad you like this and don't worry ... details are a comin' ;)

  2. I just know this one's going to vamp up the heat level where those RP's are concerned. Personally, I think it'd be a lot of fun to act like a teenager again. OH I could get away with so much. But in this case I bet Paul will miss nothing and let nothing slide. ~Giggles~
    Great new story, Shelly ヅ

    1. Thanks, Mel! And how right you are about Paul! He will be watching her like a hawk every day :) I'm so glad you like this one! Although we've included AP in our books before, it is so different to write a story centered around it. We're only about 10,000 words in - but we are having fun as usual ;)

  3. hehe what a teasing last line to share with us :) but this is really interesting so far. Age play just during the week? That's a nice reversal of what seems like more people doing part time play either in the evenings and weekends only

    1. Thanks so much, Joelle! Well, since she is stressed out over her teaching job, Paul thought it would be good for them to role play during the week. You know, get the kinks out after work - lol! Not that he won't be keeping an eye on her on the weekends ;)

  4. Lol - she starts eating bacon in the middle of the conversation - love it!

    1. Thanks, Daryl! I LOVE that you noticed how casual she was :)


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