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It's Wednesday and time to WIP IT UP!  We finished our edits on Protected and Punished last week and sent it on a little trip to the publisher. So as we patiently wait for feedback, I thought it would be fun to post another snippet.  In this scene, we get a quick peek at Robert (Mika's ex-husband) and Diana (his girlfriend). 

"You spend so much time here, why don't we just live together?”  Diana pulled her blonde hair back in a ponytail and secured it with an elastic, coated band.

Robert tossed his smart phone on the coffee table and blew out a long breath.  “There would be no living with my son’s attitude if we did.  That was him on the phone.”

“You don’t live with him, you work with him,” she corrected good-naturedly and took a seat next to him on the couch. “What’s wrong now?”

“He’s worried about his mother.  It seems she’s got a new young man to screw.”  The corners of his mouth lifted into a small smile.  “I don’t know what he’s in a snit over.  The man is a detective with the NYPD.”

“He sounds safe enough to me.”

“You’re preaching to the choir, sweet pea.  Evan is worried because of all the murders happening in the city.  Besides the fact that she lives in a luxurious apartment with high-end security features, I thought he’d be happy about my new arrangement with her doorman.  I’m paying good money to avoid strange delivery men showing up at her door with Thai food.  That woman orders more take out than anyone I know.” He winked at his beautiful thirty-year-old girlfriend and chuckled.

“The last time she dated a young man, he was upset over the age difference.  I think he just can’t accept your divorce.  Should I feel guilty?” She snuggled close and rubbed her hand over his thick cock.

“Don’t be silly.  Oh my God, that feels so good.”  He tipped his head toward her and sighed.  “Would it be a problem if I switched the topic from my ex-wife to something else right now?”

“Mmm.  I’d love to change the subject.  There’s just one problem.”

Robert arched his back, tugging his sweatpants down.  “We have a problem?”

“I don’t like to talk with my mouth full.”

“Silence is golden, my sweet girl.”

Diana slid off the couch and positioned herself on the soft carpet in front of him.  Taking his rising length into her hands, she lightly licked the smooth, creamy circumference with the tip of her moist tongue. 

Passionately, his fingers weaved through the silky weight of her pony tail as he pulled her closer.  A slight moan was heard from the back of his throat as she washed her tongue over the slit and slightly tugged his soft skin close to the head.

“You’re the fucking best, Diana.  Take it all in, kitten.”

She took his swollen, purplish tip further into her mouth and gradually sucked him deeper and deeper until his moans turned into loud groans.  Knowing he was on the verge of erupting, she pulled on him one more time until the skin was taut and his length hard as a rock.

“I’m going to come.  You don’t have to swallow, sweetie.”

But they both knew he liked it that way, and she never wanted to disappoint him.  Instead of removing her lips, she sucked harder and pulled on him vigorously.

“Fuck, Diana.  Fuck …” Robert closed his eyes as he began spurting into her mouth, and she swallowed every drop he had to give.  As she licked his velvety, shiny tip clean of the salty substance, he smiled and tugged on her blonde ponytail.  “You’re such a good girl. Daddy adores his good girl.”

Diana’s eyes smiled as the corners of her lips turned upward.  She loved how he took care of her and understood why he needed someone younger to play the role of his little girl.  She often wondered if Mika was just trying to prove a point by dating men half her age, or hoping to make him jealous.  Either way, it didn’t matter.  She was too old for him, and Diana was certain they would never get back together.  There was no doubt about that.


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  1. Sounds like Diana knows how to keep her man.
    Love when she says she doesn't like to talk with her mouth full. What lovely manners she has. ヅ

    1. Thanks, Mel! I'm secretly hoping we get asked to do more with her character ;)

  2. Diana is certainly taking care of Daddy... and I love that she doesn't want to disappoint. As to talking with your mouth full... well, that would just be downright messy, wouldn't it? ;) YuM!

    1. You are certainly correct, and I'm guessing Daddy is pretty pleased with her, too! Always love when you stop by, Christina ;)

  3. Great snippet. I also love the "don't like to talk with my mouth full" bit :)

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! It's always fun to throw a little humor in :)

  4. "silence is golden." Love it! Very hot!

  5. I'm with everyone else, my favorite part is where she says she doesn't like to talk with her mouth full. Great scene. :)

    1. It's official ... you all made my day! Always glad to see you hop over, Jennifer :)


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