Friday, June 24, 2016


Welcome to Saturday Spankings - and I hope you're all enjoying a great summer weekend so far! Since my birthday is today, you can rest assured that I've had way too much fun by the time you read this! Okay, back to business (ahem).  My 8 or so lines this week are from our latest release Their Dirty Little Secrets, and in this snippet - Kayla has cooked up quite a little daydream to pleasure herself to.  This might happen when you read those kind of books, right?  Ooh - I hope you enjoy it as much as she did! 

“I’m sorry, I-I really am,” she stuttered while he pulled the towel from under her fingertips and watched as it dropped in a heap onto the floor.

 “Yes, I’m sure you are. And I do appreciate the contrite attitude, since you’re usually much more sarcastic. But a punishment was promised, and I’m a man of my word.” He ended his sentence slowly as he gazed up and down her curvy, voluptuous body. “I’ll tell you what, my sweet. If you bend over this bed and take your discipline like a good girl, I’ll go easier on you,” he said, cupping her smooth mound with his warm hand before dipping a finger inside to see if his threat had made her moist.

“Please don’t do that.”

“Oh, I’m going to do a lot more than this before the night is over,” he promised in a dark, raspy voice before plunging his slippery extremity deep inside her wet, needy slit.

Her face flushed with embarrassment as he knowingly peered into her eyes. “So, my little bird likes this, does she? I’ll just bet you want your gorgeous ass spanked good and red before I ram my cock deep inside this hot swollen pussy,” he said, his finger slipping from her pulsing entrance.

“No, I don’t,” she lied in barely a whisper, looking down at her shaky hands.
“The lying needs to stop,” he warned in a stern tone. “Bend over. Now.”


Kayla Robinson is thrilled when her boyfriend, John Peterman, starts taking charge in the bedroom and spanking her bare bottom when she is naughty, but she worries that the kind of dominance she truly yearns for may be deeper and darker than he realizes.

Hoping to help Kayla better understand her submissive desires, John invites another couple—author Max Bowman and his wife Chrissy—for a visit. Before she knows it, Kayla is opening up to the sweet, mischievous Chrissy, but when they start getting into more and more trouble together the girls soon learn the hard way that their men won’t hesitate to punish them thoroughly enough to leave their bottoms sore both inside and out.

Yet even as she delights in her newfound friendships, Kayla still wonders whether her own fantasies are too intense to be explored. When John finally discovers what she really wants, will he merely try to humor her, or will he truly set out to fulfill her innermost needs?

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  1. Kayla is going to need John to attend to her very soon, methinks. Such a naughty book.

    1. You are so right on both counts, Kathryn, and I loved that you stopped by to visit! :)

  2. I'm in full agreement. The lying needs to stop LOL! In the meantime... I'm sure she'll enjoy taking her punishment like a good girl ;) Great snippet!!

    1. Thanks, Christina! As I recall, she enjoyed every minute, LOL! Always love to see you stop by! :)


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