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Hi there and welcome to WIPITUP!  While Doug and I attempt to figure out our latest work in progress puzzle, I thought it might be nice to post another scene from our newest release, Their Dirty Little Secrets.  And though this book is a contemporary BDSM romance, it also happens to have a layer of suspense which I haven't shared yet. Since it's a slice from my favorite chapter ... I hope you enjoy! :)

There wasn’t a star to be seen in the dark sky as she dashed across Buckhead Avenue and did some creative leap-frogging through traffic, heading toward the parking garage. Entering at street level, she got her bearing and stopped at the elevator door to quickly punch the button, which luckily dinged open a few seconds later. Kayla stepped inside and pushed the sixth floor selection as her right foot impatiently tapped, waiting for the clunky elevator car to climb six stories while she silently prayed that there wouldn’t be an interruption.

As the door creaked open, she spotted her car across the now empty, dimly lit lot. The fact that there was no one else around made her a little more jittery than usual. With shaky fingers, she hit the button on her key fob, listened to the familiar beep, and watched for the flash of light as she crossed the desolate area. After running to unlock the trunk, she threw in her bags and hurried around to the driver’s side of the car, opened the door, and jumped in. Satisfied to finally be reclining onto the headrest, she let out a deep breath and closed her eyes in relief.

Next time I’m definitely going to valet park.

Kayla pushed the starter and relaxed her body as the engine purred. She was about to put the car into drive when a shiver of uneasiness ran through her. Reaching for the gear shift, she looked into the rearview mirror and froze in terror.

Sitting quietly in her backseat was a man wearing a black ski mask.

“If you resist me, there will be trouble. Do you understand?” His tone was deep and nefarious as the man quickly cupped a large, gloved hand around her mouth. Bobbing her head, she acknowledged his demand and watched as her own emerald green eyes widened with shock in the same mirror.

“Please, please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded through a muffled voice, her heart hammering out thundering beats in double-time.

The man leaned forward, his warm breath descending over her ear as his tone darkened. “Be a good girl and move over so I can drive us somewhere private. I’m dying to nibble on that soft, wet pussy…”

With adrenaline pumping through her veins, she started thrashing and hoped her fingers were long enough to reach the door handle.

“I warned you not to struggle,” the steely voice boomed as a moist cloth was placed over her mouth.

A feeling of dread and helplessness raced through Kayla’s panic-stricken mind as he promptly covered her eyes with a wide scarf.


And now the blurb:

Kayla Robinson is thrilled when her boyfriend, John Peterman, starts taking charge in the bedroom and spanking her bare bottom when she is naughty, but she worries that the kind of dominance she truly yearns for may be deeper and darker than he realizes.

Hoping to help Kayla better understand her submissive desires, John invites another couple—author Max Bowman and his wife Chrissy—for a visit. Before she knows it, Kayla is opening up to the sweet, mischievous Chrissy, but when they start getting into more and more trouble together the girls soon learn the hard way that their men won’t hesitate to punish them thoroughly enough to leave their bottoms sore both inside and out.

Yet even as she delights in her newfound friendships, Kayla still wonders whether her own fantasies are too intense to be explored. When John finally discovers what she really wants, will he merely try to humor her, or will he truly set out to fulfill her innermost needs?

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  1. I sure hope that's John in the mask, fulfilling her deepest fantasy!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks so much, Sophie! But, of course, I can't spoil the fun! :)

  2. Oooh... how much tension was in there! Is it someone she knows... or is she in a whole load of trouble? I NEED TO KNOW. NOW! :) Seriously great snippet :)

    1. Aww, thanks for wanting to know, Christina! But my lips are sealed! ;)


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