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Happy Spanking Saturday!  Our first medical play/ AP spanking romance (which has some serial killer suspense woven through it) takes place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the year 1975.  In this particular snippet, Lexi decided to walk to the hospital instead of waiting for Raul to pick her up (she worked the 11-7 shift in the emergency room), and he was not pleased or amused. Hope you enjoy! :)
“Although the morning and evening shifts are busy right now with their patient reports, I think it would be in your best interest to keep quiet while I spank your naughty behind. And you’re absolutely right—we wouldn’t want the secretary sitting at the emergency desk to hear.” Raul had one strong hand holding her tight around the waist and his other was poised high in the air, ready to strike her wiggling bum.

“You can’t do this,” she insisted, dangling over his knees, her face radiating with moist heat. 

“Oh, but I can. And you should consider yourself lucky that we’re here in my office. If we were home, your backside would’ve been bare and very sore by now,” he said with a loud smack, his hand impacting hard across the seat of her black polyester pants.

“Oh, my God. Stop that! Let me up!” she maintained through clenched teeth, her mumbled exclamations following each loud crack as she squirmed over his blue cotton scrub pants.

“Sorry, but a fair warning was given that there would be consequences for disobeying me, and you might as well get that idea straight through your head right now,” he said in an even tone while applying consecutive hard swats to her tight, round behind. 

Lexi bucked and squealed as she tried to roll off of his lap, but he shifted her over one knee and anchored her with his other strong leg. She never thought his hand would hurt that much right through her pants, but this was obviously not a playful romp.

It was the real deal.

And now the blurb:
Twenty-year-old Lexi Roberts has barely begun her new job as an emergency room secretary in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, when the city is thrown into panic by a serial killer who targets young women. Thankfully for Lexi, her handsome, kind-hearted boss, Dr. Raul Morales, takes it upon himself to ensure that she reaches home safely after each shift.

Raul can be as strict as he is caring, however, and when Lexi disobeys him and puts herself in danger he bares her bottom and spanks her thoroughly. Yet in spite of her embarrassment at being punished in such a humiliating fashion, she quickly finds herself aching for Raul's touch, and before long she is calling him daddy and loving every moment she spends in his arms. But after a mysterious man follows Lexi one day, it becomes clear that someone with far less noble intentions has taken an interest in her. Will Raul be able to keep her safe?

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  1. It sees like the real deal for sure. Even if she's quiet - the sounds of a spanking do travel. I wish her luck.

  2. Yeah, they really don't like it when you choose to ignore their instructions, even if you think your reasons were perfectly valid. Definitely in my TBR pile.

    1. Thanks so much, Kathryn! I hope you enjoy the story!:)

  3. I feel for poor Lexi's behind... but you've got to be careful with these dominant types! Obey or face the consequences, right? Giggle. Loved the snippet.

    1. Yeah, I feel for her poor bum too, but she always seemed to be doing the wrong thing at the worst possible time! LOL! Thanks, Christina! :)


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