Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Hi there Wipsters!  Have Doug and I been busy?  Yep!  We recently updated our first two books (Possessing Sasha and Her Caretaker) and submitted them to our publisher today, hoping to reissue them as a novel. Rewritten under the working title of Dominating Sasha's Destiny, we added several new scenes and refreshed some familiar ones.  It's good to know that Tony and Sasha are still enjoying their role-play!  Here is a sneak peak! 

It was Friday night, and we decided to run some errands on our own after work before meeting in a bar that was just outside of town.  As usual, Tony cautioned me about the evils of driving under the influence and eyeballed the half a glass of wine I consumed before calling our favorite restaurant to see if we could get a reservation for dinner.  There was a seven-thirty opening available for us, so he walked me to my car and watched as I started the ignition before driving away.  Turning up the volume on the radio, I was singing harmony to my favorite song, when bright red and blue flashing lights appeared in my rearview mirror. 

The road was murky and lonely, and my breathing quickened as I checked one more time to make sure it was a real police car.  You hear all sorts of bad things happening to women on dark, desolate roads, so one can’t be too careful these days.  Immediately after pulling over, an officer in an authentic-looking uniform approached my car.  I rolled down the window and my heart skipped a beat as he angled his head downward.

“Do you know how fast you were going, ma’am?” he asked in a heavy Southern drawl, flipping open his badge for me to see.

“I thought I was going the speed limit, officer.  I’m really sorry if I wasn’t.”

“Well, you weren’t, ma’am.  You were driving about ten miles over the limit.  I’d like to see your license and registration, please,” he stated in a stern tone, lowering his cap.

It was hard to see what he looked like because of the slightly tinted glasses he wore, and his face was covered somewhat by the visor on the police hat.  Obediently, I pulled out both forms of identification, and handed them to him.

That was the moment his voice became low and gravelly. “Step out of the car, please.  I’d like to do a sobriety check.”

My heart started beating wildly inside my chest.  “Oh my God.  I only had a half a glass of wine, for God’s sake,” I defended with lips curving downward while my shaky hand pulled on the car handle.
Undeterred, he gently took my arm and helped me out of the car. “Let’s see if you can walk a straight line, ma’am.”

“Jesus, I’m in four-inch heels.  I couldn’t do that cold sober.”

While crossing his arms, his lips pursed before watching me stagger in front of him. And true to form, I tripped.

“I don’t think we need to bother with a Breathalyzer, do you?  Please put your hands on the trunk, ma’am.  I’m going to have to make sure you aren’t carrying any firearms.  And if I were you, I’d dispense with the jokes.  This is no laughing matter.”

“Seriously, you’re going to frisk me?"

“Yep. You are under arrest for speeding and intoxication while driving.” 

“I can’t believe this.” 

The officer lightly frisked me up and down and read me my rights under Miranda.  Then his hand rested firmly on my back, helping to bend my ass over the trunk.

“To tell you the truth, ma’am, if it was my choice, I wouldn’t take you down to the station.  I’d escort you home and turn you across my knee.  What I think you need is a good old-fashioned spankin’ while those panties of yours are dangling around your ankles. In fact, maybe I should do the honors,” he said, his deep, Southern drawl morphing into a voice that I recognized.  “Right here and right now.”

“Oh my God, Tony, haven’t you had enough fun?”

“Don’t even bother turning around, young lady. It’s been a while since I’ve reddened that naughty heine of yours.”

“You can’t be serious.  We’re outside for God’s sake.  Someone might see us!"

My face flushed a sizzling shade of scarlet as I obediently unbuttoned my jeans and jerked them downward.

“You’ll be spanked on your bare bottom,” he declared with determination, hooking his fingers into the elastic of my pink cotton boy shorts.  After sliding them down, I felt his warm hand rub my cool, naked behind before making hard contact right across it.

“Please, Tony. You can’t do this here!”

Well, that's all I have this week ... hope you're all enjoying a great hump day!  Before you go, please check out some other Wipit snippets on the hop below!  Thanks for stopping ~ shelly


  1. Hee hee! Someone's in a whole world of trouble - and it looks pretty delicious from where I'm standing. You're right though - I couldn't walk in a straight line with 4 inch heels... the poor girl stood no chance ;)

    1. I must say, this scene was one of my fondest memories of Tony and Sasha. Originally, it was titled the Copper Caper! Nope, she never stood a chance. ;)

  2. Fun snippet, Shelly. Tony sounds like a stickler for protocol and obeying all traffic laws. Though asking her to walk a straight line in four inch heels, really isn't fair. However, her reply didn't help her case any, either. I suspect a half-glass of wine shouldn't have made any difference. She'd be just as wobbly on them if she'd only had a soft drink. Congrats on your submitting your new "novel."

    1. Lol on putting the word novel in quotes! From my mouth to God's ear, right? But at 79,000 words - it's the longest smut-tale we've ever written, and my mother has been dying to get her hands on these books for the last three years. Little does she know that the personalities of our family shine in this little story, so let's hope she never buys an e-reader! Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn! :)


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