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There's nothing like an After-Christmas Sale, and this book (which is free on KU) won't be at the reduced price of 99 cents on Amazon for long!  Here's a scene to get you in the mood for Safe in His Hands:


Libby decided to go shopping after visiting with David to waste some time before she returned home. James was replacing a light bulb in the kitchen when she arrived, loaded down with a bag in each hand.

“It looks like you had a successful trip running errands.” He swiveled the chair to turn toward her as he noticed the bags she was holding.

“They had a sale in almost every store, and I paid cash for everything,” she boasted.

“Is that all you did today?” He got down off the chair and threw the old light bulb in the garbage.

She put both bags down and opened the refrigerator as he calmly sat on a kitchen chair and folded his arms. James’s composed appearance combined with a stern expression made her stomach flip. It almost looked like he wanted to spank her.

“Where are we going with this?” Libby’s eye began to twitch as she smoothed her short red hair behind her ears.

“You never stop to see your mom without checking first to see if she’ll be home. Sandy called this morning and wanted to know what you were doing today.” His demeanor was calm as his blue eyes darkened.

She shook her head in defeat.

“I’m waiting, Libby.”

“I stopped to see David this morning and then went shopping by myself. I didn’t have errands to run and never intended to see my mother,” she admitted with her head down.

“Hmm.” James nodded slowly. “Did David know you were coming, or were you only thinking about seeing him, too?”

“I’m really sorry,” she whispered, raising her head enough to make eye contact.

“Why couldn’t you tell me the truth? In the fifteen years we’ve known each other, you’ve never lied to me. What’s going on?”

“I haven’t visited with David alone in a long time and missed confiding in my old friend. There aren’t too many people around these days who understand me.”

“Well, I absolutely think we should discuss the worry that no one understands you. But right now, we have to take care of a more urgent problem. Libby, this relationship isn’t going to work unless you’re honest with me. Do you agree?”

She nodded.

“You know I shouldn’t accept that as a response.”

“Yes.” Her voice was almost an audible whisper.

“Come on, sweetie, I know what you’re reading. Aren’t you supposed to answer respectfully?” His tone was gentle, but conveyed a no-nonsense air. “Is this what you’ve been wanting?”

“Yes, sir.”

She imagined his cock doing a little dance as he seemed to revel in those two small words. “Go upstairs and wait for me. Use the bathroom first, if you need to.”

She turned to walk away and quickly swiveled back around. “Are you going to spank me?”

He inclined his head to meet her eyes. “Let’s start with your pants down and nose pressed into the corner of your bedroom, Ms. Pinocchio.”

Libby walked up the steps in a daze. So many things swam around in her brain that she began to feel dizzy. After months of digging deep for the courage to tell James, she couldn’t believe that he already knew! Pulling her pants and panties down to her knees, she pressed her nose against the wall in the corner of her bedroom. Her naked, plump bottom jutted out awaiting his attention.

“This isn’t the Libby I know. You’re usually much more rebellious,” he observed, entering the room as one eyebrow arched higher than the other at the delicious display. She knew enough not to speak while in the corner, but since he was testing her sass, she decided to give James what he wanted.

“I was hoping for a stay of execution if I cooperated.”

This earned her two quick swats on her smooth, alabaster butt.

“Ahh, Libby Diamond still walks among us.” His tone was soft and lighthearted.

“Good to know you haven’t lost your sense of humor, James.”

“Well, we might as well get this over with while you’re in a submitting mood. Please join me, princess.” He removed the comforter and dragged an armless chair next to the bed.

She quickly pulled her bunched clothing up, walked over to her boyfriend slowly, and waited for more instructions.

“I’m not going to make it so easy for you, my love. You earned this spanking. And, by the way, who said you could put your panties back on?”

“No one did. It would be hard to walk with them around my knees. Of course you wouldn’t know because you’ve never spanked anyone who just came out of a corner.”

James took a deep breath, almost as though he were trying to calm himself. It was obvious she was trying to uncover information, but she was taking him to the edge at the same time. “Bare your bottom and lower yourself over my knee right now,” he uttered in a dark, quiet voice.
Libby complied and he repositioned her so that the upper half of her body was on the bed. His left knee kept her bottom high in the air, while his right leg secured her in place. She wondered how he’d learned how to do that.

His fingers were splayed on her naked behind as he began with the million-dollar question. “Why are you getting this spanking, Libby?” His voice was deep as he began to rub her bare bottom.

She knew she should answer quickly, but didn’t. After a swift smack landed directly in the middle of her smooth, ivory cheeks, she decided to speak. “Because I lied to you and it won’t happen again.”
James’s hand rapidly fired two sharp cracks on each supple globe and waited patiently for another response.

She turned to look at him through narrowed eyes. “Ouch! That hurt. Was that your hand?”

“It’s supposed to hurt. Face forward, Libby, and behave yourself.” He applied his open palm hard and slow several more times in the same spot until she could feel the heat forming.

“Ow! I’m sorry. I was worried you wouldn’t understand. James, please! That really hurts!”

He stopped and kept his hand on her hot bottom as she remained in that embarrassing position. “I’m guessing that didn’t hurt in your fantasies.”

She could hear the smile in his voice as she shook her head.

“Promise you won’t lie to me anymore.”

“I promise.” She should’ve been honest with him from the start. Her eyes filled with tears as he tenderly patted her bright pink behind and told her she was forgiven. Then he pulled her up into in his arms and rocked her like a baby, repeatedly kissing her wet cheeks.

“Are you ready to talk to me now?” he whispered into her ear.

“Please tell me David didn’t call you. Our conversation was supposed to be confidential. He’s a minister, for God’s sake.”

“No, David didn’t call me. It seems you’ve been obsessed with books about domestic discipline for some time now.” He gently turned her around until their eyes met.

“I can’t believe you know.” She wiped her face with the back of her hands.

“Tommy knew, too.”

“But I never told him.”

“He knew what you were reading and saw you on the weekly blog hops, the spanking sites…”
Her expression was incredulous as she looked into his striking blue eyes.

“He needed someone to talk with.”

“Jesus, I’ve been such an idiot. I went to David today because I needed the courage to tell you. I was afraid you’d run for the hills.” Her head fell into her hands.

“I’m really sorry, Libby. It’s not like I’m a stranger to that kind of kink, but I had to make sure this is what you want.”

Her head raised slowly. “This is unbelievable.”

He nodded. “Judi didn’t want anyone to know, especially her family. We were pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing.”

“So why did your marriage really split up?” Libby’s arms crossed as her brow furrowed.

He uncrossed her arms. “I never shared this information with anyone because it was private and personal.”

“Please don’t make me guess, James.”

“She was having an affair with her boss.” His intense blue eyes stared out the window.

“You think you know someone…”

 And now the blurb:

Though they have known each other since high school, Libby Diamond still cannot bring herself to tell her boyfriend, firefighter James Walker, about the yearning she has long felt for guidance, structure, and discipline in her life. It comes as quite a shock for Libby when she learns that not only has James known about her needs all along, he is also more than ready to give her what she seeks. Soon she is standing in the corner like a naughty little girl before being taken over his knee for a hard, bare-bottom spanking to remind her not to keep things from him.

Cindy Lewis has been hoping for years that one day the right man would come along for her—a firm daddy who would watch over her, hold her accountable for her actions, and sometimes even make her blush while he teaches her to be a good little girl.

When strange and alarming things start happening in her home, Cindy calls her best friend Libby for help. With her boyfriend still at work, Libby brings their old high school friend David Clark along to Cindy’s house, and David and Cindy quickly hit it off.

It isn’t long before Cindy is being bathed, cuddled, and spanked by her new daddy, but even as their romance blossoms, mysterious, disturbing events at Cindy’s home continue to terrify her. Can David protect his little girl from whoever or whatever is lurking in the shadows?

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