Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Welcome to Wipitup Wednesday, the place where authors display their works in progress as well as newly-published titles!  Many thanks to Meredith O'Reilly for taking the reins and working diligently to keep this fun Hop (for both readers and writers) alive and running! :)

This week I'm sharing a sexy scene from Sasha's Destiny which will be a re-issue of our first two books (Possessing Sasha and Her Caretaker) combined as one!  We currently have a release date planned for January 19, so keep your eyes peeled around that time.  Hopefully, I'll be able to share a cover soon! ;)

Since this is part of a new unedited scene, I thought it would be fun to include it as a work in progress.  Join me while we peek into Sasha and Tony's bedroom the night they move into their house after honeymooning in Italy.

Hope you enjoy!

Finally walking out of the bathroom naked, Tony leaned over the bed and took hold of my wrists to pull them straight over my head. With lustful, piercing eyes locked onto mine, words weren’t necessary, his steamy gaze said it all.

Rubbing his swollen cock up and down the hot, seething cleft of my sex, I spread my legs further apart, silently begging him to sink into my soaked core. After pulling back to stare into my face, his mouth finally seized mine with a fevered possessiveness, his thick shaft sliding into my tight sheath with thrusts building strong and mightily. Slow and deliberate, his drives were steady and deep-seated over and over, and my moans quickly escalated to groans until I clenched and throbbed around him

Thrusting into me one final time, he ground his pelvis hard against mine and exploded as I squeezed convulsively around his surging cock. While shuddering and gasping wildly, my eyes closed and I felt him gaze on my face as his thick seed pulsed deep inside. Keeping perfectly still, I waited patiently until he softened within my velvety pussy. As his lips touched my forehead, I lifted my eyelids. 

“So how does it feel to be home?” he asked, the edges of his deep-set eyes crinkling as he smiled. 

“Like pure heaven,” I whispered, wrapping my arms tightly around his muscled body. 

An expression of concern swept over his face. “Was I too rough for my princess?” 

I smiled, shaking my head. “Of course not.”

Inching closer, he finally pulled me to his chest.  The strength and warmth of his body made me feel so secure.  Gently he pressed his lips onto mine, letting them linger there for a few moments. Between the candles and the moonlight there was just enough light to illuminate the look of pleasure in his eyes.  

“I love you, Mrs. Colucci. Welcome home.”

Thanks so much for stopping here to visit, and before you go, don't forget to stop and check out the other steamy blogs on this hop!  Happy reading and Happy New Year! ~ shelly

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