Saturday, May 6, 2017

Here is a taste of my new story that is live on Amazon!  Hope you enjoy ;)


Over her shoulder, Jessie watched as the firm-jawed, handsome cowboy dismounted his horse before taking determined strides toward her, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that she was in big trouble.

“Easy does it,” he said, wrapping his large hands around her waist to gently help her down from the horse’s weathered saddle.

 “I was just trying to get Sammie’s attention.  Who knew he’d gallop off like that?” she defended.

“You didn’t think a blood-curdling scream would scare Sully?  Every horse on this trail could’ve been spooked from the high-pitched noise that came from your throat.” His lips formed a resolute line as he angled his head toward her.  “Did you read the important information on riding horses that was given out with the Welcome Packet?”

“This is the third time I’ve asked you to read that brochure.  Since most of our guests don’t have much knowledge about horses, we put those riding rules together for your protection as well as our animals.  Both you and my gelding could’ve been seriously hurt.  As a matter of fact, everyone on the trail was in danger when he reared back on his heels before taking off.” With swift dexterity, Trent took her by the wrist and glanced around the grounds, before heading toward a tree stump.  “This oughta do just fine,” he said, planting himself on the short, thick wood.

“W-Why are you sitting down?  Aren’t the others waiting for us?”

He firmly grasped Jessie’s hand and pulled her close before staring her straight in the eye. “I’m gonna haul that pretty bottom of yours over my knee. Right here and right now.”

Thanks for coming by!!  Have a great weekend! :)

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