Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Hi there and welcome to Wipitup Wednesday!! Here is a taste of my new story, Her Rancher Daddy, which is currently available on Amazon!

The sun had just risen in the sky when Trent walked out of the bathroom, holding a razor in one hand and a can of shaving cream in the other.

Rolling over on the king-size mattress, Jessie smiled at the handsomely rugged man heading toward her. “Whatcha doin’ up so early, cowboy? I thought Pete was going to run the ranch today, so you could watch my every move until that rat gets on the plane tomorrow.”

“Yep, my brother and a couple of other guys are going to cover for me at work. So, until your ex rolls his suitcase out of the lobby and into an Uber, you and I will be like paper and glue.”

“And I’m happy to have you as my personal bodyguard. But, let’s get back to the traveling barbershop in your hand. Do you really need to shave on your day off? I love your face when it’s got that dark, masculine stubble on it,” she purred, leaning onto the feather pillow with a sigh.

He grinned like a wolf, tilting his head forward. “In full disclosure, darlin’, this new disposable razor and nice-smelling emollient aren’t for me… they’re for you.”

“W-Whoa, wait a minute. I hope to God you’re intending to shave my legs, because there are only two other areas I shave regularly, and your target is probably not under my arms…”

“I know you like the lower half of your sex to be clean-shaven, and it looks adorable that way. But if you really want to be my little lady, I think your pussy needs to be completely smooth and bare. From the top to the bottom,” he said with a wink.

“Okay, it sounds like there are more rules for me to be aware of. Maybe you should share them before you proceed to shear me like a sheep.”

Trent set down the shaving kit and sat on the edge of the bed. “You’re absolutely right, kitten. I guess I’ve been so busy wanting to take care of you, we never really talked about indulging in the kind of lifestyle I’m interested in.”

“I’m assuming corner time and being spanked is a big part of it,” she mumbled, arching an eyebrow.

 “Yes, but there’s so much more. I want to take care of you like a daddy would. Not just in the form of discipline, but also in events you might’ve missed out on when you were a kid. Being read to in bed, bubble baths, picnics…”

As Jessie sat up, she nodded excitedly. “Playing Marco Polo in a swimming pool, going to barbeque dinners and amusement parks.”

“Exactly. All the fun things you missed out on when you were a kid. But there should also be more of the emotional moments,” he said, angling his head in her direction.


He folded her small hand inside his large ones. “Being taken care of when you are sick… feeling safe when you’re scared.”

“I just might like this idea of yours. But for now, it all needs to stay between us. My sister would have a field day with that kind of information.”

“My brother already knows the type of relationship I’m looking for, so let’s hope he doesn’t talk in his sleep.” Picking up the can of shaving cream, he shook it vigorously and pressed the plastic top, spraying the thick lather in his hand. “Now, come out from under the covers and slide those panties down, missy.”

And now the blurb:

Twenty-eight-year-old Jessie Woods is less than thrilled with her twin sister’s idea of spending their vacation on a dude ranch in Tucson, Arizona, but her thoughts on the matter change dramatically after she meets rancher Trent Reynolds.

The tough, handsome cowboy sets Jessie’s heart racing the moment she meets him, but she quickly discovers that he will not put up with her sharp tongue and defiant attitude, and before long she ends up over his knee for a painful, humiliating bare-bottom spanking.

The stern punishment arouses Jessie deeply, and when Trent takes her in his arms his skilled, dominant lovemaking leaves her spent and satisfied. He does not hesitate to take on the role of the firm but loving daddy she has needed for so long, and a passionate romance soon develops between them, but when a delusional former boyfriend shows up looking for trouble will Trent be ready to do whatever is necessary to keep Jessie safe?

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  1. Awww, Shelly! Trent sounds like such a sweet guy. Jessie is a lucky girl! Congrats on the new release! :-)


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