Friday, July 7, 2017

When You Act Like a Stubborn Child#SATSPANKS

Hi there and welcome to Saturday Spanks!  This week I'm sharing another snippet from Her Rancher Daddy.

In this scene, Jessie's twin sister, Sammie is about to find out that when Trent's brother, Pete warns her not to do something ... she should listen!   See what you think!


“From what I hear, your brother recently took their way of life to a whole new level,” she taunted through a crooked grin. “There are contemporary terms for that kind of kink, and if I’m not mistaken, his rope-tying technique had a tiny BDSM touch to it …”

He laughed. “Just know that he loves your sister with his whole heart… as I love you.”

“And I love you, too. Which is why I haven’t made a dash for the door yet,” she chuckled nervously.

He gave her a subtle wink and tried to imagine what images were brewing beyond those deep stormy blue eyes, knowing she was doing her best to digest what was about to happen. And then he spoke in a slow and deliberate voice. “When you act like a stubborn child, I’ll treat you like one.” He tapped his thigh and tilted his head. “Now, let’s get this over with.”

The dark pupils in her sapphire blue eyes dilated with alarm as her brows knit together.

“In case there’s a shred of doubt in your mind, I’m taking your backside over my lap. You’ve obviously been needin’ this kind of attention for a long time.”

And now for the blurb:

Twenty-eight-year-old Jessie Woods is less than thrilled with her twin sister’s idea of spending their vacation on a dude ranch in Tucson, Arizona, but her thoughts on the matter change dramatically after she meets rancher Trent Reynolds.

The tough, handsome cowboy sets Jessie’s heart racing the moment she meets him, but she quickly discovers that he will not put up with her sharp tongue and defiant attitude, and before long she ends up over his knee for a painful, humiliating bare-bottom spanking.

The stern punishment arouses Jessie deeply, and when Trent takes her in his arms his skilled, dominant lovemaking leaves her spent and satisfied. He does not hesitate to take on the role of the firm but loving daddy she has needed for so long, and a passionate romance soon develops between them, but when a delusional former boyfriend shows up looking for trouble will Trent be ready to do whatever is necessary to keep Jessie safe?

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  1. She might find this lifestyle is just what she's been looking for - but that doesn't mean she'll completely like the first taste of it.

  2. There's something so intense about a first ever spanking!

  3. I'm with PK on this. I gather she was giving him some sass early, and he plans to teach her how to be more respectful. Love the snippet, Shelly.

  4. I love his uncompromising tone of voice!

  5. Nothing says sexy more than a spanking cowboy :)

  6. Someone's in for a SPANKING! Oh I say. How yummy - can I watch? ;)


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