Friday, April 27, 2018

I'll Never Lie To My Daddy Again#SATSPANKS

Hi there and welcome to Saturday Spanks!  Protected by Her Daddy (the standalone sequel to The Daddy She Needed) is Live on Amazon and Free in KU, so I thought I'd share a snippet with you today! :)

Jill and Joe had recently returned from their honeymoon and they'd started writing a new novel together.  Naturally, Jill hasn't been too compliant. LOL!


When Joe returned from the bathroom with Jill’s hairbrush in his hand, he saw that she was standing in the preferred position. Her round naked ass was extended, her forehead was leaning against the wall, and she was mumbling to herself.

“Since you seem to have no trouble moving your lips right now, I have a line I’d like you to recite.”

Her neck instantly swerved to the side. “What?”

“You’ll count each smack and repeat a promise every time this hairbrush lands on your bare butt.”

“You want me to count? W-We’ve never done that.”

He tapped the brush against the back of his hand. “Well, you will today, my darling little one. In fact, after you count each spank, you’ll say, I’ll never lie to my daddy again.”

“Jesus Christ. You need to stop educating yourself with those damn domestic discipline novels I write.”

Joe gave her ass five smacks that came down hard and fast. Then he tilted his mouth close to her ear and spoke in a calm voice. “How enlightened do I seem now?”

And now the book description:

Though newlyweds Jillian and Joseph McDormand are excited about collaborating on a romantic suspense novel, Jillian’s search for inspiration soon gets her into trouble. When she ignores her husband’s warning not to pry into the affairs of a neighbor with a disturbing past, Joseph spanks his beautiful bride’s bare bottom soundly to remind her what happens to naughty little girls.

Unfortunately, a sore backside proves insufficient to deter Jillian, and she quickly resumes her investigation. As Joseph’s irritation with his wife’s reckless disobedience mounts rapidly, the punishments Jillian earns for her continued defiance grow ever more thorough and shameful. But when her quest for a bestseller puts her own life in danger, will her daddy be able to save her?

Publisher’s Note: Protected by Her Daddy is a stand-alone sequel to The Daddy She Needed. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


In case you missed The Daddy She Needed, it is free in the Kindle Unlimited Program!

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  1. As a writer this makes me tingle - I wouldn't want my fellow learning discipline from my books!

    1. In my humble opinion, he learned way too much! Lol! Thanks for stopping by to see me PK! :)

  2. Love his last line. Yeah, writing romantic DD novels with your husband undoubtedly has its downside along with its upside. Great snippet, Shelly.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! He definitely was a quick study in more ways than one! :)


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