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I have something brand spanking new out! Protected by Her Daddy is LIVE on Amazon, and it's FREE in KU! :)

Jill heard his heavy footsteps trail behind her as she padded her way across their bedroom floor. And when they finally reached the low chest of drawers, Joe met her sad eyes in the attached mirror as a heartfelt sob escaped from her throat.

“When you act like a misbehaved little girl, you know very well that your daddy will treat you like one. How many times do we need to talk about this?”

Her tears fell freely as she hung her head and wiggled her ass. “It hurts like hell when you spank me with that damn thing.”

In the mirror’s reflection, she watched him gaze lovingly at her reddened buttocks before he lifted her hands and placed them flat on the dresser. 

“Behave yourself, so I can show you what your husband originally planned to do when he got home,” he whispered as his thick fingers found the slit of her slick lower lips.

A mixture of shame and arousal coursed through her body as her sex quivered under his gentle touch. “I guess there are some things that I’ll never be able to hide from you.”

“Like how my sweet girl’s pussy gushes when she’s disciplined?”

“Jesus, Joey. You know what that kind of talk does to me.”

“I sure do.” He pulled his hand from her clit and smacked her tender butt. “And my naughty, naughty wife will tell me how much it turns her on, or I’ll stop right now.”

Her face blushed with embarrassment and her mouth quivered as she stared at his handsome reflection in the mirror. “Please. You know how hard it is for me to say the words out loud.”

“Funny. It’s never difficult for you to put those dirty words on paper, though.” With a palm under Jill’s knee, he elevated her leg and positioned it on the short dresser.

But instead of giving in, she shook her head adamantly. “I can’t!”

“How about if I spank your bottom hole? Would that help you to share your thoughts?” Joe’s tone was soft as his two fingers rubbed the rosebud in between her cheeks, and then he lightly spanked the supple muscle.

“Okay—okay!” she managed through a quick gasp of air. “All you have to do is say the word spanking and I have butterflies fluttering in my belly, so you can imagine what happens to my clit when you actually turn your warning into the real deal. Who knows why I have that kind of reaction, b-but I-I do.”

“Good girl,” he whispered, steadying her wobbly knee with a firm hand. “And that admission definitely deserves a reward. Let’s see… would my sweetie like her kitty licked tonight?” He dragged his fingers across the trembling flesh of her thighs and parted her legs as he slowly teased the wet seam of her shivering sex with the tip of his tongue.

“Myyy Godddd,” she moaned, barely able to stand on one leg as the folds of her velvety skin trembled in response to him lapping up the moisture from her soaked entrance.

“Behave yourself, little lady. Unless you want these hot cheeks of yours to end up in the corner.”

She bucked backward as his tongue slid under the hood of her throbbing bud. “I can’t stand still when you do that. I-I’m almost there. I’m going to come.”

“You know how I like to taste your heavenly nectar before fucking you senseless, my love. And there will be no coming until I say you can. So, maybe you should try to concentrate on something else. Unless, of course, you want another spanking.”

Sweet Jesus.

As he bent her ass over further, Jill’s breasts pressed against the cool mahogany and she lifted her head to catch a glimpse of his stunning mirrored image. Watching him jerk his pants down in one swift movement, a short, heated breath caught in her throat, and her eyes were instantly drawn to his thick cock rising in the air as he stood directly behind her.

A deep feral noise came from his chest as he mightily palmed his stiff shaft before teasing her slippery sex with the broad tip. Sliding his heavy girth inside her slick lips, he took his time stretching the narrow walls of her tender tissue and she let out a soft gasp as he finally filled her to the hilt. But when he pulled out his stiff member, only to thrust it back in fervently, her body shuddered as she sucked in a sharp breath, watching his stern hooded eyes staring back at her in the mirror.

“Don’t you dare.”

My clit is ticking like the second hand of a stopwatch, and it’s only a matter of time before it explodes into a full-fledged mind-bending orgasm. Damn him! He knows I’m hanging on by a thread!

“Please?” she mouthed to his reflection.

“Not yet, bad girl,” he said, giving her ass a swift smack.


She bit down on her lower lip and pressed her nerve-filled pearl firmly onto his cock, rubbing it slowly against his taut skin. Her clit was aching to explode, and she wanted to beg him for mercy—but she could barely breathe, let alone form a sentence. So, she decided to let her wanton expression in the reflective glass do all the talking. But all that got her was another slap on her ass.

“You will wait for permission.”

Through tight lips, she whimpered and elevated her buttocks, desperately wanting her furrowed entrance to be filled.

“Mmm hmm. I know what my naughty one wants,” he rasped, tapping the tip of his finger onto her dusky crinkled flesh.

She exhaled a soft moan as her rosebud clenched and unclenched, aching to be filled. Her pussy was brimming with his rock-hard shaft and she was on the precipice of an orgasm.

Christ. He knows what I love. And he knows I’m about to burst.

“Please?” she mewled.

“Go ahead, my love,” he said, casually fucking her ass with his finger. “Rub that soaked pussy over my cock nice and fast until you come good and hard.”

“Ohhh, Godddd!” As she tossed her head back and grinded her engorged nub onto his steeled member, a thrill of pleasure coursed through her body like a bolt of lightning, her clit beating with an unstoppable force. Wanting to ride the same wave with her, he thrust deep inside her one last time, bumping her cervix before flooding her with his pulsing hot seed.

Silence filled the air and neither of them moved as his liquid love raced down her quivering thighs from her soaked sex. Reveling in the moment, she inhaled a fragrant combination of his delicious masculine scents and pressed her hot cheeks backward onto his cool flesh. As he wrapped his hands around her waist and drew her up into his broad chest, she released a low satisfied purr.

“That sound is music to my ears, kitten.”


And now the Blurb:

Though newlyweds Jillian and Joseph McDormand are excited about collaborating on a romantic suspense novel, Jillian’s search for inspiration soon gets her into trouble. When she ignores her husband’s warning not to pry into the affairs of a neighbor with a disturbing past, Joseph spanks his beautiful bride’s bare bottom soundly to remind her what happens to naughty little girls.

Unfortunately, a sore backside proves insufficient to deter Jillian, and she quickly resumes her investigation. As Joseph’s irritation with his wife’s reckless disobedience mounts rapidly, the punishments Jillian earns for her continued defiance grow ever more thorough and shameful. But when her quest for a bestseller puts her own life in danger, will her daddy be able to save her?

Publisher’s Note: Protected by Her Daddy is a stand-alone sequel to The Daddy She Needed. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. 

If you missed The Daddy She Needed, it is also available on Amazon and FREE in KU!

Happy Reading!  ~ shelly


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