Saturday, May 5, 2018

On Your Hands and Knees#romance #erotica #suspense#ageplay

Hi there and welcome back to My Space!  In case you haven't visited me lately, I have a new release out! Protected by Her Daddy is not only available on Amazon, it's FREE in KU -- so take a look! :)

Lust coursed through his veins as he pressed inside her glistening, swollen sex with two fingers. “I’d love to fuck this dripping pussy right now. But if I did, this wouldn’t seem like a punishment, would it?”

“Please. I promise to be a good girl from now on.”

“Mmm hmmm. And do you know how many times I’ve typed that empty promise of yours into our story? I’m telling you, our readers are going to start rolling their eyes if you say it one more time.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t have made the story so realistic.”

Instead of responding to her sassy comment, he reached into his paper bag and pulled out a gray lubricant applicator that he’d ordered online. “All I have to do is load this up with lube and then launch it deep into your sweet furrowed flesh. It may get a little messy, which is why I went with the plastic sheeting.”

She peered at him over her shoulder. “So, I married a tidy sadist?”

“Unfortunately, we both know your husband has a touch of OCD that he can’t seem to shake, but that’s not on the table for discussion at this moment. All I want you to concentrate on is keeping still while I untie your ankles. It will make it easier for you to raise that gorgeous ass of yours, so you can take every inch of my cock.”

“It sounds like there might be a bit of pleasure in this for you. So, how about me? Can I come, too?”

“I would highly recommend against it,” he warned, untying the ropes around her ankles. “On your hands and knees, young lady, while I prepare the lube.”

As she crawled into position, her neck swerved to watch him fill the applicator with the heavy lubricant. Then with a slick hand, he stroked his shaft over and over until his hardened member glistened in the dim lighting of the room. After taking a minute to gaze at her rounded behind, he lightly tapped her shaved dusky rosebud with his wet finger. He knew just how much anal activity embarrassed her, but as her lustful scent permeated the air, he also basked in the knowledge of how much it turned her on. How much it turned them both on.

“Though the glass instrument stretched you somewhat, we both know that a good ass fuck is usually painful, and I’ve been known to divert your attention by rubbing that juicy clit of yours.”

“Mmm. And diversion has always been one of your specialties,” she cooed.

“But not this time.”

She lowered her face in response to that bit of bad news and clamped her lips together.

“Good idea. Not wagging your sassy tongue is an intelligent decision. Now, keep that head down and ass up.”


And now the Blurb:

Though newlyweds Jillian and Joseph McDormand are excited about collaborating on a romantic suspense novel, Jillian’s search for inspiration soon gets her into trouble. When she ignores her husband’s warning not to pry into the affairs of a neighbor with a disturbing past, Joseph spanks his beautiful bride’s bare bottom soundly to remind her what happens to naughty little girls.

Unfortunately, a sore backside proves insufficient to deter Jillian, and she quickly resumes her investigation. As Joseph’s irritation with his wife’s reckless disobedience mounts rapidly, the punishments Jillian earns for her continued defiance grow ever more thorough and shameful. But when her quest for a bestseller puts her own life in danger, will her daddy be able to save her?

Publisher’s Note: Protected by Her Daddy is a stand-alone sequel to The Daddy She Needed. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. 

If you missed The Daddy She Needed, it is also available on Amazon and FREE in KU!

Happy reading and have a great week!  ~ shelly

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