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Thanks to Melody Parks for hosting another week of WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY and giving us an opportunity to share our WIP!  This week’s snippet is, once again, from our upcoming novella - “The Author’s Friends”.  Since July is almost over, I feel like this is my last opportunity to present a “Christmas in July” scene.  As promised last week – here is a peek at how Dana and Richard ended the holiday in their own special way.
“How much fun did you have on this holiday, my little princess?” Richard asked as he walked past the bed and grabbed Dana by the waist.

“It was almost surreal for me.  You kept volleying my mind back and forth from woman to little girl.” She giggled snuggling into his lap.  “Which reminds me - I didn’t thank you properly for all the new crayons and coloring books.”

“Don’t thank me, sugar pop, Santa brought them.” He winked and tapped her on the nose.

“I would love to be a big girl tonight, if it’s okay with you.”

Without another word, Richard reached under her short, flirty skirt and lowered her cotton panties down to her knees. 

“Aren’t you going to take them all the way off?” Dana whispered in his ear.

He flipped her over his knee and gently rubbed her behind.

“I thought we might start a new tradition.  Instead of a birthday spankin’ … it’s a Christmas spankin’.”

“But I’ve been such a good girl today,” she pouted.   Her behind twitched as the first smack was applied to her soft bottom.

“Okay, then I’ll give you a good girl Christmas spankin’.”  He gently rubbed and spanked both sides of her behind, keeping the blush an even color as his smile widened.

Dana’s moan was audible as she nuzzled her face on the soft comforter.  Her pleasure was obviously building, along with the moisture in her tender pussy. 

“You can tell me you don’t like this, but your kitty says otherwise.”  Richard grinned as he traced the wetness forming in her soft folds.

“Mmm, maybe I should slip on some heels and bend over the bed.  Would a ‘backdoor’ Christmas spanking interest you?”  Dana moved off his lap and slipped into a pair of five-inch high-heeled patent shoes, giving life to her favorite daydream.  Keeping all her clothes on with her panties down around her knees, she slowly and seductively bent over the bed. 

Richard moved behind her and gently lifted her skirt. 

“Are you sure you were a good girl today?” He took a deep breath, and tenderly smoothed the glow on each cheek of her beautiful, rounded bottom.

Dana looked over her shoulder and slowly shook her head no.  Richard paused, and applied the back of his large hand four times to her already rosy behind.

“My angel is nice and slippery.” His finger met with her drenched skin and spread it over her anus, slightly pushing and teasing the soft rim.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” she purred watching him reach for the gel lubricant on his end table.

“Now, are you going to behave and let me in?  Or am I going to have to give you another type of spankin’?”

“I’ll behave.”  Her voice was muffled by the comforter. 

Richard’s glossy finger entered her gently as she relaxed her muscles, and his digit slowly disappeared inside her.  Dana moaned in pleasure; he knew her anal fantasies better than anyone and added a second finger to widen the area.  Gradually pumping them in and out, he prepared her for his entrance.
Adding more of the heavy gel, her small crinkled hole began to spasm as he swirled his finger around and around in an attempt to tease her. 

“Touch yourself, baby doll; I want you slick and happy.” His voice was low and hoarse as he fisted his erection using the thick lubricant.

Dana lowered her fingers and circled her clit which was now drenched and swollen.  She looked over her shoulder once again with pleading eyes for him to continue.

“Are you becoming impatient?” he asked, pressing his thick tip to her anus. 
Dana furiously swirled stiff, wet fingers around her clitoris, rubbing up and down as she squeezed her eyes shut and willed him to enter her.  A slight imbalance was caused by the high-heeled pumps, as her hips rose off the bed.

“Don’t you dare come yet … you be a good girl and wait for me.”

“Richard, I can’t.  I can’t wait.”

He smacked her hard on the ass, as he inched his way inside her.  She tried to concentrate on every possible item in the room to get her mind of the climax that was seconds away.  But as Richard continued further into her bottom, the combination of pain and pleasure was almost too much. 

“It’s Christmas, have a heart,” she wailed as he fully seated himself inside her rectum.
“Hold on darlin’ and move with me,” he mumbled out of breath driving the full length of his hard cock deep while holding on to her hips.

Dana closed her eyes tight and bit her lower lip as he fucked her hard and fast.

“If you don’t come right now, I will take you back over my knee and give you the spankin’ of your life,” he whispered breathlessly, knowing it would take her over the top.

They both let out a loud groan as Richard sprayed into her depths, continuing to hold on tight.  As her head lifted for a peek at their reflection in the mirror across the room, she teetered in her heels and laughed.

“I’m way too heavy to be lying on top of you, Dana; I need to get up.”

“No, please don’t move; this is almost my favorite part.”

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  1. Nothing like a spanking to make a girl compliant.

    1. Yeah ... she's compliant after one of his spankings ... that's for sure :) Thanks, Leigh!

  2. Shelly, I dearly love your writing, although I have learned to prolong my shower until after reading your blog.
    I look forward to your blogs and excerpts like a kid on Christmas indeed.
    I loved the bit you added about the mirror. This was a Hell Of A Hot excerpt!
    Thank you for participating in Wip and letting me peek into that salaciously imaginative mind of yours. ☺

    1. Aww ... thanks, Melody! It's so much fun to blog with you, and I can't thank you enough for putting this hop together! Hopefully, Carla and Michael will be taking a trip to the publisher soon. ;)

    2. Sheri was the one that got me hooked on a midweek hop. The Dungeon Crawl was the bomb. I wish she'd have let me host it rather than pulling it down. When I heard she was going to discontinue it I cried a little. I was OMG.. NO! I kind of begged her a little to keep it going, which she did for one more week.
      My main reason for enjoying the crawl each week was so that I could see my fellow authors work. Being an author I have a serious challenge with trying to read all the books on my TBR list.
      But Wip it Up allows me to see what my favorite authors are working on while I'm working.
      I'm grateful to those who enjoy this hop and I hope it spreads far and wide because I need my midweek fix. LOL

  3. Shelly, that was amazing!!! I absolutely loved it! Mmmmmmmm. NSFW!!

    1. Thank YOU Megan ... such a lovely compliment! NSFW - definitely not! LOL :)

    2. Megan, it's perfectly safe for work if your a romance writer. ☺

  4. If I tell you my breathing just got a whole lot shallower and faster does that give you an idea how much I enjoyed that snippet?
    Really, really hot!

    1. Yeah ... the breathing tells the tale! So sweet of you to say ... love the encouragement, Tara! Thanks so much! :)

  5. sighs, loved the scene, the anal fingering was especially nice :) very lovely, towards the beginning, where she commented on switching ages so much.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, Joelle! Dana feels soo cherished ... Richard is the best thing that ever happened to her! I'm so glad you enjoyed! :)

  6. Shelly I think that you just became my new favorite author! That scene was HOT!

    1. Okay, you just made my day, Meredith! Thanks for such a cool compliment!

  7. Wowza. You win for the hottest excerpt of the day, Shelly. Love the high heels with panties around the knees comb big and litle girl all at the same time. Nice. When does this come out? I scrolled back up to see if I could find it... drat. Can we pre-order?

    1. Oh my God ... I'm so excited that you were looking to buy this, Maddie! It's the first time Doug and I sent a manuscript to a beta reader, so as soon as final edits are made - then off it goes! I'll keep you posted ... I promise! ;) Thanks for your enthusiasm ... it means so much to me! :)

  8. Yum! I love a good anal scene, throw in some spanking. You got some hot stuff over here, Shelly!

    1. Yep, I'm right there with you on the anal and spanking scenes ... you can never have enough in my opinion! So glad you enjoyed, Casey! :)


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