Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Here is a snippet from our recently published title "The Author", which is now available on Amazon and Blushing Books.  In this scene, Dana has her first "backdoor experience". 

* * * * *

“Richard, I didn’t realize you were such a good cook.” Dana smacked her lips.

He had just served up his mother’s recipe for homemade butternut squash lasagna.  “A bachelor needs survival skills.”

Their day had been one of new adventures.  For Dana, it was fun to participate in a childhood fantasy, instead of writing about one.  For Richard, it was a chance to get to know Dana Michele Cooper; the real person that lived inside the author’s pseudonym.  

“Dana honey, I thought I would take Floyd out for a walk.  Do you mind cleaning up the kitchen while I do?”

No answer was required.  Dana knew that question was rhetorical, and it made her feel like part of a team.  It was an emotion she enjoyed.

“And when I get back, why don’t we shower together?”  A sweet smile lit up her tired face.

Dana rinsed and hurriedly put the dishes in the dishwasher.  All she could think about was how Richard was full of surprises.  Every moment seemed to bring on something fresh.  She liked that about him.  Although she couldn’t predict the future of their relationship, he was having a positive effect on her life at that moment.  No doubt about it.
She hustled upstairs.  A couple of years ago, she renovated her bathroom, enlarging the shower.  Ironically, there was enough room for four people.   At the time she considered it a completely unnecessary luxury, and had justified it on the grounds that it was big enough for bathing Floyd.  
Now as she disrobed, stepped in and adjusted the temperature, Dana decided it had been worth the investment for her own use.  Hmm, she loved the feeling of water sluicing down her naked body.  She just started to lather up, when a light touch traced the cleft of her bottom.

“Richard, you startled me.”

“I’m sorry darlin’.  You were obviously lost in a deep thought.”

Richard placed his arms around her waist and kissed her gently.  He took the bar of soap from her hands and tenderly caressed her breasts as Dana lifted her arms, allowing him full access.  She loved the sensual feeling of his strong sudsy hands touching her body.  Dana took a fistful of body wash as he stepped in closer.  She began to massage the wash around his muscular torso, the jet spray further releasing any tension. Wordlessly, Richard rotated Dana around to rest her back against his chest.  He slid his hands down to her honeyed inner folds.  She could feel his penis begin to grow between her cheeks.  He nudged a bit forward.

“Are you okay with me going bareback?” His voice was deep and husky.

Dana nodded.  

She’d never been taken from behind and was extremely uneasy.  Sensing this, Richard gently bent her over as he applied soft butterfly kisses to the nape of her neck.  Dana placed her hands on the cool tile as he reached for a small bottle of lube that he brought into the shower.

She felt the coolness of the gel as he slipped a lubricated finger into her puckered hole.  As his finger slid in further, she wondered if she’d be able to accommodate his thick cock.

“Try to relax - it’s only my finger, sweetie.”  He slowly pumped his finger in and out of her, and gently placed his lips on her back. 

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this …”

“Be a good girl, and let me in.”  He separated her cheeks, and touched her with the broad tip of his lubricated cock.  As he tested her resistance, Dana absorbed the sensation, and pushed back ever so slightly.

“Oh, my God – Richard, that hurts.”

“It will at first, darlin’.”

Richard very slowly edged in and out, re-applying the thick gel as he penetrated just a little more.  Her soft groans told him it was painful, and he expected that.  “Bear down for me, sweetie,” he advised helpfully.  “Bear down and push out, it’ll make it easier for me to enter you.”

Dana moaned, wishing she could grip the smooth white tile of the shower.  Water washed down her back and she angled herself giving him full access.  As he grasped her waist and pulled her closer, his fingers slid south to stroke her slick folds. 

“I don’t think I can do this.”

“Don’t give up, Dana – I’m almost all the way in.”

He tried to keep her mind occupied; his fingers furiously rounded her hard aching bud but she yelped through clenched teeth as he inched in and the burn increased.  He hoped once he was past her tight ring, the pain would change to a feeling of fullness.  He grabbed her hips as he eased in deeper, and finally, was fully seated.  

In silence, he withdrew slowly, and almost fully.  Without warning, he drove himself in deep, never letting go of her hips.  She moaned as he thrust in and out, possessing her where no one else had.  Finally, his throaty moan met her arched back as he emptied his seed.  As they shuddered together, he gripped her tightly and smiled.

Richard withdrew himself and spun her around as she melted into his arms.  They stood while water poured down over their heads; their lips danced together lightly.  

Dana looked up and smiled.  “Do you believe I built this for Floyd?”

* * * * *


  1. Oh how I love a girls first time with anal expeditions and this was HOT! Although I couldn't help from giggling when she mentioned her reasoning for remolding and enlarging the shower.
    Newly remodeled showers are for sexy time... no dogs allowed! ヅ

  2. Yeah - I agree 100% on the 'no dogs allowed' - but don't tell Doug. His grand dog happens to be a 170 lb. Mastiff named Floyd!
    Thanks for coming to see me ... next week I promise something from our WIP "The Author's Friends" on WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY! ;)


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