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A huge thank you to Melody Parks for putting together “Wip It Up Wednesday”!  I have been sharing our WIP “The Author’s Friends” for some time now, and if you want to see other snippets from this work – they are at the bottom of the page in the archives.  In this scene, Michael just came home from a “family meeting” to find Carla feeling a little more anxious than usual – so he decided to give her some special attention.
“I originally thought we’d go out to eat, but you look a little flushed.  Are you feeling okay?”

“Your family is emotionally exhausting.  I’m probably just tired.”

“Why don’t we stay in?  I’m certainly capable of preparing a couple of omelets and we have some fresh fruit.  It might be a good idea for you to go upstairs and lie down for a while.”

“I don’t know what’s come over me.” Carla palmed her rosy cheeks and headed for the stairs.

Michael stood in the living room alone with his thoughts for a moment and then joined her upstairs in the bedroom.

“As much as I believe my family is capable of bringing on physical symptoms of anxiety, I want to make sure that you aren’t coming down with a virus, sweetie.  Maybe I should take your temperature.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary.  It’s probably just a hot flash.” She sat up on the bed quickly, her lips forming a worried smile.

“Carla, we both know you’re too young for hormonal imbalance symptoms.”  He shook his head, reached into the closet and pulled out a plastic box.  Turning around, he rotated his finger.  “Slide down those panties and roll over onto your side, please.”

“Really Michael, after all that went on with your family today, you want to play anal games?”

Ignoring her comment, he calmly sat down on the side of the bed and coated the thermometer with lube.  “If I have to ask you to turn over one more time, the insertion will take place over my knee.  Is that position more appealing to you?”

“Not when there’s a mean looking flat-backed hairbrush on the dresser.” She immediately pulled her panties down to her knees and rolled over onto her side.

“Good girl,” he said as he slowly lifted her skirt to reveal her naked backside.  “Bend your knees for me, please.” He tenderly patted her fleshy buttocks with his hand.

“Would this be the wrong time to remind you that you’re not a medical doctor?  Although you constantly seem to be worried about my …. ahh!  Jesus, you could have warned me it was going in.”

“What and take all the fun out of it?” He smiled and slowly moved the slick bulbous tip further into her anus. 

“It only needs to be in for three minutes,” she advised looking over her shoulder.

“As your doctor, I will decide how long to keep the thermometer in your bottom,” he retorted, gently pulling it out to the tip and gliding it all the way back in.

“Gaah!  Stop playing games!  You are a pervert, Dr. Cohen.”

“You better hope you’re running a temperature, Ms. Campbell because if you aren’t sick - the next thing to enter your lovely behind will be hard, but not so thin.” Michael grinned as he twisted and twirled the thermometer in her bum.

“Do you think this will divert my attention from your family’s antics or are you really just amusing yourself on a Sunday afternoon?”

Michael removed and checked the thermometer.  “Your temperature is normal, so you might as well get comfortable while I prepare for a rectal exam,” he whispered in her ear as he pulled a latex glove from the plastic box.

Carla closed her eyes as Michael separated her cheeks and gently blew a breath of cool air on and around her shivering back entrance.

“Mmm.  I can see you’re going to dispense with idle chit chat.  This is just a suggestion, but speaking to your patients during an exam might put them at ease.”

He lightly circled the perimeter of her dark hole with his slick finger.  “Sorry, but my best conversation starters were already used this morning.”  He paused.  “You’ll feel my finger in your bottom now,” he warned as his thick appendage smoothly slid into her anus.

“That sounded so authentic, Dr. Cohen.” Her voice was breathless and muffled by the pillow.

She quivered as he gently moved his finger deeper and deeper into her slim passage.  “Everything feels perfectly normal in here,” he said as he carefully removed his digit and kissed her hip.  “Don’t worry, Carla.  We’ll have a beautiful affair … with or without my family.”  He removed his glove and helped pull up her panties.  “Now let’s go downstairs and I’ll whip up a couple of omelets.”
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  1. Oh Yeah! Got me my weekly fix of Shelly Douglas.
    Completely loved how this started out, Shelly but you left me wanting and wondering why he pulls out and starts talking about omelets.
    To heck with the food... he needs to finish what he started. ヅ

    1. This is why I love you, Melody! Our little snippet ends so we can go across town to Richard and Dana's to continue with the actual storyline. Honestly, I could write anal sex scenes all day, but that pesky Doug thinks we need more than sex and spankings in this book. Can you die from him? ...smiles ... At this point, we are smoothing the rough edges and should be sending this to the publisher in the next couple of weeks. I'll miss Carla and Michael! ;)

    2. I say we tie Pesky Doug down and give him a spanking... just kidding... maybe. lol.
      You can never have enough sex or spankings in a book... well at least not in my opinion. And I for one very much enjoy your sex scenes ヅ

  2. how sweet of him to take care of her :)

    1. Michael wants to be Carla's personal protector and shield! It was enjoyable to write about a man whose need for love runs so deep. Thanks so much for commenting, Joelle! :)

  3. Oh my word... doesn't he have a lovely bedside manner? I'm with Melody. I'll pass on the omelets and go straight to exam no. 2 - wherever that might be? Reflexes? ~grin~ YUMMY

    1. Yes, Michael is delicious! Handsome, intelligent, protective, dominant ... and he cooks!! I'll tell Doug you guys want another exam in this chapter! lol!!


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