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Welcome to WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!  This scene is from our work in progress (with a brand new title), “Barely Survived”.  In this snippet, Daniel wakes Jackie from another dream and tries to redirect her attention.  There’s quite a bit of voyeurism in this book, but it’s been hard to share without giving too much of the plot away.  Needless to say, I've been DYING  to give you a taste and hope you enjoy today’s little morsel!  Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!


Jackie’s moans were loud and sincere.

“Jesus, wake up.” Daniel softly shook her bare shoulder.

Her head started moving from side to side as she began to wail loudly.  “Please, don’t …”
Daniel gently propped her up against the soft headboard.  “Wake up, baby.  You’re dreaming again.”

Jackie’s golden brown eyes slowly opened and focused on his face.  Suspiciously, she looked around the room trying to confirm where she was.  Palming her heated cheeks, she started to smile.  “Oh my God, I didn’t use to dream this much when I was younger.”

“Was this another nightmare?” Daniel reached over and kissed her gently on the lips.
“Hmm, those lips feel rather warm.  Maybe it was a fever dream you were having.  I wonder if someone needs to have her temperature taken.”

Jackie wiggled her bottom as she inched closer with a sly smile on her face.  “I didn’t know you owned an ear thermometer.”

“We both know where little girls get their temperature taken, so you might want to curb the comedy.”  Daniel started to get out of bed, but Jackie stopped him.  “Do you really think I’m running a fever?”

He shook his head.  “Maybe we just need an activity to take your mind off that dream.  Roll over, please.” Daniel switched on the end table lamp and fumbled through the drawer.
Jackie obediently turned onto her side and faced the door.  Her teddy bear was sitting on the chair, and she fixed her anxious eyes on his furry face.

“There better not be any panties under here.”  Daniel grinned as he raised her baby-doll nightgown to reveal two soft, heavenly globes just waiting for his touch.  “My good girl is going to feel something warm and wet in her crease right now.” He rubbed his lubricated finger up and down the cleft of her bottom finally locating that familiar hot little hole, as the digits on his other hand slowly moved to stroke her moist labia.

“Ahh, Danny.  You’re teasing me.”

"Shh-shh, I’m going to carefully insert the tip of my finger in your snug little fanny.  Can you feel the pressure, my love?” 

“Yes,” she moaned. 

“Mmm, finally you have something real to moan about.”  He smiled and bent to kiss her cheek.  "Do you enjoy having your pretty little pussy lips petted at the same time?  Does that feel good, princess?”

“Yes, it feels wonderful.  But …”

“You want my finger deeper in your ass, don’t you?”


“You know better than that,” he scolded. “If my hands weren’t so busy, I’d spank your beautiful bottom.”

“I’m sorry.  Yes, sir.”

He slid in deeper and rubbed her stiff nub a little faster. 

“May I please come, Danny?” she whined.

“Not until you tell me what you were dreaming about.”

“I can’t, it’s too embarrassing.”  

“My fingers can walk the other way,” he threatened.

“No, don’t stop.  I’ll tell you.”  She was quickly approaching a seismic orgasm, and the last thing she wanted was an interruption.

“You know my favorite spanking from you is over the knee, right?”

“Mmm, hmm – keep talking …”

“After I got into position, the back of a lucite hairbrush made direct contact with my behind.  You smacked the brush over my nightgown at first, but as it rode up – my cheeks were peeking out.  The same area was spanked over and over until the bottom of my bum was cherry red.” She was running out of breath and closed her eyes.

“And then what did I do, Cookie?” His cock was about to explode.

“You slowly inserted the smooth, slippery tip of a thermometer into my tush."
“Your red-hot little bottom had a thermometer poking out of it?”  The stub of his finger remained inside Jackie’s anus as he furiously rounded her hard pebble.

“Jesus, I’m almost there, Danny.  Please don’t stop …”

“What time is it?  Don’t these two ever sleep?”

“That didn’t sound like a nightmare to me.  Jackie definitely missed her calling as an actress.”

They sat for a few minutes in silence with their arms crossed.

“I’m a little disappointed.  It would’ve been fun to watch him take her temperature the old fashioned way.  Don’t you just love how those eyes widen every time he moves his finger deeper into her ass?”

They both laughed and moved closer to the screen.

“Have you seen him spank her yet?  I never seem to be here at the right time.”

“In my opinion, he doesn’t spank her often enough.  And that ‘over the knee’ business with his open hand is absolutely ridiculous.  Jackie, obviously, wants to feel the back of a hairbrush or a good hard paddle on her ass.  Is he waiting for an engraved invitation to come in the mail?”  

They chuckled and continued watching.
Thanks so much for stopping by to see me and, of course, to Ms. Melody for providing us with a place to gather together!  Now please go visit all of the others on this fun hop! ~ shelly


  1. Now I'm massively curious about who the voyeurs are!

    1. I'm so glad you're curious! Stay with us ... there's more to come! :)

  2. Who's watching them? These voyeurs are a new twist and I must know more. You left us hanging on purpose didn't you? Naughty, Shelly. Very naughty. I do love the anal tease in this snippet and how Daniel redirects her attentions after waking her. I'd love to be woke up like that. ☺
    Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    1. Yes, they are new and part of the suspense! Sorry for leaving you hanging, but get comfy ... there will definitely be more voyeur scenes. Grab a glass of wine and start typing girlfriend ... I do enjoy the inner-voice dialogue! Thanks, Melody, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I'm intrigued by this. The sexy scene, made even more in tense by the audience watching them. What? Why? How? Who? Looking forward to more

    1. Thanks so much, Ashe! Yes, the voyeurism has been so much fun to write! Stay tuned ... there's more to share! :)

  4. Ooh some voyeurism going on there... entertaining. Who, what and why? ~Grin~ Loving her naughty little dream and her sexy little session there... and watched pots can boil, can't they? :D Lovely stuff, Shelly ;)

    1. I'm so glad you were lovin' this ... wish I could share more of the who, what and why - but I don't want to spoil the fun! Hope you'll come back for more - sometimes there is one watching and sometimes there are two. :)

  5. My fingers can walk the other way? Love that line, Shelly. This appears to be one clever book. Great job!!

    1. This one is a little different, so I hope it is received well! Thanks so much, Maggie! :)


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