Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It’s time for WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY and another taste of our work in progress, “Their Destiny”.  In our last post, Libby was spanked, tucked into bed by James and fell into a deep sleep!  Usually the snarky comments flow from Libby's mouth, but in her dream – the sass is coming from everyone.  Since this was such a long scene - I cut it into two.  Hope you enjoy! :)

* * *

She stood in her closet deciding what to wear.  After careful deliberation, Libby chose a colorful, sleeveless tank dress, platform casual sandals, and a fun summer handbag.  At six forty-five her seat belt was buckled, and she checked her short, layered auburn red hair in the rear-view mirror before driving away.

As Libby pulled up in front of David’s house, she immediately noticed that his car was the only one in the driveway.  Feeling anxious as hell, she pressed the buzzer with manicured, shaky fingers.  David quickly opened the door and greeted her with his famous smile.

“Hey Sunshine, you’re a little early.  I’m just finishing up a few things for work, but come in and have a seat.”  His tone was soft as he led her into his office and gestured toward the couch.

“Why are we having this meeting?” She sat down and clasped her soft, slender hands together.

The silence was deafening as David cleaned up his desk and walked over to sit next to her.  In his quiet counseling voice he finally said, “It seems we’re in a situation that calls for an unconventional solution, Libby.  James and I are both in love with you, and neither of us is willing to walk away.  Would you prefer that one of us did?”

She looked down at the carpet and shook her head.

“An audible answer would be helpful, since I can’t see you from the bathroom.” James strolled in from the hallway.

“I thought you went to work.”

“I didn’t have any fires to put out, so I thought I’d start one over here.”  James sat down on a chair, leaned back and slowly placed his hands behind his head.

“I hate to interrupt this riveting conversation, but do you ever fantasize about me?”  David angled his head to meet her eyes.

“Am I dreaming?  Is this happening because James thinks you have a crush on me?”

“Are you jealous, James?” David’s forehead crinkled.

“I was, but recently changed my ways and feel like a new man.”  His gaze returned to Libby.  “There’s a question on the table, sweetie.  David and I talked about it and would like to share you.  What do you think?”  There were two sets of eyes staring at her.

“Can’t we save this discussion for our next Sunday dinner together?”  She cocked her head and batted her eye lashes.

“No!”  The answer was shot back in perfect harmony.

“Come on, be a sport, James.  Don’t you want to hear about her fantasies?  I know it would make my day.”  David reached over and slowly raised her dress up, revealing brightly-striped cotton bikini panties.

James quickly got up from his chair and walked over to the couch.  He crouched down in front of Libby and pulled her panty to the side.  "Here's an idea.  I'll hold this and you can demonstrate how you like to enjoy yourself while giving us the details of your fantasy."  He gave her pussy a sweet kiss and knelt down on the floor.

She looked at both of them and then closed her eyes.  "I can't believe I'm going to do this."

David smiled as he checked her moist area.  "Everything's safer when you're dreaming, kitten.  This must be a good one, and it isn't nice to be greedy.  Please share with us." 
With both index and middle fingers, she slowly teased her soft, slippery folds.  “Don’t let go of my panties, James.”

“Not a chance, darling."  His grin was playful as he winked.  "The story, please?” 

“Well, I was supposed to meet with David, but there was a funeral scheduled, so he asked if I could come in the evening.  When I got there, he was dressed in a black form-fitting shirt, blue jeans and black leather boots.  He appeared more like a Dom than a minister.” 

“That would be a very good look for me.”

“The comments need to stop from the peanut gallery - you're interrupting her concentration.  Please continue, Libby.” James glared at David.

Her movements were slow but sure as she began circling her clitoris. Libby’s eyes remained closed as her story continued.

Oy - what a place to stop! :) Enjoy hopping, my friends – there are some great reads out there waiting for you!   ~ shelly


  1. Menage'... I love it! They're going to share her. Oh I can't wait to see where your naughtiness goes with this one Shelly. Mmm, Mmmm... I just know it's gonna be good. ☺
    Can't wait for next week. I hope you give the details of the rest of this scene. I can't help but wonder if she's going to make it to climax by her own hand. ~giggles~

    1. Yes, I'm happy to report that they will share her and the details are coming next week! Do you really think they'll let her finish with her own hand? LOL! Thanks, Melody - I always love your enthusiasm. It's catchy! :)

  2. oo goodness, this is shaping up wonderfully :D I love the line about this being a dream :D

    1. Thanks so much, Joelle! Who hasn't had a couple of crazy dreams in their life? I know I've had more than a couple! :)

  3. OOh yummy! I hope he doesn't put out that new fire he's creating with a deluge of water LOL! And I love the line 'He checked her moist area.' SWOON. Deliciously yummy as ever Shelly ;) Can't wait for the sharing to begin :D

    1. I have a feeling she won't be giving James a taste of her dream any time soon, but it will be my pleasure to share with you. LOL! Thanks, Christina! Love when you enjoy! :)


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