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This section is a continuation of last week's scene (from our WIP "The Author's Friends")  "When A Plug Goes In - The Mouth Should Close".  Richard just inserted a stainless steel plug in Dana's behind as a punishment, and probably would've immediately moved on to prepare her dinner, but nooo; Dana had to be her usual sassy self, prompting Richard to try out the new hairbrush on her bottom (a suggestion from their friend, Michael).  I was going to leave this segment to your imagination, but noooo - some of you seemed to feel cheated last week. Well, I certainly don't want that!  So here it is.  Enjoy at Dana's expense :)


“Richard, could I please stand for a minute?” she asked in a very small voice.
He looked up at the ceiling and smiled, tapping the brush on his leg.


“Only you would get away with this.”  He shook his head slowly as his mouth formed a straight line.  Carefully, he helped her off the bed, patiently watched her stretch, and patted his thighs as she willingly placed herself over his lap. 

“Comfy?” he asked facetiously as he lifted her nightgown and gently moved the plug in her bottom with one hand, while securing her around the waist with his other.

She peered over her shoulder to make eye contact; it was a miracle her mouth remained closed.

“So let’s review to make sure you’ve been paying attention, ‘Miss Chatty’.  Three drinks at a bar has never been acceptable, and not having a designated driver on top of that just made it plain dangerous.” He applied the back of her hairbrush twice to the bottom of each creamy white cheek, watching for the glow of the imprints to quickly appear.  “And you really need to control your attitude, darlin’.” She winced and wiggled as he tugged on the plug. 
“Yes, sir.”

He smacked her three times on the right cheek and then matched them with three on the left.  Her sphincter muscle contracted with each pop of the brush; the sensation was more intense than she’d imagined.

“Richard, please.  I’m sorry; it won’t happen again.”

“Your disrespect has gotten way out of hand.  Maybe this would be a good time to double check our roles; am I still the head of this household, or have you taken on that position?” He administered the hairbrush several times to that delicate area under her bottom, hoping to drive his point home.

“Oww.  I’m sorry I was disrespectful.  You’re still in charge.  Ahhh.  Please, that hurts!”

He quickly paddled her under the other cheek with the brush, to even out the hue.  “Yes, I’m sure it does hurt, and I don’t like having to remind you this way, kitten.” He spanked every inch of her lower bottom with quick strokes while firmly holding her squirming body in place.

“Please!  I promise!”

“And what will happen to my wife’s beautiful bottom if she forgets her promise?” He asked in a soft, low voice as he gave a tug on the plug.

Her eyes filled with tears from the embarrassment more than the pain.
“I’m waiting, sugar.”

“It will be spanked.”  For the first time that night, her tone was quiet and sincere.

He put the brush down and gently smoothed her reddened skin with his warm hand.  “Stay like this for a little while and relax.”  He tenderly stroked and patted, admiring the view of Dana’s rosy behind.  “I don’t like to punish you; but when you stepped that far out of line, you gave me no choice.”  He gathered her in his arms and kissed her cheek repeatedly, rocking her back and forth.

“Are you still making me dinner?” Her voice muffled in his chest.

“Yes, I have no intention of starving the love of my life.” He ran his fingers through her hair lovingly.

“You don’t really expect me to eat with this foreign object inside my bottom, do you?” 

“Funny, you didn’t seem to have any trouble moving your jaws during its insertion, and I’m pretty sure it was a product made in the good 'ole USA.  Nope, this object is definitely not foreign.” He reached under her and lightly tugged the plug one more time with a wink.
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  1. Thank you for not cheating us again this week ☺
    I love the snarky remarks about her keeping her mouth 'closed'. The banter in this story is cute and I love it.
    When's the tentative release date for this story?

    1. Thanks so much, LA! This is the sequel and we are about halfway finished with it. We're still waiting for "The Author" to be published, so we just keep writing and waiting patiently. Hopefully, this book will follow soon after. I'm so glad you like our story ... the two couples are so much fun to write :)

  2. That's excellent... There won't be to much of a wait for the sequel. I know how you feel about waiting... I've been chowing down on patience pills for the last week. Walmart recently ran out of them and my fingernails are barely visible.

  3. "It will be spanked" is so very melty. :)

  4. This is so priceless. He is so matter of fact and his sense of humor (okay, I know he's disciplining her but to me it's humor) the way he has of talking to her and counter pointing all she has to say is brilliant. Love this. Thank you Shelly.

    1. Thank you so much, Jolynn! I'm so glad you like his sense of humor ... the chemistry is what makes them great together. And of course, more fun for all of us!! :)

  5. Had to giggle... liked the foreign objects comment... ahem. And the fact that she could still talk through its insertion... ~grin~

    1. The guy had a point, didn't he? Thanks so much for stopping by ... always happy to be the reason for a good giggle :)


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