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The following scene is a continuation of our WIP, “The Author’s Friends”.  The governor of Harrisburg offered Carla a position in his new administration, and she needed to make a decision.   On her way back to Pittsburgh, she called Michael to let him know she wanted to be alone with her thoughts and stopped to spend the night at the Bedford Springs Resort.
An hour and a half later in Bedford Springs, Carla was in her room sipping on a glass of merlot, totally relaxed after her hot stone treatment and a light salad via room service.  Going over all the options in her mind, she soon realized that maybe they weren't as feasible as she’d surmised.  No matter how she looked at things, everyone she respected and loved was affected.  The answer was finally clear; it was time to become the woman she’d always wanted to be.

She climbed into bed rejoicing that clarity had come so quickly.  Now she needed to get a good night’s sleep, but just couldn’t settle down.  A small lamp on the night stand illuminated the room well enough to read, but she was too jumpy to concentrate.  Carla knew Michael had a hard rule against Dana’s method for falling asleep, but what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

Her hand reached down under the front of her panties looking for warm and moist comfort.  She moaned stroking her soft skin, thinking of the last time Michael took her over his knee to punish her bare bottom.  Her hips lifted off the mattress as she whined and purred swirling her drenched pussy over and over, remembering the back of the flat hairbrush being sharply applied to her soft behind.  As his words resonated in her mind, “Push up your bottom, Carla,” she turned her head on the pillow and faced the door that opened onto her first floor porch, seconds away from a whirling, twirling, heart-stopping orgasm.

Michael watched through the window with arms crossed, as her eyes widened with surprise catching a glimpse of his presence.  He nodded his head for her to continue, enjoying not only the voyeurism of her climax, but Carla’s embarrassment of getting caught doing something she knew was prohibited.  With a smile on her blushed face she closed her eyes and continued, somehow knowing he was watching just made it that much more exciting.  With fingers soaked, and her clit pounding like a drum, she returned to the memory of a good hard spanking over Michael’s knee.
His eyes sparkled as Carla's beautiful face changed from surprise to pleasure, hoping he was the vision in her thoughts.  With his usual patience and gentle demeanor, he waited for her to finish completely and calmly stepped aside as she unlocked the door to the porch.  He took her in his arms and hugged her tight, silently kissing each cheek while guiding her to a corner chair so she could sit in his lap.

“My peanut was a naughty girl.” He shook his head and gently kissed her neck.

“I’m sorry, Michael.  Would it help knowing that I was thinking of you the whole time?”

“It does, but you know the rules.  Are you allowed to touch yourself while I’m not around?”

“No, sir.  But in a manner of speaking, you were around.” She giggled and blushed at the thought.

“Damn good thing it was me and not someone else.  Did it ever occur to you to close the window blinds, young lady?”

“What a day,” she said changing the subject, weaving her fingers through her wavy blonde hair.  “As you know, I really wasn’t expecting company.”

“You made it clear that you wanted to be alone, but I couldn’t help myself.  Do I need an attorney to cut a deal?”

“You want to trade ‘self-pleasuring’ for your ‘peeping tom’ misdemeanor?”

“That about sums it up, counselor.  What do you think?”

“Throw in a ‘good girl spanking’ and it’s done.” She rubbed her cheek next to his and cuddled close.

“You’re tired, peanut.  What do you say we climb into bed and talk about our indiscretions tomorrow while you’re over my knee?”

“You’re the smartest man I know, Dr. Cohen."
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  1. Micheal is so sweet. He allows her to finish and then snuggles with her after promising a 'good-girl' spanking the next day.
    Man oh man does it get any better than that? I want a guy like Micheal!

    Great Job, Shelly :-)

    1. Thanks, LA .. glad you enjoyed! I was almost tempted to post a warning of my own on this one. Maybe too sweet for the Crawl? I wouldn't want to offend anyone, LOL!

  2. So they'll be discussing their indiscretions later. Sounds promising. It's good that he let her finish the job before he interrupted

    1. I know, he's one considerate guy! They do have a hell of a good time the next day, too ... she's a lucky girl, indeed!

  3. I'm liking the cuddles, kisses and... SPANKINGS!!! What's this about Good Girl Spankings? The girl has been caught red handed with her hands in her panties... BAAAAD. That's all I'm sayin ~grin~ Oh yes, and YUM!

    1. Hey, don't blame me ... he was the one who wanted to cut a deal! Maybe he likes to watch! ;) Thanks so much for coming by!!


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