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Here is a scene plucked from our WIP “The Author’s Friends” - one that I meant to share quite a while ago ... oops!  So let’s stroll back in time to when Carla had asked for more rules, but came home late from work - only to find that Michael had been shopping in her favorite hair salon. This scene began with him checking his watch three times at the kitchen table waiting for Carla.  She finally arrived and after some regular banter, the issue finally surfaced.
She closed her eyes.  “I love you too, Michael.”  Reaching down, her hand moved slowly over his hardening cock.  “Since I was such a naughty girl coming home late, let me make it up to you.  Or would that constitute me controlling the situation?” 

“My advice would be to put a hold on the sarcasm, young lady.  You should know that I purchased a new hairbrush for you at your favorite hair salon downtown today.  The staff was quite helpful and impressed that someone’s boyfriend would go to great lengths in purchasing the proper grooming tool for his woman.  Unfortunately for you, they were a tremendous help,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

“I hope to God you didn’t go with wood.  From what I’ve read, it bruises.”

“Ah, and doing your homework too; you never fail to amaze me." He gently moved several strands of wavy hair behind her ear.  “No, it’s made of plastic … and quite durable.  Now about that small matter of you coming home late …”  He got out of his chair and rummaged through a bag on the counter.

“Please tell me you were kidding about the brush…”

“Oh, I wouldn’t joke about something like that, Carla.” Michael pulled a black and silver flat-backed hairbrush out of a salon bag, and presented it for approval.

“It’s lovely Michael, and very thoughtful of you.  I promise I’ll use it tomorrow morning when I style my hair.” She leapt out of her seat in an attempt to pry it from his hands.

He shook his head. “Flip your skirt up and bend over the table, my love.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Where did you go after work, sweet girl?”

“I stopped in the bar to see my brothers.” She sighed looking up at the ceiling.

“What were my instructions?”

“You said to be sitting at this table ... no later than six o’clock.”

He raised an eyebrow.  “You have a better memory than that, Carla.  Didn’t you graduate from The University of Pennsylvania Law School, summa cum laude?” His head tilted to the side as he twirled the brush in his hand.

“You also said to come straight home.” Her eyes lowered to the floor.

“And did you?”

“No, sir.”  She obediently turned around and flipped up her skirt.  Grabbing each side of the table for support, she carefully bent over.

Michael smacked each cheek twice with the palm of his hand, before rubbing the flat part of the hairbrush on her bottom as he lectured her.

“You understood the rules, and disobeyed them anyway.  Is that right, young lady?”

“Yes - I'm sorry, sir."

He smacked her left cheek twice with the brush, which caused her to wince and jump.

“Oww, that hurts.”

He paused and popped her right cheek.

Carla grunted and started to stand.  Unfortunately, Michael’s hand appeared on the small of her back.

“Your spanking isn’t over, my darling girl.  What did you think would happen if you were late?”

“I would get a spanking, sir.”

He pulled her nude hose and panties down, and rubbed the skin on her warm bottom before giving two more whacks to each side.

“Ahh,” she uttered and flinched. Her eyes brimmed with tears ready to fall as she looked behind her.

Michael gently put the hairbrush down on the table and smoothed her glowing backside.  “I thought you wanted more rules, my love.  You were to drive straight home at six o’clock, and deliberately, you disobeyed me.”

“I’m so sorry; I don’t know what’s going on with me.”  Carla turned around and fell into his arms crying.

He pulled her onto his lap, stroked her hair, and gently kissed her forehead, nose and lips. 
“You’ll get used to our new life - it will just take time.  Are you sure, you want this, Carla?”

She managed to nod with her head down.  “Yes, sir.”

“Shh, shh, okay.  Now let me see that beautiful bottom of yours.”

Starting to move, she felt his rigid cock underneath her.  “Oh my, look who’s up,” she joked through her tears.

Michael gently rubbed two fingers over her smooth pussy reaching inside to part the soft, wet folds of her labia.  “Mmm, so sleek, my love, I guess it’s no secret you do enjoy a good spanking.  Let’s bend you back over the table, shall we?”

Carla edged off his lap and carefully removed her bunched skirt, hose and panties.

“Fold them nicely and put them on the chair, please,” he directed in a gentle tone.

She complied and waited for him to help position her back over the table.  He smoothed the red spots on her behind and gently kissed the center of each cheek.  “I could look at this breathtaking view all day.”

“Aren’t we breaking a few rules, giving me pleasure after a punishment?  I’m sure this would be an issue with the domestic discipline police.”

“I come from a long line of rule-breakers, my dear.”  Michael smiled as he traced his tongue down the crevice of her bottom, causing her to shudder.  “You like that don’t you, baby doll?”

“Please stop teasing me.” Carla waved her bottom from side to side.  “I’m losing my mind, Michael.”

“Part of the punishment.” He grinned as he swabbed the juices running down her thighs with the flat of his tongue.  “You are a drenched naughty girl.” Quickly removing his pants, he rubbed his thick, stiff cock up and down the seam of her red behind and whispered, “Where would you like your pleasure today?  In here …” He pushed on her small, smooth hole with his pinky finger. “Or in there...”  A low guttural sound escaped from his throat as two steady fingers moved up and down her slippery, swollen lips, delving deep inside her vagina.

“Michael, I’m going to come with or without you,” she taunted looking behind her.

“Oh, you’ll do no such thing,” he firmly stated reaching for a condom in his shirt pocket.  Immediately he kissed the side of her face, rolled the latex on, and positioned himself in her drenched pussy.  “Don’t let go of the table, love.”  Those were his last words as he plunged deep inside her, holding on with one hand, while circling her engorged bud with the wet fingers of his other.  There was an animal urge unleashed within him seeing her crimson bottom bent over the kitchen table, which began a series of lustful, hard drives.  With Carla's orgasm  about to explode, he slowly slid his fingertip into her anus, sending her into orbit.  As she screamed, he gave one last mighty thrust; his cock spewed bursts of hot seed - pulsing like the steady beat of a metronome.

“I can’t seem to move, nor do I want to.” Michael laughed minutes later, as he still held Carla tight against his body.

She angled her head to the side, and smiled as they were eye to eye over her shoulder.  “Were you a boy scout in your younger days?”

“No, why?” he asked blowing out a final stabilizing breath.

“The condom stored in your pocket, just had me wondering.”

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  1. I love this girl's attitude - a woman after my own heart - and condoms, too. Very sensible and cleverly woven in. As to hairbrushes and spankings - oh yum. I think he's a very thoughtful guy. Send him my way! ~grin~

    1. Thanks, Christina - I like her spunk too, and he is such a thoughtful, kinky guy! You can have him anytime; I'm happy to share! ;)

  2. We all love a Boy Scout. I like the dynamic between these two, firm but affectionate too

    1. Yeah ... they are great together! A match made in fictional heaven! :) Thanks, Ashe!!

  3. A very nice peek into the developing discipline relationship. I like that he makes sure a few times that she is still in. Loved the line about the domestic discipline police too. I'm one for structure and a good DD relationship, but people have to find their own fit. Great job of creating their beginning DD.

    1. Thanks, Jolynn - I'm glad you liked this. I've never believed in a cookie-cutter relationship - what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for another. Even though she can be sassy and he has a strict vein that runs through him - they always respect each other ... and as a bonus ... they've been a blast to write!! :)

  4. I remember the snippet about her asking for more rules :-)
    FINALLY you give us the rest of the scene. And I love it. It looks like you've really done your homework on hairbrushes. Does wood really bruise more so than other materials? Inquiring minds want to know (actually I'm lazy and don't want to research it myself... lol)
    I also liked the DD police. LOL

    1. I actually remember you asking for this scene in one of your comments. See - the memory isn't totally gone, yet! :) I HAVE done some research on brushes - and yes, wood seems to be an unforgiving material. (Of course, it does depend on the giver and the receiver - so let's not quote me on this. I am not a maven on implements. ;) Yes, and I hope the DD police never show up at MY door. I would have a lot of "splain'n" to do!! Thanks for coming to see me, LA!


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