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This scene is from our WIP, "The Author's Friends".  Carla finally made a decision about her new job opportunity, and went over to Michael's office at the end of the day to give him the news.

Michael heard the door open in his reception room, and Carla rushed through the inner office to greet him with arms outstretched.  “I see Sarah went home early; are your patient hours over for today?”

He stood at his desk to receive and hug her.  “Yes, we’re alone, Carla.  Do you think this would finally be a good time to talk?  We’ve gotten nowhere since our return from Bedford Springs.” 

“I’m really sorry.  The other night I thought I had this all sorted out, but then Rachel extended my deadline.  So while I was at the office today, I met with a couple of the partners to fill them in and decided to write up a list of pros and cons.  The day was a real whirlwind for me; you can’t believe what happened.” She spoke quickly as she threw her coat on the nearby couch.

“Carla, how long can we put this conversation off?”

“I’m not doing this to torment you, although it’s no secret that you enjoy ‘zat’ sort of thing from time to time, ‘Dr. Mengele’.”  Carla emphasized her point with a smile and a wink.  “But I think you’ll find this little tidbit pretty interesting.”

“I hope this isn’t going to be office gossip.” Michael's fingers were laced over his head in frustration.

“Come on, stay with me for just a minute, then I promise we’ll talk about us.”

Michael sighed in agreement.  Carla immediately seated herself in his lap, got comfortable, and excitedly began her story. 

"It was almost noon, so there weren’t too many people around the office.  I decided to eat in today, and walked down to the lunch room to pick up a bottle of water.  I thought it was odd that the blinds were closed, but assumed that maybe one of the lawyers was conferring with a client.  As I walked by, I heard some noises that sounded just a bit weird, so naturally I decided to peek in.”  

“Of course, you did.” Michael gave her a squeeze and grinned.

“I quietly pried the door open, and you won’t believe what I saw.”

“Something you probably shouldn’t have.” His eyes were starting to narrow.

“Jim, one of our associates, had his assistant bent over the lunch table.  He whispered something in her ear and lifted her skirt.”

“You stood there and watched them?”

“Oh my God, who could leave at that point?  He slid her panties down right below her bum and started rubbing it.”

Michael shook his head in disbelief.  “They didn’t see you?”

“Well, Joanne’s head was down and Jim became very busy smacking her bottom with a ruler.  It looked like she got herself one hell of a spanking.”

“She didn’t fight him?”

“No, this looked absolutely consensual.  In fact, from what I could see, both of them were enjoying themselves immensely.”

“It sounds like you were busy savoring the moment too, peanut.”

“Seriously, I felt like a real pervert.  But it was like watching a train wreck; I just could not stop.”

“So, how did you eventually manage to pull yourself away?” Michael asked facetiously, crossing his arms.

“After he spanked the area just below her tender, young ass, I was worried she might start crying; seriously, we’re talking about some visible ‘angry’ red stripes!  So, I regained my composure, closed the door and hustled back to my office.  I was sitting at the desk in some kind of daze, when Jim appeared at my door.  I tried to smile and mumbled a greeting, which he didn’t return.  Then as he turned to leave, he stopped, grinned and said that he hoped I 'enjoyed the show’.  Really, those were his exact words; Michael, I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.”

“Jesus.  I have to admit, that was quite a story.  You know if you’re feeling jealous, I have a ruler somewhere here in my drawer…”

“That’s not funny.”  Carla snuggled deep into his chest.  “I have another story; can you stand one more?”

Michael rolled his eyes to the ceiling; he’d been patient waiting for their discussion about her new career opportunity, and figured he could hold on a little longer.  Shaking his head, he lightly kissed her on the cheek.  “First, a certain young lady needs to raise her skirt and bend over the table.”

“Really ... I’m going to tell you my decision right now, including all the colorful details.”

He slid her off his lap and sharply applied his palm to her backside.  “And I look forward to the entire story, but I think we need to deal with your little adventure today first, don’t you?”

She rubbed her bottom and had a confused expression on her face.

“I’m not going to punish you for making me wait so long for an answer about your job opportunity.  That decision was yours to make, and I wanted you to take all the time you needed.  Your voyeurism at the office today, is another story.  Should I summon Jim and Joanne over to watch me spank you?  They were having a private moment, and you spied on them.  The door and blinds were closed for a reason, Carla; it wasn’t like you were invited to a spanking party."

She paused and pointed a finger at him.  “But it was okay for you to watch me through a window?  Does Bedford Springs Resort ring a bell?  You’re not losing your short term memory yet, are you Michael?”

“My memory is just fine.” He crossed his arms and tried not to smile.

In brave defiance, she crossed hers.

“The blinds on your windows were not closed, young lady, and if I remember correctly, pleasuring yourself is not permitted, unless I'm present.”  He tilted his head to the side.  “Is this debate over now, counselor?”

“Yes, sir.”  She knew her defense was worthless, and watched with wide eyes as he opened his desk drawer.  A wooden ruler was slowly removed, which he tapped on the palm of his hand.

“Yes, this will do nicely.  Turn around, my love, and pick up that long skirt of yours.”

Carla obeyed, and without being told, slowly lowered her panties just below her backside.

“Ahh, we’re going to try and recreate the scene, I see,” he whispered in her ear as he massaged her bare cheeks.  She slowly bent over the table in response, knowing that Michael was enjoying the view.

“Keep your hands busy holding on to your skirt, and no clenching; I want that beautiful bottom nice and soft for me."  He gently tapped the ruler onto her creamy flesh until she relaxed, and then using his wrist, snapped the ruler solidly on her left cheek, waiting for a rosy-colored streak to appear. 

“Ow, that hurts!”  Carla's body jerked at the first strike.  Closing her eyes tightly, her mind prepared for the next. 
When satisfied with the hue, he struck the right one creating the same impact, and waited for the matching imprint to appear before applying the ruler again.  The last two strokes were quickly administered, right above the first two.  She grimaced knowing she was not permitted to rub the stinging sensation, but still didn’t move.

“You took your punishment well, peanut; I’m so proud of you.” Michael gently touched the red lines on her bottom, carefully inspecting each one, before whirling her around into his strong arms.  Her skirt fell back down as he carried her over to his leather office chair.  Carefully, he sat her in his lap, removing not only her high heels, but also her black bikini panties that had fallen around her ankles.  With her back up against his chest, he hugged and kissed her neck lovingly, rocking her softly in his arms.

“Would this be a good time to tell me your decision?  I can’t wait to hear the whole story.”
Sorry to end the scene with that line, but there needs to be a reason for someone to buy this book when it comes out. :)  Thanks for stopping by and (hopefully) commenting - before you go, don't forget to click on the link and visit the other great blogs on this hop!!!  ~ shelly


  1. I love his pet name for her. It's so cute. I've missed this couple for the last couple of weeks and needed my fix ヅ
    I support Carla... I would have peeked too. ~giggles~

    1. Where in the HELL have you been? I've missed you too :) Of course she had to peek ... but did she really have to tell?

  2. Replies
    1. Me too ... I'm thinking she loves her new life!! (Btw - so glad you got a new computer :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Joelle! I'm really going to miss these two!! :)

  4. Beautifully set up--terrific characterization for both of them!

  5. Such a playful and erotic scene. Sweet and sexy.

    1. Mmmm - playful and erotic ... sweet and sexy ... music to my ears!! Thanks, Jolynn :)

  6. Love that nickname peanut LOL! Well, the voyeur got her just desserts, did she not? Yummy. What a nice, accomodating man that Michael is. If he's free - lemme know ;)

    1. Yes, he is accommodating - but not free, I'm sorry to say. However, I'd be happy to conjure someone else up for you! Just give me all your kink specifications ... :)

  7. I do enjoy a bit of voyeurism, especially when it is a young lady doing it. The ruler spanking was the icing on that devil's food cake of a scene.

    1. Thanks, Corey!! See what that kinky lifestyle is doing to her? She'll never be the same ... ;)


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