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Here is an earlier chapter from our WIP “The Author’s Friends”.  Just to set this scene up, Michael and Carla were involved in the beginnings of a DD relationship, but he'd been worried that she wanted to be the one in control.  That definitely wasn't working for him and he decided to investigate further.  Naturally, there was no stone left unturned.  He is a therapist, after all. 

Michael patiently waited for Carla at their favorite Italian restaurant.  It was a popular BYOB family-owned establishment which became extremely crowded on the weekends.  Since they lived in the neighborhood, Michael and Carla liked to meet there in the middle of the week for dinner.

On that particular day, he sent her a text during lunch and asked if she would be able to meet at 6:30 after work.  She agreed, but wanted to know if he could stop at home first to let Wally out and pick up a bottle of wine, since she didn’t want to be late.  That was the plan.  The time was 6:50 when Michael poured himself a glass of cabernet, and caught a glimpse of her rushing through the door.

“I’m so sorry, Michael.  You have no idea what kind of day I had …” 

His lips curled up at the sides as he reached for the bottle of wine to pour her a glass.

“Cheers.”  After they finished their “customary clink”, she watched an amused expression form on his face.

“Are you angry that I’m late, Michael?” she asked putting her lips to the glass.

“I would say more curious than angry, Carla.  I’m not sure if you’re merely looking for attention or really enjoying the spankings.  You’re not a ‘pain slut’ are you, my dear?”

“Please keep your voice down; we’re in a public place,” she whispered picking up the menu to hide her mortified reaction.

“I don’t think my voice is capable of being softer, and you haven’t answered my question.” Michael tapped his fingers on the table.

Carla lowered her menu and rolled her eyes.  “No, I’m not a ‘pain slut’.  But do we really have to talk about this right now?”

“Well, if you hadn’t been twenty minutes late, the subject wouldn’t have come up at all, my love,” he said tipping her chin up with one finger.

“Okay, sometimes I do enjoy getting a rise out of you.  I admit it.  But then there are times like today, when I was just running late.  Okay?”  Carla picked the menu back up and reached for her glass of wine.

“No, it’s not okay, young lady.  You agreed to our DD relationship, but are constantly attempting to be the one in control.  I warned you about topping from the bottom; you know I don’t like it.”

“I apologize, Michael; believe me I’m not doing it ‘underhandedly’.  Let’s have a nice dinner and share a bottle of wine.  When we get home, you can slide my panties down to my knees and position me over your lap …”

“There you go again.” He smiled and angled his head to the side.

“Is it a crime that I like to be spanked?”

“No, I don’t believe it is.  I just want to be the one who controls those delicious punishments you receive.”

“I know, but it’s hard for me to change roles when we get home.  Wait … what are you thinking about?  You have an odd look on your face...” 

“Maybe we need a way to re-direct your attitude when you come home at the end of the day; perhaps a change in wardrobe would help.”

“Well, I’m going to let that be your kinky idea; you're much more creative that I am.  By the way, how did your meeting with Dr. Stein go?”

“We really didn’t get into much.  But I was thinking that maybe you should be included next time; it might help you understand my need for dominance.  I’ll speak with Jason, and give you some available times to choose from.”

“I'll be there -  you know that.”

“Good, let’s order our dinner; the sooner we eat, the quicker that beautiful bare ass of yours can be spanked.” He grinned and signaled the wait staff.

“Yes, sir.” Her sigh was long and audible.
Michael followed Carla home in his car and lovingly patted her behind as they entered the house.  “This business suit of yours needs to come off immediately.  Please change into a long sleeve shirt and cotton panties; I’ll be waiting for you on the couch in the family room.”

With a rebellious look on her face, she turned around and placed a hand on her hip.

He looked at his watch and spoke softly.  “Right now, please.”

“Have you forgotten what season it is?  How about flannel pajama pants?”

“How about you do as you’re told, peanut?”

“Peanut?  Oh my God, you can’t be serious …”

“It works for Richard and Dana.” He crossed his arms and looked at his watch again.  “Should I start counting?”

Carla shook her head and headed for the stairs.  “Jesus, I’m how old?”

“You’re old enough to stand in the corner with a very red behind.” His demeanor was gentle, but his arms stayed crossed as he watched her disappear upstairs to change.

He made himself comfortable on their sienna “butter” leather sectional couch, and intently considered a few options of how to approach the impending scene with his disobedient, strong-willed woman. 

Five minutes later, Carla stood in the doorway of the room waiting for directions.  Michael didn’t disappoint and motioned with his fingers for her to stand in the corner.  Keeping her eyes cast downward, she walked slowly to assume a position she was familiar with from early childhood. 

“Lower your panties to your thighs, Carla.” His tone was smooth and low. 

She shook her head no in defiance.

Michael sighed and stood upright.  He didn’t need to speak; she could hear him stand.  If he wanted her panties down, damn it, he could bloody well take them down himself.  Standing behind her, he applied a firm hand to her soft backside; the sound echoed through the large room.

“Slide them down, Carla.  This is the last time I’m going to ask, and if I have to do it myself…”

He didn’t need to finish the sentence.  She slowly lowered her panties, placed her nose in the corner and seductively pushed her bottom out.

Michael put his hand around her tummy for leverage and rubbed each cheek lovingly, before giving her a sound spanking.  He covered every inch of her lovely bottom with his large hand and repeated the process twice.  Eyes brimming with tears, she peered over her shoulder at him.  There was something about the way they looked at each other, that stopped the spanking abruptly.  She put her arms around his neck as he lifted her in the air and made his way over to the couch.  Gingerly, he placed her sore, bare bottom down in his lap and kissed her forehead softly. 

“Please talk to me.”

Carla paused dramatically and looked up at him with blurry vision.  “Do we really have to discuss this?  It’s so embarrassing.”

It was obvious to him how content she was.  “Why do you like to be spanked?  I need to know.”

She shrugged and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.  “It makes me feel loved, like a little kid.  I get tired of always being in charge.”

“Yet, you have a hard time not being in control, don’t you?”

She looked up at him; the tears again welled in her eyes.  “I don’t always want to; sometimes I just can’t stop, Michael.” 

“You had an opportunity to have a DD relationship with Richard when you were younger, and passed it up.  I’ve wondered about that.”

“Richard was such a good friend; he was like an older brother to me.  The discipline aspect intrigued me, but I was afraid of the relationship not working out.  Making new friends was definitely not my strong suit; I have a tendency to be bossy.”  Michael tried not to smile rocking her in his arms.

“I know baby, I know.” He gently combed her wavy blonde hair with his fingers.

She shook her head and squeezed her eyes.  “This isn’t fair to you, Michael; my personality is not what you want…”

His serene, handsome smile was just what she needed.  “What I want is for us to work together; this relationship is not just about one of us.  I love that you are a strong woman; we just need to make a few adjustments.  Until we decide otherwise, you will come home from work at the end of the day and change into your pajamas, young lady.  Your responsibilities will end when you walk through that door, and I will be in charge.  Give me any trouble, and you will find it very difficult to sit down.”

She nestled her face into his warm, thick neck and nodded.

“Carla, are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes, Dr. Cohen … sir.”

“That’s my girl.” His eyes twinkled.
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  1. I love this. You have captured the dialog beautifully. It can be very hard for the one who is the spankee to relinquish control and just let go. There are struggles within even great DD relationships. I really appreciate the conversation you had these to having throughout the snippet.

    1. Thanks so much, Jolynn. He knows how hard it must be for her to be in control all day, and then flip the switch when she gets home. He was married before (I don't think any of my snippets had that information so far) so he's really trying to makes sure that this is something she wants! Always love to hear from you!!

  2. That was super hot! I think Jolynn said it better but I'm just going to say that it was hot! :)

    1. Super hot is good ... I'll take that any day!! Thanks so much, Natasha - I appreciate you coming to see me.:)

  3. Topping from the bottom up is never a good thing, so Dr Cohen had my immediate approval in the deliverance of his bare bottom spanking - but tears? He is only mortal, after all, and such a sweet soul at that. Love the gentle dynamic between these characters. They appear very life like and real, and I can almost imagine myself there... YUM!

    1. I'm so glad you like these two, Christina! They say people fall in love with their therapist ... this gentle, sweet man is the perfect example of why!! I always look forward to hearing from you - so thanks for stopping by!!

  4. I like the way you've captured the psychological struggle that goes on between these two. She wants it, she doesn't want it, she doesn't think she should want it... and so it goes on. Great dialogue

    1. Oh my God - sometimes I'm exhausted just writing the banter between these two ... so thanks for appreciating it! And as always, thanks for coming by to comment!! :)

  5. Sometimes articulating what we want can be the most difficult of things, the exposure of our needs and desires nothing short of terrifying. You've captured the dilemma beautifully with this piece. Jane xxx

    1. I appreciate your kind words, Jane. I love how much they want this relationship to work - and worry about each others needs. Thanks so much for visiting me, and welcome to the Crawl!!

  6. Oh, wow. I really enjoyed that. I loved the psychological soul searching, and if you will pardon the pun, getting to the bottom of why Carla has such a desire for being spanked.

    1. Yeah, they both like getting to the bottom of things - LOL! Come to think of it, they do it a lot! Thanks so much, Tara - glad you enjoyed! :)

  7. Your style of writing really connects your characters with the reader, gets me ready for some spice!

    1. Thanks so much, Betty! It's always nice to hear that a connection was made ... keep on reading! :)


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