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Sasha's Destiny is a combined, newly edited and revised version of our first two books, Possessing Sasha and Her Caretaker!  And I'm happy to report that our new release hit the streets last Thursday, so here's a peek ...


Lowering his lips to meet mine, his kiss was so loving and tender that my belly curled with delight and a distinct shuddering struck my heated core. Brushing a finger over my hardened nipple, his other hand teased my wet pussy folds, stroking over and over before poking just inside the soaked slit. His strong digit slowly began circling my swollen bud around and around, and it was obvious that he had no intention of stopping until I was good and drenched.

Now that he had my undivided attention, Tony stopped to pick up a freshly chilled glass of white wine from the nightstand that he’d brought upstairs. With a thoughtful look on his face, he handed it to me and motioned with a finger to sit beside him on the edge of the bed. I took a couple of sips, and he leaned over to kiss me. Again.

As our mouths and tongues lightly explored and teased one another, I was more than relaxed. He took the glass from my hands, carefully placed it back on the nightstand and asked me to roll over on my tummy. I love a good massage, I thought to myself as he began caressing and kneading my shoulders, removing any remaining tension that I might have had. Then, with no warning at all, his hand came crashing down against my bare ass.

A piercing yelp of both surprise and pain erupted from my throat. “What was that for?”

“Just a little reminder,” he calmly responded. Suddenly, I remembered our little trysts in the store. Uh-oh.

Another couple of whacks, and I lifted my tushie up in the air. The sensation of being spanked was so different than anything I’d experienced. Was he able to see the wetness between my legs? Could that spicy scent in the air be mine? Is there something wrong with me?  

Jesus, how many times could I ask that last question?

A few more swats across the middle of my rear and I turned toward Tony, my eyes boring into his. He knew what I wanted but didn’t seem ready for that, yet. He obviously enjoyed teasing me, and pressed on with several hard smacks as I began moaning with excitement.

Firmly, he rested his hand on my red-hot bottom to hold in the heat and massaged some lotion onto my rosy fanny. Not being able to control myself, I wiggled my bum, wanting more. Tony rolled on top of me, straddling my fiery rear end, and began to maneuver his hardness around the rim of my cheeks, finally nestling his shaft in between the mounds. Lowering his chest down against my back, he grasped my hands and stretched our arms straight out together. “I am going to take you from behind,” he whispered in my ear.

He rubbed the bulbous tip of his swollen cock in between my plump pillows and spurted a glob of what felt like lube on my bottom hole, followed by his finger, rounding my sensitive, crinkled skin in a gentle sort of way. I could feel my little rosebud pulse and shudder as he teased, his digit finally sliding deep into my ass, turning clockwise and then counter clockwise as he continued inward.

I wanted to be brave, but feeling the smooth, moist head of his shaft press against my small anus caused a short breath to hitch in my lungs. At first, he just entered slightly, testing the waters, and I immediately tensed up. Jesus, his cock was big, my hole was little, and it was my first time. Though I stiffened and whimpered, undeterred, he continued to part my thighs, stretching my buttocks wide with both hands.

With each stroke, he inched in further, and my whimpers eventually morphed into breathless cries.

If ever you are going to get encouragement from a man, this would be the time.  

“Baby, take a deep breath in, exhale, and bear down while you push your soft tushie slowly back into me.”

With each thrust, I tried to relax while inhaling a deep breath and raised my heinie up higher, hoping the exaggerated position would give him easier access. And I can’t lie, it was such a sexy feeling to be in that pose, fully submitting to him. I wasn’t sure what he meant by bearing down, but when he cupped my dripping sex in his large palm, it helped to relax me and he finally seated himself all the way in.

“That’s it, you’re doing great, baby.” And with those words, he pulled out—only to push his big, slippery shaft all the way back inside my narrow, dark channel. Jesus, it felt like a bolt of electricity had shot throughout my body.

Bucking hard against him, I got swallowed up in the intensity as he continued driving in and out like a piston. Tony grabbed my breasts and briskly tweaked my nipples—which were extremely hard, standing like two soldiers at attention. 

Struggling to breathe, I pushed my head up into his neck as he moved to stroke my heated sex, his fingers teasing my wet, hardened bud, pressing himself deeper and deeper into my sore anus that was clenching against his flesh.

He continued thrusting hard into me, circling my soaked, swollen clit with his fingers over and over, harder and harder as he begged for me to come. Finally, I began to convulse and my entire body shattered, right before he stilled and pulsed in short spasms, filling me with his thick seed. My head was spinning, lights were flashing, and I couldn’t think clearly. “O-oh m-my G-God… Tony!” I had never had a sensation like that before and didn’t want it to stop.

Out of breath, he nuzzled against my neck and slowly slipped his softened cock from my tender rosette. His strong, warm, muscular arms were wrapped around my waist as he drew me in to hold me tight, kissing my neck from behind. “This is only the beginning if you want it to be, my sweet Sasha.”

Those were the last words I heard before drifting off to sleep with a satisfied smile on my face.

My days of taking an Ambien before bed might finally be over. 

And now for the Blurb:

One night, when she is the only staff member in the upscale boutique Ciao Bella, ex-Marine Tony Colucci moves his relationship with widow Sasha Saperstein into new territory - by turning her over his knee.

Sasha is cautious but curious and willing, even when Tony introduces her to the domestic discipline lifestyle. In exchange for her submission to Tony's rules, Sasha finally finds the love and acceptance she has craved her entire life.

But can she change who she is after fifty years? She's a smart ass who likes to get her own way, and that goes in direct contrast to Tony's innate sense of discipline and order. He proves again and again that she is his highest priority, but that proof usually comes when she is pulled over his knee for a good, old-fashioned spanking.

True to her sassy personality, Sasha continues to push the boundaries of right and wrong, which usually results in a bizarre mixture of self-doubt and extreme pleasure. She loves being taken care of, and is more open to new experiences than ever before. However, she quickly finds out that Tony is the master of role-play, and the Colucci clan indulges in a couple of different lifestyles.

They say you not only marry your husband, but his entire family as well. Is Tony a good fit for Sasha, or is she in over her head?

A Note from the Publisher: 
Sasha's Destiny was previously published as two separate books: Possessing Sasha, and Her Caretaker. This is a combined, newly edited and revised version.

A Note from the Author:
Sasha's Destiny is sold exclusively at Amazon and it's free for Kindle Unlimited customers.

Well, that's it for me.  Keep hopping around and I hope you all have a great week!!  ~ Shelly

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