Friday, January 31, 2014


Here is another snippet from our upcoming novella titled “The Author”.  When we left off last week, Dana inadvertently woke Richard up while she was pleasuring herself.  (Maybe she should’ve waited until he was in Stage 3 or 4 of Non-REM, before she tried to put herself back to sleep :)
Dana turned her head slowly, and met his dark blue eyes.
“You love to test me, don’t you?”  Richard rolled her over with ease and gave a playful smack to her tender behind.  “Now I’m going to need some help to sleep.”  He took her hand in his and gently helped her off the bed. 
“I could give you a sleeping pill,” she suggested under her breath.
“You have a wonderful sense of humor, kitten.”  Slowly, he lowered her panties and stroked the fullness of her pillow-soft bottom, as she bent over the bed. 
“I think my naughty girl should wake me up, the next time she can’t sleep.” 
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Have a Happy Saturday ~ Shelly