Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Welcome Wednesday Wipsters!  Yes, this is the place where you are invited to read raw snippets from our works in progress.  For a little background on the following scene from our latest WIP, The Attraction, Mika is on her second date with Jackson McKenna, who happens to be a handsome thirty-two-year-old man and the lead detective in the Manhattan Murder case.  Just so you know, Benny was the bartender who served them drinks at the local bar where they first met, and Cleo is her Siamese cat.  The scene is already underway in Jackson's small studio apartment on the Upper East Side of NYC.

Jackson savored the sweet taste of bourbon on his tongue before calmly setting the heavy rocks glass down on his coffee table.  “Mika, I’ve been worried about you.”

“Obviously, we’re going to talk about the case you’re working on.  Has there been another death?”

“No.  But if one person committed all three murders, we could be dealing with a serial killer.”

“I heard that on the news today.”  Mika put her drink down next to his and folded her hands.  “Jackson, are you worried about me because I fit the profile of the victims?”  She shrugged her shoulders and sighed.  “God knows how many women in my age bracket live in this city.”

"First of all, not every fifty-year-old woman is as attractive as you.  And I’m getting the feeling that you’re a bit more social than most ladies your age.  Am I right?”

“Are you asking if I’m a serial dater?” Mika reached for the glass and put it to her lips.

“I just have a sneaky suspicion you like to live closer to the edge than most.” 

“Detective McKenna, this is starting to feel like an interview.  Did you invite me here so you can get a feel for the social habits of a mature, single woman, or are we on a date?” she asked facetiously, taking a large swallow of vodka.

“I can’t understand why someone would take a risk asking a stranger up to their apartment when it’s obviously not safe.”

"Just because a woman is fifty years old, doesn't mean she has to spend the night alone with her cat.  My ex-husband left me for someone younger and is having the time of his life.  No offense to Cleo, but the double standard in our society is so unfair.”

“You’re right.  It’s none of my business.  I guess I’m just being selfish.”  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone.  “Should we order Thai or Italian?”

“You’ll forgive me, I’m a little confused.”  She drained the last drop of vodka from the ice in her drink. 

“With our dinner choices?” His smile was devilish.

“Why you’re so concerned with my social life.”

Jackson took the glass from her hand and placed it on the oak table.  “I want you all to myself.” His tone was low and sincere.

“I see.  You’re being honest with me, so I'll return the favor.  Is that it?”
“Yes, that was my original plan.”

“Okay.  I’ve only been out with a couple of men since my divorce.  The first one I met on an Internet forum, and we dated for about a month.” She rolled her eyes at the memory.

“What happened?”

“He probably found a younger woman.  Men are always running after a tighter tushie.”

Jackson raised a heavy, auburn eyebrow. “Do you mind if I ask how old he was?

“Rick was probably in his mid-thirties.  I guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s an obvious pattern forming here.”

“It’s fine with me that you’re attracted to younger men.”  He smiled and casually picked up his glass to take another small sip of bourbon.  “What kind of forum did you meet on?”

Mika took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling.  “Do we really have to do this?”

His head inclined toward hers.  “We’re being honest with each other, remember?”

She nodded as her face reddened.  “It was a spanking forum.”

“My first instinct was that you were wired a little different than most.” He grinned and put his drink down.

“Is Benny right?  Are we two peas in a pod?”

“It’s certainly beginning to sound that way.”  He paused and looked into her eyes.  “You said a couple of dates.  Did you go back to that forum to meet someone else?”

She nodded reluctantly. “A few days after we met in the bar.  I know it wasn’t smart, but you seemed so conservative and traditional, so …”


“I should’ve called you, but instead decided to take one more stab at the Internet.”

“Interesting choice of words, considering the situation.”

“After meeting on the forum, we messaged each other privately about playing a scene.”

“Keep going ...” He leaned forward, ready to absorb every word.

She spoke in a small, quiet voice. “I invited him up to my apartment.”

“Jesus, Mika.  With all that’s been going on?  Did you tell anyone you were meeting him?”

“No.  I’m not even certain if my doorman got a good look at him.  I know it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

“I’m sure there’s more to this story.”  Jackson lowered his voice and stared at her with intensity.

“He doubled his strap and belted my bare bottom,” she mumbled as her eyes filled with tears.

“Did you agree to that beforehand?”

She shook her head.  “It was supposed to be a scene ending with a sexy hand spanking over his knee.”

“Did you tell him to stop?  Did you have a safe-word?”
“Of course I begged him to stop,” she countered with an indignant attitude.

“I’m assuming he didn’t.” He crossed his arms in disapproval of her tone.
“It scared the hell out of me, and right then I decided never to go back to that forum.  I called you a couple of days later.” She reached over and gently uncrossed his arms in an attempt to lighten the mood.  “I remembered vanilla being a tasty flavor, too.”

Jackson’s lips formed an angry, straight line. 

“That’s not a happy face.  Am I in trouble?”

“That depends.  Are you done playing dangerous games on the Internet?  Do you want to be my girl?”

She nodded.

“Then you’re in big trouble.  Do you think you deserve a spanking?”

“Isn’t it enough that I was frightened and learned my lesson?  What happened to not sitting in judgement of how other people live?” She swallowed and lowered her gaze.

“Do you have any idea what danger you put yourself in?” He raised her chin with the pads of his fingers.  “I had a feeling you were a risk taker, but with all that’s going on in the news …”

“I promise never to do it again.”  

“And I intend to make sure of it.”  Before she could react, Mika was taken by the hand and tossed over his lap.  Her dress rode up to the crease of her backside, and he lifted it enough to see the pale, crescent shapes peeking out from her white nylon panties.

“Just so you know, I do not intend for this to feel sexy.  I care about what happens to you.  Your behavior was careless. God knows what could have happened. ” He smacked her ass sharply as he enunciated every word in each short phrase.

“Ouch!  I promise!”  She rested her cheek on the navy futon and shut her wet eyes tight, grimacing each time his palm landed on her tender, warm skin.

“I’m going to need more than that.” His hand volleyed back and forth to each globe as the redness radiated through her sheer, iridescent bikini panties.  "What exactly are you promising, Mika?"

“I promise never to go on another Internet spanking forum looking for a younger man.” She barely choked out her words, gasping for a breath in between each one. 

“Because?” He rubbed and squeezed the lower portion of her hot, plump behind.

“Because … I don’t need to look anymore.”  Mika’s tears soaked into the dark fabric as her words slurred together.


Okay, I know that was a long scene to read - but I thought it might be a good way to tie up the first two scenes I posted and give you some background on their relationship at the same time.  Thanks for reading today and don't forget to bounce around to the other fun blogs on this hop!  Have a great day and enjoy a safe July 4th weekend :) ~ shelly

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


HAPPY HUMP DAY AND WELCOME TO WIPITUP!  In the last scene we posted from our latest work in progress, The Attraction, Mika and her boyfriend, Rick, seemed to be enjoying themselves, but alas, he never called her again.  Just to keep you up to speed, this was her final attempt on the Internet spanking forum to find a younger man interested in a kinky lifestyle. This snippet also took place in her lavish Manhattan apartment, and in case you're wondering, Stanley is her doorman. :)


Staring into space, Mika remembered the last man she’d met on her favorite spanking forum two days earlier.  She loved the uncertainty and the diversity that came with meeting new men, but this last one frightened her.  He was different than Rick, darker and deceptive.  It wasn’t just his severe demeanor, but dishonesty that struck a chord of fear within her.  She wasn’t usually afraid, but this young man was peculiar …

“You, come here.” The handsome, young muscular man sitting on the couch beckoned her with a curved finger.

“You have an unusually heavy drawl.  Where did you say you were from originally?  Was it Atlanta?”

He rolled his eyes.

Mika took a deep breath trying to calm herself.  When she and this man broke away from the group and chatted by themselves, he asked if she was willing to role play with him.   She knew better than to have a real life conversation in the middle of a scene.

“You’re not too old for a good, hard spankin’ over my knee, young lady.  Since when is it okay to be so disrespectful?”

“I’m sorry.”  Mika shook her head and backed away.  “It just slipped out.”

The young man stood up and unbuckled his belt.  He appeared to be on the shorter side, but strong.  Mika’s eyes widened as she watched him pull the leather strap from the hoops in his jeans.

“You never said anything about using a strap.”

“And I never agreed to an interview.  Now come over here and take your punishment.”  He doubled the thin black strap and dramatically pointed it at her.

Mika shook her head and crossed her arms in defiance.  “This scene is over.  We talked about a bare-bottom spanking over a knee with your hand.  This is not the same.”

“Oh, you older women are such a tease.  And now I have a real hard-on to see your ass good and red.  This is your last chance, Mika.  If I have to come over and get you …”

Mika turned to run, but he had her in his grasp within seconds.

“Please, no, Steve.  I’m afraid of the strap,” she implored in a desperate tone.

“Oh, the begging is a glorious touch, bad girl.  But my name isn’t Steve and I’m not originally from the South,” he said as his drawl morphed into a New York accent.

“Jesus, you’re scaring me, please just let me go,” she pleaded, wondering if Stanley noticed what this man looked like when they walked past him to enter the building.

He dragged Mika to the couch and pulled her over his knee.  In one brisk movement, her long skirt was moved upward.  Wearing thong panties, her bottom was full and bare. 

"Don’t you ever speak to me like that again,” he said as the strap fell hard with each word. “You’re getting exactly what you deserve, you old slut…”

OY!  To say this scene didn't go well for Mika, is an understatement!  But don't be too sad for her, because the next time we get together on this hop, she'll be dating a handsome, young detective who just so happens to be heading up a murder investigation in NYC!  Thanks, of course, to Melody (our hostess with the mostest) for providing us with this fun place to read and hop!  Have a great week :)  ~ shelly