Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Welcome to WiP iT uP wEdNeSdAy!  This is the fun blog hop where you can read an entire scene from a work in progress and then hop back onto the list to read another!  This week we return to The Attraction, our latest WIP.  It was my pleasure to finally add those two lovely words to the end of the last chapter, and we are currently up to our eyeballs in edits before sending it to the publisher.

In the following scene, our serial killer is lurking on a spanking Internet forum as he goes hunting for his next victim (gulp).


 “Hi Chuck!  I love the private message feature on this forum.  Sometimes I like to break away from the group.” 

“Agreed.  Spanking is such a broad topic, and we all have individual needs.  Can I ask what yours are to see if we’re compatible, Debbie?” He knew the banter needed to start out light and basic.

“Do you want to know my age?  I’m sensing you’re much younger than I am.”  

“I’m thirty-two, but was hoping for a mature woman.  In my opinion, the younger women have too many hang-ups.”  That line always seemed to be a crowd pleaser among the older participants.

“So far, we’re looking like a good match.  I love younger men.  Can we get back to the spanking compatibility subject?”

“I’d love to.  Tell me what you like.  Although once the situation is in hand, my mood tends to dictate the scene.”

“Situation in hand.  You’re very clever.  I like that.  Does that mean I don’t get to choose the scene?  Do you want to be in charge?”

“Look who’s being funny now.  I love a sense of humor.  Yes, I like to be in charge of a scene, but don’t mind hearing your preferences before we meet.  That way I can make sure there will be some of your fantasies included, too.  So, what do you like?” He never closed a deal so quickly.  He hoped it didn’t make her nervous.

“Well, I like a naughty schoolgirl scene.  Unless you think that’s not contemporary enough.  Would that be too old school for you?”

“You’re a riot.  I can’t wait to meet you in person.  What red-blooded American spanker doesn’t like a naughty school girl scene?  I love the idea.  Can you dress the part or will I have to use my imagination?”

“I’ve never done this before, it’s only been a fantasy of mine since I started reading spanking fiction.  But I’m sure I can get my hands on a short plaid skirt and tights.  How does that sound?”

“I can’t wait to take you over my knee and raise that skirt. Of course, the tights and panties will have to come down. Unless you’re not planning to wear panties. Wait.  Did you say you’ve never done this before?  Is this your first time on a spanking forum?”  He just adored new blood on these chats.

“I hate to admit it, but yes.  I hope that doesn’t discourage you.”

Has a man ever been discouraged by a woman’s virginity?  His laugh was sinister. “No, I don’t mind at all.  By the way, how do you feel about a cane?”

“From what I’ve read, caning might be a little over the top for me.  Honestly, a bare bottom spanking with a hand is more my speed.  Is that okay with you?” 

“Sure, I aim to please.  Sorry, I crack myself up sometimes.”  He couldn’t have appeared more amusing or charming. “I’d really love to meet you in person, Debbie.”

“The feeling is mutual.”

“I noticed that your location is listed as NYC.  Do you think we could get together?” 

“I live in Manhattan.”

“Oh my God, so do I!  But I hate hotels.  They’re so sterile and unfriendly.  Would it be okay if I came to your apartment?  It would be so much more personal that way.”

“Would you mind if we met for coffee first?  With all the terrible things going on in the news, I’d feel better if we got to know each other before I brought you into my home.”

“Sure.  Why don’t you give me your number, and I’ll be in touch to make definite plans.”

Waiting for Debbie to type her phone number, he decided “Chuck” would have to be more clever than usual in order to bypass the coffee meeting.  He didn’t mind the extra effort.  It would only make the kill a little sweeter.

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