Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Yes, indeed - it's time to WIP IT UP!  This is another peek at our work in progress, "Their Destiny" - an erotic thriller that we are having a blast writing!  I cut this scene in half because it was rather lengthy and intend to include the second part in my next post. Thanks, as always to our friend, Melody, for providing us with this lovely hop, so we can share our WIP with you!  Hope you enjoy! :)


“Are you home Libs?” James called out as he traveled into the kitchen and immediately wrapped his arms around her waist.  “I wasn’t sure if we had plans for dinner tonight, but it’s been ages since we enjoyed a corned beef sandwich together, so I stopped at a deli on my way home.”

“Ooh, I can smell the pickles!”  She twirled around, kissed him on the cheek and took the bag from his hands.

“If this is all it takes to excite you, I’ve clearly been going down the wrong path.” He crossed his arms and smiled as he watched her open the refrigerator door. 

"I'll put the sandwiches away, unless you want to eat now."  She laughed and sniffed inside the bag before placing it on a shelf.

“Actually, I have another activity in mind.”  He grinned and pulled a smaller bag from a cabinet over the counter.  “Last week I did a little shopping online for us.  I hope you don’t mind.”

With a curious expression, Libby took the bag from his hands and peered inside.  “I can’t believe you bought these,” she whispered, carefully withdrawing three butt plugs in different sizes and colors from the bag.

“Well, I didn’t know what you would need, so I thought we should start small and graduate to the next size.”

“What makes you think this is my first backdoor experience?”  Her head cocked to the side even though she knew it probably wasn’t a good time to display her usual snarky attitude.

“Well, it would be your first experience with me.” His eyes were bright as they twinkled with excitement.

“Impressive.  And does our friend, David, know about this starter kit you ordered?”

“Not only does he know, he gave his blessing, Princess.”

“Imagine, another blessing from David.  I’m speechless.”

“I’ll alert the media.  Now, if there aren’t any more questions, let’s go upstairs and get started.”  Her hazel eyes rolled as she watched him extend his long arm.

James walked behind Libby on the stairs, playfully popping her rear end with his hand the entire way up.  “Remind me not to get into any more trouble with you.” She rubbed her stinging backside, knowing exactly why she earned those smacks and entered the bedroom.

“Over by the side of the bed, young lady.  Pants and panties off, please.”  The intonation of his voice clearly meant business.

She complied and watched as he made a twirling motion with his finger for her to turn around.  “Hands on the bed and bend over while I prepare our first customer.  I already washed everything because you can’t be too careful about cleanliness, and I’m going to use a lot of lubrication to make sure they’re all nice and slippery for you.”  He slowly slid his wet finger into her warm, soft anus.  “Naturally, I’m hoping you have a satisfying experience when we actually try the real thing.”

“Uh-huh.”  She sighed as his finger exited, only to enter again with even more lube.

“Okay sweetie, now I need you to separate your bottom for me.  I’m going to insert the smallest plug and see how you do.”

She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, even though she was having second thoughts about the exercise.  It was unbelievable that David was still playing the part of James' DD coach.  She shook her head at the thought as he pressed the tip of the pink lubricated plug to her anxious anus.  

“Take a deep breath and exhale,” James instructed Libby as he pushed the plug into her quivering hole.  “How does it feel, my love?”

“It feels tight, but there wasn't much pain going in.  I’m not an amateur, after all.” She chuckled trying to lighten the moment.

“That was, obviously, too easy for you, Ms. Smart Mouth.  I think we better graduate to the light blue guy.”

He removed the smallest plug from her bottom and repeated the same procedure for the mid-size contestant.  That plug was larger, and he knew it was important to be gentle.

“Baby, this one is going to expand you a little further.  When you feel the tip touch your rosebud, you need to exhale and really bear down while I ease it into you.”

As he began pushing the silicone toy into her, she could feel him trying to get past her tight ring.  Unfortunately, the second plug was no picnic, and Libby moaned and whined until it was finally seated inside her.

“Good girl.  How does it feel?” He pulled on the ring and patted her bottom.

“I feel full, but I’ll get used to it.  I think if we were playing Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it’s probably the right size for me.”  She instantly had an urge to bury the largest plug in the backyard.  “Can I get up now, please?” Before her sentence was completed, she was already reaching for her panties on the floor.

“Not so fast, honey bunny.  Don’t even think about wearing panties, especially with a toy in your tush.  Do you have a dress you can wear tonight?”

“I’ll get one.” Libby gingerly walked to the closet and pulled a summer tank dress over her head.

“That’s my girl.” He put one hand under her dress to pull on the plug and slid the index finger on his other hand up and down her smooth, moist lips.  “I love that you only shave the bottom part.”  He sat on the bed and pulled her onto his lap.  “Someone’s not as unhappy as her face would like me to believe.” His fingers easily traveled deep inside her wet, swollen passage.


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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Welcome to Wipitup!  This is the spot where Melody gives authors a weekly opportunity to post a scene on her sinfully, sexy hump day hop.  Up to now, I've only posted erotic spanking scenes from our latest work in progress, "Their Destiny".  But this week, I'm going to mix it up a bit and present the dark intruder's POV.  Hope you enjoy this snippet from our erotic romance thriller that is still under construction! :) 


His shiny, gold key fit perfectly into the lock.  Pushing open the heavy wooden door, he heard the hefty paws of that damn dog racing downstairs to see who came in.  Even though the German shepherd seemed to recognize him, he still needed to undergo the ridiculous crotch-sniffing ceremony.  When the dog was satisfied with his scent, the intruder offered a prepared deli treat to keep him occupied.  Finally, the 5’11’’ average-looking man was free to roam upstairs.

He stood at the foot of her bed, mesmerized.  Waking from a sound sleep, how would she react when she saw a man’s reflection in her full-length mirror?  Would she blink her eyes twice like an owl, hoping it was a nightmare, or would she try to force out a pitiful scream as terror compressed her chest?  Of course, she wouldn’t see him for long.  His dark figure would only appear for a few seconds and be gone before her dumb, barking mutt came to rescue her.
Picking up a pillow, he slowly drew it to his face and inhaled her delicious, clean fragrance.  Was it a blend of flowers and vanilla?  Clutching it against his rib cage, he looked around the room.  There was so much more to learn about her, but his visits needed to be brief.  Checking his watch, he knew she would be home from work soon.  Until next time, my sweet.  


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