Friday, March 28, 2014


We are happy to report that a contract has been signed with Blushing Books to publish our newest title, “The Author”, so please keep your eyes peeled for its debut!  In this snippet, Dana (who writes domestic discipline and age-play novels) was in the middle of reading a ménage story on her Kindle, when she fell asleep.  Her boyfriend, Richard McBride, has the leading role ... and her “cowboy friend” happens to have the same name as her therapist, Dr. Michael Cohen, in this ménage dream scene.
“In light of the activities planned for tonight darlin’, I think you’re going to need your bottom cleaned out.” Richard reached for a box on the end table. 

“Oh my God, you can’t be serious,” Dana muttered looking over her shoulder.

“Actually, your ‘cowboy friend’ called this morning, and we both agreed it is necessary.  I want you on your hands and knees, baby doll, with your chest on the bed,” his voice commanded with authority.  “I believe that is the preferred position.”

“Now you’re an expert on enema positions?” she sneered.

“Only you would sass me with your bare butt in the air,” he chuckled and landed a serious smack on her tender bulls-eye.

The next sound she heard was the snap of a glove.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014



This continues a scene we posted last week from our newest work possibly titled, “The Author’s Friends”.  Carla was being a brat at Dana’s party the night before (she blamed it on a rough day at the office) and Michael (her boyfriend and Dana’s former therapist) dealt with her mood over his knee upon returning home.
“Why would an intelligent, grown woman behave the way you did last night?” Michael raised an eyebrow as he brought two steaming mugs of coffee to the table.

Carla tried to keep her glossy lips in a straight line, as she reached for her cup and gingerly sat down.  “Whatever do you mean, Dr. Cohen?”

“You know exactly what I mean, you little minx.  I hear there’s a casting call for a sequel to, ‘The Brat Begged for a Bare Bottom Spanking’.  Do you want to ring Mr. Spielberg’s secretary, or should I?” He waived his cell phone in the air smiling.

“I don’t think he produces that kind of movie, dear.  Aren’t you going to be late for your first patient?” Carla casually checked her watch, hoping the conversation was coming to a close.

“Thanks for your concern, but I have plenty of time.  Come on, Carla – let’s talk about it.  Was your stress level at the office really that high yesterday, or am I not giving you enough attention?” He passed her the cream and sweetener.

“I don’t know if I can put my feelings into words, Michael.”

“You certainly didn’t need to say anything last night, it was written all over your face.  Although, you did play a convincing brat, I must say,” he grinned.

She put her hands up to her cheeks.  “Oh for God’s sake, was it that obvious?”

“I’m forty-two, Carla – way too old to be playing games.”

“Are you asking me to have a conversation with you about my fantasies?”  A beautiful shade of red was rising from her neck.

“This is not one of Dana’s romance books we’re talking about.  It’s real life … ours together.  I would like to hear what your needs are.”

“Can I make an appointment and lie on your couch later?” She crossed her eyes and took a sip from the mug.

He got up from the table and walked to the back of her chair. “You want more rules, don’t you?” He gently kissed the crown of her head, inhaling a fresh botanical scent.

She didn’t move a muscle.  A deer caught in headlights, looked more relaxed.

“I’m happy to oblige, my love.  But you aren’t going to be the one in charge … that status you must leave at the office, downtown.  My dominance will not be in your control, anymore.” He slowly moved her blonde hair to the side, and kissed the nape of her neck.

She savored the chill that ran down her back and then turned to face him.

“Well, is this what you want, Carla?”  There was a dark edge to his voice that matched the color of his eyes.

“Yes, sir,” barely escaped her vocal cords.

He stooped to her eye level.  “Come straight home after work today.  I expect to see you sitting at this table no later than six o’clock.”  Collecting his thoughts, a finger traced the line of her jaw.  “Do I need to tell you what will happen if you’re late?”

Carla slowly shook her head.

“And just so there’s no confusion, the next time you act like a brat, you will yearn for the times when I bent you over this knee and spanked you with my hand.” 

He needs to stop using that word, she mused as her pussy shivered.
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Friday, March 14, 2014


The following is a snippet from our upcoming novella, "The Author."  It was Richard and Dana's first experience with role-play.  Here's how their day ended after hours at the mall together.
“You were a naughty girl today, weren’t you?” Richard slowly sat down on the couch next to her.

“Yes, sir,” Dana mumbled and lowered her eyes.

“I think my little girl needs a good spanking from her daddy.”

“I miss you,” she whispered.

“I know, sugar pop.  I miss you too.  Tomorrow, we need to find a remedy for that problem.  But right now, I need to warm your tushy for a number of offenses.  Pull your jeans and panties down, please.” He patted his lap.

“I’m sorry.  I really am.”

“That’s touching, but if I have to ask again.” He reached for his belt. 
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We were so excited to be asked back for another crawl through the dungeon! 

Our newest adventure under a possible title, "The Author's Friends", continues with Carla Campbell (Dana’s best friend) who is a commercial real estate attorney working for a large, national firm with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, and Dr. Michael Cohen (Dana’s former therapist) who happens to be a soft spoken, mild mannered, very handsome, dominant man.  In this scene, Carla and Michael just came home from a holiday dinner party.  Carla had a nasty day at the office, and was acting like a brat all evening.  Michael was not amused.
Michael took Carla’s coat off and hung it up in the closet.  “I’m going to sit in the den and take a deep breath.  You, on the other hand, are going upstairs to shed your clothes, including your panties, and change into a short nightgown.  Use the bathroom if you have to and brush your teeth, because after your spanking – you will be going straight to bed.  Have I made myself clear?”

“What happened to our talk?” Carla asked snidely placing both hands on her hips.

“Oh, we’re going to converse, my love … while you’re over my knee,” he answered calmly.  “You aren’t thinking of making it worse for yourself, are you?”

“No, sir.” She ascended the stairs with her head down in an attempt to hide her rolling eyes.

Carla entered their bedroom, slowly took off her clothes, and grudgingly removed her panties.  As Michael rounded the corner upstairs, she quickly slipped on her white cotton nightie.

He walked into the room, shook his head, and sat down next to her on the bed.
“Dana is your best friend, and you know how important this party was to her.  I understand you had issues at work today, but your insolent behavior tonight was unacceptable.  You acted like a brat all evening, and you know exactly how I will deal with such a disrespectful display.” His calm and steady voice was well-practiced.
Carla turned her head in the other direction and sighed; the perfect imitation of a bored teenager.

“You’re such an intelligent woman, yet it seems you aren't processing important information today.  Maybe a new position will help you concentrate.”

She shrugged her shoulders.

Michael helped Carla get settled over his lap, and smoothed the back of her nightgown.  Paying attention to detail, he pulled the fabric underneath, so that it clung to the outline of her muscular, round bottom.  Without warning, he sharply smacked both cheeks several times, causing her to wince and jump with each contact before trying to escape his grasp.

“Stay in position Carla,” he softly growled as he lifted the nightgown to expose her very pink behind.  “Since you asked for conversation … let’s have one, shall we?”  Each word was punctuated with a crisp, loud crack, similar to a toy cap gun being shot in an empty room.  “When you behave like a spoiled child, you will be taken over my knee and spanked good and hard.  Is that clear, young lady?”  Although his tone remained soft and even, his hand continued to meet dead-on with her tender bare bottom.

“Yes, sir,” she managed with tear-filled eyes.

“You used language tonight - that I never, ever want to hear again.  Is that understood?”

“Yes,” she whined.

“Excuse me?” His hand rested on her broiled backside.

“Yes, sir.”

“Push your bottom up, Carla.”

“Please, I’m sorry,” she wailed as she complied with his instructions and received two more smacks underneath each bright red cheek.

I just need to make sure you understand why you’re sorry.” He tenderly combed her thick, wavy blonde hair and twirled it around his fingers.

“I was a brat … and disrespectful to you … and I’m sorry, Michael,” she sobbed and looked over her shoulder with pleading wet eyes.

He smoothed his hand over her red hot flesh, pulled her nightgown down and readjusted his crotch.  “Sit on my lap, sweetie.”

She cried in his arms, and mumbled through her tears.  “I’m so sorry.  I won’t ever act like that again, I promise.”

“Good girl,” he whispered and kissed the top of her head.

Michael helped her off his lap and pulled back the soft down duvet.  “You will go straight to bed now, Carla.”  His demeanor remained gentle as he tucked her in, and placed a kiss on her small, red nose.  “I’ll be up in a little while.”

Carla sniffed as she gently rolled onto her side.  He turned out the lights, sighed and closed the door. 

In the dark room, a brilliant smile illuminated her tired face.


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