Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Welcome to WIP IT UP!  If it's your first time visiting, this is the place where we share bits and pieces of our current works in progress!  In our first all out age-play story, His Firm Hand, Paul Fazio decided that the DD lifestyle he and Michele had been practicing when they were first married needed to make a comeback ... in spades.  Just as a recap of last week's post - Michele canceled her yearly exam with the gynecologist, claiming she had a fever and Paul was not pleased.  Since this is a continuation of that scene, if you missed it or need a refresher, you can view it HERE. Hope you enjoy ;)


Michele walked into their bedroom and blinked twice.  The bed was stripped of the puffy duvet and their colorful sheets were replaced with a brand new, crisp white one.  Strategically placed on top of the tightly fitted fabric was a disposable square sheet of blue plastic.  Staring in disbelief across the room, their end table that once held her Kindle and a night lamp, now displayed a box of latex gloves and large jar of lubricant with a rectal thermometer sticking out in the middle of it.  With her mind reeling, she didn’t hear Paul quietly approach her from behind.

“Take all your clothes off and put this on.  I want it open in the back,” Paul instructed, holding a short blue, cotton dressing gown with a paisley print.

“You can’t be serious.”

He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes.

“Never mind, I see that you are,” she deadpanned.

After grabbing the flimsy-looking gown, she unbuttoned and slid her jeans down before carefully stepping out of them.  Bending over, she made sure her husband had a good view of her bottom and seductively wiggled it before placing her pants on the chair beside the bed. 

Paul stood motionless, watching his wife take off her shirt and bra as he patiently waited for her to slip into the light blue gown.

“Where in the hell did you get this stunning shmataUsed Gowns R Us?” Her blue eyes rolled as her hind end felt a cool breeze wafting down from the ceiling fan.

“Turn around, please.”

Michele swiveled and closed her eyes as Paul’s large palm cracked loudly across her soft backside.

“Ouch! What was that for?”

“Maybe I wasn't clear when I asked for all your clothes to come off.  Slide. Those. Panties. Down," he said, enunciating each word slowly.  "Then you can make yourself comfortable on the bed raising your bottom nice and high for me.  I’m going to take your temperature.”

“Jesus,” she growled.

“Excuse me?  Do you really think this is a good time for sass, young lady?”

“No, sir,” she mumbled, lowering her panties before getting into the embarrassing position on the bed.

Paul rubbed and patted her backside.  “I’m going to tan your hide good and red for canceling your appointment and lying to Dr. Sippora’s receptionist.  But that will come later.”

“I can hardly wait,” Michele said facetiously under her breath, raising her ass high in the air before turning her warm cheek onto the covered mattress. She really had more to say, but decided he’d probably heard enough as she watched him walk over to the night table to prepare the thermometer. 


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