Tuesday, May 19, 2015


BARELY SURVIVED IS FINALLY HERE AND AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, BLUSHING BOOKS AND BARNES & NOBLE!  I know this hop is for our WIP, but I just had to celebrate with you guys!  The following snippet had not yet been posted anywhere, so enjoy! (And the blurb follows :)

“When are we going to see each other again?”

“I hope it’s soon.  My fingers have been traveling inside my wet, lonely pussy every night,” she answered in a whisper.

“Oh, my God, how I want to watch you squirm.  I miss you so much.”

“It’s good to be missed.” She wished he could see her smile.  “Remember the last time we were together?”

“You were waiting for me in the doorway wearing a white lacy bra, matching panties and high-heeled, fuck me shoes.”  He paused to lick his parched lips.  “I led you to my bed, peeled off your bra and left a path of moist kisses down your soft and sensuous belly.  With a finger on either side of your panties, I slowly and carefully slipped them down to your ankles and bent your knees, creating the most glorious view of glistening pussy lips that my tongue couldn’t wait to slide inside.  I was about to burst out of my pants.” 

“Please don’t stop.” 

“But, obviously, you had other plans, moving quickly to unzip my jeans.  Carefully, you pressed your lips to my swollen tip and gently kissed it.  I wanted to guide and encourage you, but that wasn’t necessary, was it?”

She swallowed hard.

“You took my hot cock into your mouth, swirling your tongue around the soft, smooth head.  Wrapping your long fingers around my hard length, you stroked and tugged, taking turns licking and sucking until I couldn’t hold back anymore.  After swallowing everything I had to give, you gently laved over my sensitive slit until it was dry and peered up at me.  I’ll never forget that look.  It was almost wicked.”

He heard her fingernail tap on the other end of the phone.  “Don’t you want to be pleasured?” 

“Yes, of course, but I believe you have other motives.  You like to control people.”

Laughter erupted on the other end of the phone.  “A few hours later, I woke up with your hard cock in my ass.  It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to start psychoanalyzing each other at this point.”

Now it was his turn to laugh.  “I’m not the one that came up with this dangerous grand scheme.”

“We both stand to benefit don’t we?”  There was a steely calmness in her voice.  “But we need to be careful.”

“Everything will go just as we planned,” he whispered.

“I’ve never thought otherwise.”

And now - the blurb:

Five years after a boat explosion that injured her brother-in-law, Daniel, and took the lives of her husband, Joey, and sister-in-law, Christina, Jackie Bonerati is summoned back to Hilton Head, South Carolina for questioning by the police.  What was once determined to be an accident has now become a full-blown murder investigation, and the newly hired detective is leaving no stone unturned.

With the cold case heating up, Jackie moves into her brother-in-law’s home and their twenty-five-year-old friendship begins to develop into a loving, steamy romance.  Jackie quickly discovers that the domestic discipline/age-play relationship she enjoyed with her late husband is a lifestyle that Daniel has always had an interest in.  Naturally, he is delighted to protect and take care of her in all the ways she was accustomed.

Daniel Bonerati is a handsome, intelligent, no-nonsense man and makes it crystal clear to Jackie that he will redden her backside if she attempts to disobey him or put herself in danger.  Our cheeky heroine, together with her new leading man, is extremely anxious to see this case solved, but has a hard time being compliant.  After all, it’s been five years since she’s had to stand in the corner with her bare bottom exposed.  Can Jackie and Daniel’s new relationship survive the stress of a murder investigation and the possibility of lighting striking twice?


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