Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Welcome to WIPITUP!   I've been MIA with my posts for a couple of weeks and don't really have a good excuse - except that we've been busy writing.  Does that count?   It looks like Barely Survived will be released on May 15 and I'm hoping to share a cover soon.  In the meantime, this is a quick scene from Dominating Their Destiny which is our current work in progress that we've been busy tweaking and polishing.   I've already posted quite a few sexy scenes, so here's another one from our intruder's POV.   Hope you enjoy. :)

It was the first time he watched her sleep.  Each new moment that he got closer would become a precious and unforgettable memory.  The porch roof outside the bedroom provided him with an outstanding view of her snuggled under the covers, and there was a dim light shining in from the hall which helped him see her face more clearly.  He inhaled a deep breath of the cool night air and let it out leaving a mist on the window pane.

Looking at his watch, he was surprised what time she came home.  It’s not like you to be out this late, Cindy.  That friend of yours is a bad influence.  He shook his finger in admonishment and snickered softly. 

I can hardly wait to get inside your room again.  

He wiped the steam from the glass and focused his piercing blue eyes downward through the window.  Her large German shepherd was sleeping soundly at the foot of her bed.  Dogs were never my friends, but this one and I are going to be best buddies.   

The chuckle emanating from his throat was low and nefarious.


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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Welcome to WIP IT UP!  If you're looking for a sneak peek at a work in progress, you've come to the right place. Thanks, as always, to Ms. Melody for all her positive energy toward keeping this HOT hop alive. This scene is a continuation of last week's post from our newly-titled WIP, "Dominating Their Destiny".  In case you missed the first part - BEND AND STRETCH - you can find it HERE.

Libby ran the palm of her hand down the center of James' aching, hard length. “I guess it’s obvious how much I want you right now.”  A smile started to form at the corners of her mouth.

As their faces gently came together, his moist tongue parted her lips.  “I always want you, Libs.”  After speaking in a deep and sincere voice, he slowly devoured her sensuous mouth with his.

She climbed off his lap and watched as James undid his zipper and quickly removed his jeans.  Not taking his eyes off of her for one minute, she was eased onto her back as he lifted and separated her legs at the knees. Smiling at the delicious vision in front of him, he dipped his head and with a slow lick of his warm and wet tongue, teased and tempted her soft, silky skin while tasting her sweet, moist desire to have him deep inside.

She moaned and closed her eyes as he finally rubbed the tip of his hard cock up and down the slick folds of her swollen, fleshy entrance.  Tugging on the plug, he began to slowly push his way further inside her.  “My God, you are so snug with this toy in, there’s not much room for me.”  His voice was breathless as he drove himself deeper and deeper.  “I can feel the rim of the plug.  Open your eyes and talk to me, baby.  Does this feel good?”

“Jesus, James.  I feel so full, so tight.  Please don’t make me wait to come.” Her words came fast as she lifted her hips to meet his every thrust, her pussy clenching down on his cock.

“I see no point in either of us waiting." With a wink and one deep, dramatic last drive, James groaned as he released his hot seed, spraying deep inside her.  Reaching for the stars, her clitoris convulsed over and over while he tugged on the plug until she begged him to stop through uncontrollable laughter.  As her body finally calmed down, he quietly told her to relax her bottom while he pulled out their new light blue friend.  Promptly, he carried it to the bathroom and cleaned it with soap and water as she waited patiently on the bed for him to return.

“Please tell me you’re never planning to use that gigantic red plug in the bag.”  With closed eyes, she enjoyed the moment as James first wiped her pussy then soothed her sore bottom with a warm, wet washcloth.

“Funny, I intend to use it when my girlfriend’s naughty behind matches the same bright color.”  His eyebrow arched as he kissed the tip of her nose.


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