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Welcome to WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!  In honor of Halloween, this scene was written and woven into our WIP, “The Sail of Their Lives”, a domestic discipline/erotic romance/murder mystery laced with age play.  Obviously, because it’s a murder mystery, we need to be careful of spoilers.  Hope you enjoy!
Halloween was always a favorite holiday in the Bonerati house.  Jackie had sentimental memories of the kids dressed in their costumes while her late husband, Joey, spent most of the day creeping around wearing a “Scream” mask trying to scare her.  He was quite a joker and had an interesting sense of humor.  Those family moments would always remain close to her heart.

After the last piece of candy had been given away to the steady stream of trick-or-treaters in their gated neighborhood, Jackie dragged herself upstairs with heavy feet and stood in the doorway of Daniel’s office. 
“I’m really tired, Danny.  Do you mind if I turn in early tonight?”

Daniel looked up from his computer screen and smiled.  "I’ll tuck you in right after I finish this report for Arnold.  Weren’t the kids adorable in their costumes tonight?”

Jackie nodded wearily and headed into their bedroom.  She wasn’t sure if it was fatigue or nerves from the investigation, but she was feeling more jittery than usual.  After undressing quickly and slipping into a long T-shirt, she washed her face, brushed her teeth and fluffed the pillows before sliding under the covers.  Pushing the button on the television remote, she decided to search for a classic Halloween movie.  The cable movie channels usually offered something spooky for the holiday, and she fondly remembered watching them with the kids when Joey traveled.  Her eyelids were getting heavy, but she kept them open long enough to watch the first scene of her favorite movie, “Psycho” …

The sound of the front door closing startled her.  Jackie’s eyes opened wide as she quickly reached out in fear to wake Daniel.  As her hand moved over the cool, crisp sheets on the empty space, she realized he never came to bed.  Someone was definitely walking around downstairs, and Jackie wondered if Daniel was still in his office.  Why didn’t he hear the shuffling beneath them on the hardwood floors?  Then it occurred to her that maybe it wasn’t an intruder.  Was it possible that Daniel stepped outside for a minute to check something and came back into the house?  As Jackie tried to calm herself down, she heard feet ascending the steps.  In seconds her rationalization ended, and she quickly flipped over so she wasn’t facing the door.  Luckily, there was just enough moonlight shining through the window to prove that she was asleep in bed.  Her heart raced as she heard the floorboards creaking.  Dear God, someone was walking toward her.  Warm breath filled her ear as a hand was slowly placed on her shoulder.  Please let it be Daniel, she prayed silently.

“Jackie, it’s me.  I’ve come back for you.”

Her eyes shot open and stared out the window in shock. 
“I know you aren’t asleep, so stop pretending.” His voice was deep, soft and easily recognizable.

She instantly shook her head and tried to wake herself up.  This had to be a dream.

“Turn over and look at me, Jacqueline,” he said in a stern tone as he stooped to her level.

She slowly rolled over and met his eyes.  Instead of soft and brown, they were black and fierce.  “This is a dream, Joey, you aren’t real.”

“I’ll tell you what’s real.  You, my dear, are sleeping in my brother’s bed.  How long did you think it would be before I found out what you’re doing?” He cocked his head to the side as his lips formed an angry straight line.

“It’s been five years since you’ve been gone.  We thought you died in the explosion…”

His laugh was evil.  “I’ve been stalking you for quite a while now.  You call this a domestic discipline relationship?  He doesn’t really punish you.  Not like I did.”

“You’ve been watching us?” she asked incredulously. 

“Come on, Jackie.  You know I’ve always been a voyeur.  Tell me, has he threatened to paddle your beautiful little bottom, yet?”

She nodded.

“But he hasn’t, has he?”

She shook her head nervously.

“Well, I think we need to take care of that,” he said reaching for a couple of pillows on the other side of the bed.  “I’m going to find that beautifully crafted paddle he likes to play ball with, while you place that sweet ass of yours over this mountain of fluff.”

Joey’s cock hardened at the sight of her obediently getting into position over the pillows and then went to the closet.  In minutes, he was tapping a polished wooden paddle on his palm.
“This is going to do very nicely.  It’s a little smaller than the one we have at home, but I’m sure it will send the same message.  Now push that round ass up like you’re supposed to.” 

 As Jackie complied, her long T-shirt was raised just to the bottom of her full, plump cheeks. 
Joey landed a crisp crack to one side and then the other.  “When have I ever allowed your backside to be covered during a spanking?” he asked while administering another loud smack.

Jackie closed her eyes tight and shrugged.

“Allow me."  Seductively, he raised the fabric just above her rosy bottom and sharply popped her right cheek.

Jackie grunted as the polished wood met dead on with her bare bum and clutched the soft comforter in her shaky hands.  She tried to scream, but the sound wouldn’t come out of her throat.  Instead, she jerked her body in an attempt to escape.

Joey’s wicked laugh returned as he placed a strong hand on the small of her back.  “Be still.  You know the rules, Jackie.  If you try to get up, you will spend an hour in that corner over there with your hands over your head and your sore behind sticking out.  Keep nice and quiet for me, little one.  You don’t know how much I’ve missed watching this tender, hot ass of yours turn red.”

“Please stop, Joey,” she mouthed with tears in her eyes. 

He bent down and whispered in her ear, “Come on now, Jackie, you’re insulting my intelligence.  We both know you enjoy a swift spanking, and Danny boy isn’t the disciplinarian I was – or should we say – still am."  Joey slipped two fingers into her saturated pussy and gave her sore behind a sharp swat with his other hand. “Look at this, my little slut is soaking wet.  You are a bad, bad girl, Cookie.”

How did he know Daniel called her by that name?  The next sound she heard was the whoosh of his belt being pulled from the hoops.  “I think someone’s ass needs to feel the sting of leather.  Do you miss this scent, young lady?” He passed the soft calfskin leather under her nose and dramatically doubled the belt in his hand.

“Help me!” The words finally came out of her mouth loudly as the supple leather was applied again and again to her scarlet, tender bottom.

“Jackie, wake up.  Please, wake up!” Daniel continued to shake her shoulders as she screamed and cried.  “Jesus, what’s going on?” he asked lifting her up and wrapping his arms around her.

She opened her eyes and focused on his face.  As she climbed into his lap, her body finally began to relax.

“What were you dreaming about, Jackie?  No more scary movies for you.” He moved her damp bangs and gently kissed her forehead as he turned down the sound of the television.  The high-pitched stringed instruments were playing in the background as Janet Leigh was being stabbed to death in the shower.

“Joey was here.  I used to hope that he would come back to me, but not like this,” she babbled as he wiped her tears away with his thumbs.

“Shh-shh, you were dreaming.  Tell me what happened.”  His voice was soft and comforting as he held her close.

“He spanked me with a paddle and then strapped my bare bottom,” she whimpered.

Daniel gently kissed her wet cheek.  “Joey used to discipline you all the time, my sassy girl,  and you've been known to enjoy a good spanking.  Why were you so frightened?”

“It was his eyes.” She paused, tilting her head downward.  “He looked evil,” she whispered.

Daniel watched sadly as she hid her face in his broad chest.

“It was just a bad dream, sweetie.” 

“Sometimes dreams come true.  Maybe I had a premonition.”  She barely choked out the words as he rocked her in his arms like a small child.

“That’s an awfully big word for such a little girl.”  Unfortunately, she didn’t respond with her usual sly smile.  Gently, Daniel pulled her away from his chest.  "In our case, I don't think that's possible, Cookie."

Jackie slowly raised her head to meet his eyes.  “They never found his body.”

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Welcome to WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY, where we share with the world what we currently are working on behind the scenes.  This is from our work in progress, “The Sail of Their Lives”, a DD/erotic romance/murder mystery laced with age play.  Obviously, we will only share the sex and punishment scenes, so it won’t ruin the mystery!  Thanks, of course, to Melody for keeping this weekly blog hop fun to participate in!  Next week – I will share a special Halloween scene written for this upcoming title.
Jackie nervously fingered her necklace.  “This afternoon, it was Detective Andrews following us.  God knows who that was outside.  Danny, I’m scared.”

He wrapped his sturdy arms around her.  “I won’t let anything happen to you, Cookie.  I promise.”  She nodded as he took her by the hand.  “I have the perfect activity to relax you.”

Her eyes rolled to the ceiling as they walked into his bedroom.

“In case you’ve forgotten, that type of eye movement will get your bare bum spanked in this house.” She giggled as he playfully swatted her bottom and pulled her close.
“See, now that’s the smile I was hoping for.  Face the other way, and let me help you undress.”

Jackie obediently turned around and raised her arms, allowing Daniel to pull the skimpy, ribbed tank top over her head as he sat on the bed.  “I don’t think we have any need for these,” he said tugging her shorts down.  Rubbing her behind lovingly he quickly added, “Slide your panties down real nice and slow for me.”  With his hands on her waist, he watched as she slid them to the floor.

“My nightgown is in the other room,” she said looking over her shoulder.

“Mmm hmm - and there it shall stay, my sweet girl.” He pulled her onto his lap and tweaked her nipple firmly between two fingers before the pads of his digits trailed down her soft tummy, finally locating a slick spot inside the short, dark stubble between her legs.  “How do you like your new room?  Is there anything I can do to make your evening sweeter?”  An audible gasp was heard as he tickled her clitoris and lightly kissed her soft neck. 

“Once again, you are fully clothed and I don’t have a stitch on.  There seems to be a pattern forming here.” She smiled and inhaled a short breath as he caressed her warm, wet folds. 
“Tonight I will bury my cock deep into your pussy, but tomorrow I plan to thrust it into your hot little bottom hole,” he whispered in her ear.

She turned her head to face him as he stroked her drenched, swollen flesh.  Placing his face onto the side of hers, he continued to verbalize exactly how he intended to take her in the ass.  “First, I will carefully plant this round, full behind over my knee and spank it until it is very warm and extremely red.”  He slipped his finger deep into her pussy as she moved her bottom slightly upward.

“Ahh, you want a preview, Princess?  It would be my pleasure.” He retrieved his wet finger and teased the perimeter of her anus, slowly and deliberately.  Her bottom twitched with delight and jetted out, encouraging the tip of his finger to delve deeper into her dark, narrow passage.  Breathlessly, Jackie turned to unbuttoned his shorts, but then quickly paused to look up for approval.

“Would you like a snack, young lady?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered and slowly crawled off of his lap to kneel on the floor.

With Daniel’s shorts open, she gently moved her lips around the circumference of the wide, smooth, purple tip, catching a drop of moisture from his slit onto her tongue.  Reaching down, he tenderly ran his fingers up and down the cleft of her bottom while she pulled and stroked his stiff cock guiding it into her mouth.

“That’s my girl, take it all in.” His tone was low and raspy.

She savored every inch of his silky skin as he gradually moved her head toward him, encouraging Jackie’s warm, wet mouth to take his girth completely.  

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this … I don’t think I can wait,” he moaned quietly.

Licking and sucking furiously, she kept an eye on his face not wanting to miss one moment of ecstasy.  As her tongue continued to wash over his swollen, hardened cock, she marveled at her own pleasure, seeing him so happy and fulfilled.  

“Oh my God … I’m coming, Jackie … I’m coming right now!” He started to pull out of her mouth, but she refused to surrender and began swallowing his hot spurts of happiness.  Daniel’s eyes were closed and his body was warm with contentment and gratitude.  It was after she licked every last drop of salty seed off his shiny tip, that he lifted her back into his lap.  He gently kissed her cheek and then her mouth, tasting what was left of his intense orgasm. 

"Things didn't happen exactly as I planned." He placed a hand over his heart and grinned.
She slipped her arms around his thick neck and sighed.  "I'm so happy to move into your bedroom.  It's been hard sleeping alone for the past five years."

“There’s no need for you to sleep alone anymore, Cookie.  I’ve been thinking … instead of changing your ticket – let’s just cancel it.”

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Welcome to WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!  This week, I’m going to take a break from our WIP to share a scene with you from “The Author’s Friends” which was published last week!  Carla has just agreed to interview for a job with the governor in Harrisburg and asks Dana to meet her after work for drinks, so she can give her the details.  Naturally, neither of them have anything to eat and Carla’s brother, the bartender, makes a call to have them picked up.  Here’s how things went with Carla and Michael later that evening.  If you would like to have a peek into Dana and Richard's window - I recently visited Melody's blog and shared that scene with her!  We would love it if you would stop over! :)


"What were you thinking, Carla?  Three glasses of wine after work, and you probably didn’t eat much for lunch, did you?”

“Can I put on my pajamas, Michael?  I’m so tired right now.”

"Yes, but when you return my big girl has some explaining to do.” Michael turned her around and patted her bottom lovingly.

When Carla entered the den, Michael was sitting on the couch waiting for her, his face 

"I have so much going on in my head, Michael.” Carla made herself comfortable in his lap.

“I figured as much.  But why did you go to Dana before me?  Is this about us?  Was it about our meeting with Jason?”

"No, this was about me.  I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

"So you went with liquid courage instead?  Come on, Carla.  I thought we shared everything with each other.  By the way, the kitten pajamas are a nice touch.” He tapped her on the nose.

“Just for the record, I didn’t drink quite enough for the ‘courage’ part.”

“Ve have vays to make you talk,” Michael joked in a bad German accent as he put his hand down the front of Carla’s pajamas.

“Yes, but I’m sure your methods are much more enjoyable … ooh,” Carla exclaimed as Michael’s skilled fingers zeroed in on her clit.

“Start talking … right now.  And don’t even tink about an orgasm until you are finished with ze the story.  Understand, young lady?” His German accent suddenly became heavier.

 “Uh huh ...”

Carla’s pussy was warm, wet and tingly as Michael’s fingers firmly tapped and teased.

“I’m waiting.” His eyes became expressive, as he put pressure on her swollen hot button looking for a reaction.

“Ahh, okay.” Her body suddenly twitched in response.  “An old friend of mine from Penn called who works for the governor.  Well, actually she’s his chief of staff.  Ooh that’s nice…”

“Impressive,” Michael responded as his fingers worked their magic.  “This story better be told quickly, because my lips will be going south soon to nibble and gnaw,” he warned.

“It seems that the governor is looking to make a new appointment in his administration, and Rachel thinks I would be perfect for the job.” Carla spit the words out of her mouth in record time.


Michael lowered Carla’s bottoms while positioning her legs around his neck, dipping her backwards onto the couch.  As his head lowered toward her pussy, he spoke.  “I’m sure there’s more, so please keep talking.”

“They want me to come in and interview the day after tomorrow.” Her eyes squeezed shut as he collected stray juices with the width of his tongue.

“The nibbling and gnawing will commence as promised ...” he mumbled in between tongue movements.

“Ahh, Michael please, I’m almost there,” she begged.

But he didn’t speak.  As promised, he nibbled and carefully suckled, taking her as close to the edge as possible.

“Michael, say something.  Please don’t be angry that I didn’t come to you first.  Ahh, please … I can’t wait any longer.  Please …”

“Think of something else, my love.  Take your mind to another place.  You can do it, if you try,” he said sneaking a peek at her face.  It was contorted between pain and pleasure; one he adored that words just couldn’t describe.

“Nooo … oh my God, Michael … I can’t do this … PLEASE!”



And with those last words, he sucked harder and rubbed his lips over her soaked pussy as she whirled in a bright white spin, losing all control and loving every minute.

“Absolutely delicious.  There is no dessert more decadent than you.  Although I do think you could have held on a little longer.” He licked his lips and laughed as her head fell back.

 “My heart is pumping out of my chest.  I do hope you are certified in CPR.” 

“I’m always here for you, Carla,” he said pulling up her pajama pants.  “Go to the interview, my love, it is the chance of a lifetime.  You will always be my Peanut and nothing will ever change that.”  He gently kissed her forehead. 

Carla smiled and hugged him with tears in her eyes.  “I know, Michael.”

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