Sunday, September 23, 2018

TRAINED BY HIM in Daddy's Demands

My contribution to the Daddy's Demands anthology is Trained by Him ...

Lori’s publisher believes that her novels aren’t selling because they’re too sweet and light for the kind of boiling hot BDSM books he publishes. But instead of firing her, he decides that she should spend a week with a real daddy dom. His father.


“Here’s what will happen when you disobey the rules.”
 Instinctively, I reached to shield my covered backside. “Nooo, wait!”

“You don’t get to direct how this discipline will be carried out,” he scolded, his voice lowering a notch as he caught my wrist and pinned it to the base of my spine. “It was your decision to defy me, and as a result, that little hide of yours will be spanked good and hard.”

“Jesus, you’re treating me like a fucking five-year-old,” I grated through gritted teeth as the first smack landed on my shuddering behind.

“Oh, and did I mention what will happen when you use that nasty language in my home?” His tone was smooth as silk as he hooked his fingers under the elastic waistband of my pajama pants and tugged them down my legs. “Yes, I’m sure I did.”

“Whoa! You can’t do that! I…”

But just as my second thought began, he peppered the bottom of each globe with a hand that didn’t feel human at all.

It felt like a piece of wood.

“Oh, yes, I can, young lady,” John said with a quiet nonchalance before he slapped the backs of my thighs.

I’d always wondered if the description of flesh connecting with flesh really had the same sound as multiple gunshots at close range. Unfortunately, I’m not wondering anymore. “Jesus Christ! That hurts! Are you fucking crazy?” I tried my best to buck upward while wiggling away from this solid man who easily weighed over two hundred pounds, but he snaked my waist in closer to his body with one arm while landing a resounding smack across the middle of my ass.

“To answer your question, I prefer to think of myself as a disciplinarian who insists that rules will be followed in his house. So, you’ll either start behaving, my dear, or there will be consequences. Painful consequences.”

The slaps continued coming fast and hard on my bare cheeks, most of them landing in the same spot, and I could only imagine the color my pale skin was turning. In my entire life, I’d never experienced a burning pain quite like that. Fuck! It felt like my ass was on fire!

“Please stop! Please! Please!” My howls were loud and intense as I begged, rocking and writhing over his knees trying to escape, but that only resulted in him drawing me tighter to his broad frame while he continued to rain down a steady barrage of heavy smacks onto my poor burning behind.

“You owe me an apology, little one,” he scolded, stopping to smooth my fiery globes with his massive hand.

The smart choice would’ve been to answer him quickly, but it was difficult to speak and sob at the same time. Agreeing to be trained by this man was probably the dumbest decision I’d ever made, and with that thought, I slumped over his lap and dropped my head toward the floor in defeat. That disciplinary spanking was not how I ever imagined it would be, and it certainly wasn’t close to anything I’d described in my novels.