Friday, August 29, 2014


Happy Saturday!  After a long day of supervising staff at the office, Carla has a hard time giving over control to her boyfriend, Michael.  In this snippet from our upcoming novella, “The Author’s Friends”, Michael attempts to put an end to Carla’s bad habit of “topping from the bottom”.


Carla stood in the doorway of the room waiting for directions.  Michael didn’t disappoint and motioned with his fingers for her to stand in the corner.  Keeping her eyes cast downward, she walked slowly to assume a position she was familiar with from early childhood. 
“Lower your panties to your thighs, Carla.” His tone was smooth and low. 

She shook her head no in defiance.

Michael sighed and stood upright.  He didn’t need to speak; she could hear him stand.  If he wanted her panties down, damn it, he could bloody well take them down himself.  After walking to stand behind her, he applied a firm hand to her soft backside; the sound echoed through the large room.

“Slide them down, Carla.  This is the last time I’m going to ask, and if I have to do it myself…”

He didn’t need to finish the sentence.  She slowly lowered her panties, placed her nose in the corner and seductively pushed her bottom out.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


WELCOME TO ANOTHER WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!  I hope this post finds our friend feeling better!  We are all sending positive thoughts your way, Melody! :)

Did you guys think I would run out of snippets while we wait for this title to be published?  Not happening!!  This week I’m bringing you yet another scene from our upcoming novella, “The Author’s Friends”.  In today’s installment, Dana is continuing to pen her untitled novel.  Usually, she writes DD and age-play – but lately has been taking a stab at some light BDSM themes. 
Dana was frustrated and stared at her computer keyboard trying to gain some focus.  Where had she left off with the story?  Oh yes, they’d just put on a show of steamy sex in front of an appreciative crowd.  This scene should definitely take her mind to another place.

Brad and Kristin spent the next afternoon mostly in the confines of their room talking about their careers.  It was risky to date a co-worker, but neither was willing to end their relationship.  If nothing else - they both knew that sneaking around was fueling their sexual appetite for each other. 

Saturday evening after dinner and a nice bottle of wine, they came back to the room.  Brad rummaged through his suitcase and found four unusually long beautiful cashmere scarves to display across the bed while Kristin was in the bathroom freshening up.  When she returned wearing only her thong panties, Brad was sitting on the edge of the bed.  She walked toward him and bent over to touch the softness of the colorful fabric.  

“They’re beautiful.”

“So are you,” he said as he stroked the fullness of her bum bared by the thong.  “Do you trust me?”

Kristin nodded, sensing what Brad had in mind, as he motioned for her to lie across the bed.  One by one he gently tied a scarf on each of her wrists and ankles; the small poster bed was perfect for his planned vision.  He secured the end of each scarf to a post making sure that Kristin was unable to maneuver, while testing to make sure they weren’t too tight.  Brad looked at her lustfully; she was such a soft and feminine woman.  With her eyes closed and head turned to the side, she anticipated the excitement to come.  He wondered if she’d done this before; his girl didn’t appear nervous. 

“Keep your eyes closed, Kristin,” he whispered while cutting the string on each side of her panties with a pocket knife.

Fully clothed, Brad sat next to her on the bed lightly tracing circles around her erect nipples with his finger.  Goosebumps covered her skin as he drew an imaginary line down her abdomen; her squirming body was a beautiful sight.

Brad positioned himself in between her legs; his lips barely grazed her neck with soft kisses.  With eyes obediently still closed, her head rocked from side to side.  His wet tongue happily found its way down each breast, retracing the path he’d just taken with his thick digit.  Kristin pulled against her captures, but the knots held tight in the soft wool.  She wanted desperately to guide his head down to her most sensitive area, but didn’t really need to; Brad knew where to go.

His skilled tongue slowly navigated around her clit, causing her juices to trickle down her inner thighs.  As his pressure ever so slightly increased; Kristin’s legs began to convulse.  With hips arched eagerly wanting more, the intensity of her fight against the restraints only added to his visual pleasure.  Brad could feel his own wetness beneath him as he gyrated against the bed, enjoying every sensation.

Lifting her up slightly, he teased her anus with the tip of his lubricated finger - rubbing and teasing the dark rim over and over.  She again tried moving against the restraints, but they didn’t budge.  He pushed his finger slowly up her ass, moving in and out until she twitched helplessly with delight.  With his tongue in her pussy and finger inserted up to a knuckle, they simultaneously worked their magic.  Kristin couldn’t hold back any longer, tugging and pulling wildly; her whole body finally tensed as if she’d been shot and quivered violently in short delightful spasms over and over.  

Brad quickly removed his pants and straddled her torso taking hold of his penis, cradling it in between her breasts.  As he held her breasts firmly and stroked in earnest, his cum squirted in long, even spurts.  Gently he guided his penis to slowly massage the warm liquid around her nipples.  She opened her eyes, smiled at him lovingly and moaned in satisfaction.  With his hands clasped around her wrists, he bent over and kissed her, releasing some of her own taste into her mouth.  Untying each scarf and gently rubbing Kristin’s delicate reddened skin, they looked into each others eyes.  There was definitely more than physical satisfaction involved.

Dana stopped typing when suddenly she felt a wriggly little body rubbing up against her leg; it was Wally.  Richard was home.
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Friday, August 22, 2014


Happy Saturday!  In this snippet from our upcoming novella, “The Author’s Friends”, Carla finally gets that conversation she asked for.  :)
Michael helped Carla get settled over his lap and smoothed the back of her nightgown.  Paying attention to detail, he pulled the fabric underneath so that it clung to the outline of her muscular, round bottom.

Without warning, he sharply smacked both cheeks several times, causing her to wince and jump with each contact before trying to escape his grasp.

“Stay in position Carla,” he said softly as he lifted the nightgown to expose her very pink behind.  “Since you asked for conversation … let’s have one, shall we?  When you behave like a spoiled child, you will be taken over my knee and given a good spanking.  Is that clear, young lady?”  Michael’s hand continued to meet dead-on with her tender, bare bottom as his tone remained soft and even. 

“Yes, sir,” she managed with tear-filled eyes.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Yes indeed, it’s time for WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!!  We recently signed a contract for our upcoming novella, "The Author's Friends" and hope it will be published soon!  In this snippet, Dana sits at her computer on a cold night in January writing a scene for her newest book.
Their suitcases were unpacked, and Kristin declared that she needed to freshen up with a shower.  In the meantime, Brad went back downstairs and asked the proprietors about good places to have dinner.

When he returned to the room, he fully expected that Kristin would be dressed and ready to go out for the evening.  He lightly knocked on the door before opening, so he wouldn’t catch her by surprise.  Stepping through the door, he caught a glimpse of her naked silhouette opposite the dark picture window. 
“Dana, how’s the writing going?”  Richard came back into the room to stoke the fire for her.  

“I’m on a roll,” she mumbled without looking up from her keyboard. 
“I brought you some juice to keep your energy up.”  Richard sat the glass down next to her, placed more wood on the fire and quietly shut the door behind him as he left.

Kristin motioned for Brad to come closer.  As he neared, she reached out and placed his hand on her bare, right breast.
“I hope you like what you see,” she whispered.  He pulled her close and clutched her bare ass in his hands.

Brad wasted no time removing his clothes.  The two of them stood naked across from the window, but neither seemed to care.  With a forceful shove, he pushed her back up against the wall holding both arms above her head.  Hungrily they kissed, his weight forcing her against the hard, cold surface pressing their bodies close.  His raging cock stood at full mast; the thick, smooth tip came in contact with the wetness between her legs. 

A few onlookers had gathered down on the street below.  A single light in the room made it easy for all to watch.  

They frantically pawed each other moving across the room; their kisses ravenous as she felt the coolness of the window behind her.  Brad leveraged her body upward with legs encircling his torso; her ass was nestled on the smooth marble ledge.  He wasted no time pushing into her slick entrance.  His thrusts were strong and forceful; the beads of sweat from her back smeared the double-paned window glass.  It only took a few moments for the two of them to explode into a powerful, simultaneous orgasm.  Kristin’s head was lodged against his perspired neck, holding on so she didn’t collapse to the floor.

Brad greedily pumped several more times, milking the sensation of his pleasure.  The tenseness eased from their bodies, and he lowered Kristin down on to her feet.  Neither was willing to let the other go.

The mood was suddenly broken when they heard applause.  A crowd of about two dozen people down on the street were looking up at them clapping and hooting.  There was nothing else they could do, but smile at the voyeuristic friendly faces. 

Dana sat back and knew she’d just scratched the surface of this blossoming romance.  It was too early in the book to reveal her plan for those two; she wanted to keep her readers guessing.

No sooner had she begun to scribble some notes down on a pad, Richard walked quietly back into the room with a sandwich on a plate and one eyebrow raised.  “When was the last time you ate, kitten?”

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