Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Welcome to Wipitup!  This is the place where (thanks to Melody) we have an opportunity to share a work in progress with you.  The following scene is from a little something we’re working on called “Their Destiny”.  This week we meet Libby’s friend and co-worker, Cindy Lewis.  Hope you enjoy.

James was due home late from a three-day stint at the firehouse, and Libby had endured a long and grueling day at the bank.  Her friend and co-worker, Cindy, suggested they unwind at a local restaurant that had a reputation for a lively Friday night happy hour.  Time passed quickly as they chatted, and one glass of wine turned into sharing a bottle.  They probably should’ve ordered dinner, but decided to split an appetizer instead.  By the time they were done toasting the end of the week, they were toast.

“Libby, maybe you should leave your car here and see if James is available to pick us up.” Cindy’s brow wrinkled with worry as she took the last sip of Merlot from her glass.

“That’s ridiculous - we both know I’m perfectly capable of driving.  When I sent James a text and told him we were working late, he decided to have dinner with David.  They haven’t seen much of each other since James moved in with me, and I don't want to disrupt their evening.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking out loud.  You don't usually drink more than a glass of wine, and we haven't had much to eat.” Her voice was barely audible due to the noise level in the small room.

“I promise to get you home safe and sound.” Libby spoke in a convincing tone and threw her friend a kiss from across the booth.

She dropped Cindy off without incident and headed home.  No cars were in her driveway, so that was a good sign.  Libby walked into the house, slithered up to the bedroom, undressed and collapsed on the bed.  When her eyes opened, they instantly recognized a familiar face staring down at her.

“Hey kiddo, how are you feeling?” The indirect light from the hallway was just enough to see James’ concerned expression.

“I must’ve fallen asleep.  When did you get in?” She closed one eye and yawned.

“I walked in about fifteen minutes ago.  Your cell phone was ringing, and I saw that it was Cindy, so I answered it.”

“Why would Cindy call?  I just dropped her off.”

“She wanted to make sure you got home okay.  It seems you two had a good time at happy hour.”

“Jesus.  She blabbed that we shared a bottle of wine?”

“You two drank an entire bottle of wine and then drove home?” A low growl came from the back of his throat.

“I am so screwed,” she mumbled putting the pillow over her head.

“No, that would be good news for you.” His facetious tone almost seemed playful, which led her to believe he wasn't angry.  Her antenna was usually better than that.

“I know I shouldn’t have driven home, but I didn’t want to bother you and David.”

“Because after we saw the condition you were in, there would be trouble?” His head dipped toward hers.
“This, obviously, is how you made it through the Academy...” Libby's sentence was barely completed when her legs were lifted with one hand and a resounding crack landed right in the middle of her thong-clad behind.  It quickly occurred to her that more coverage on her ass would’ve been smarter.
Yeah, a lot of things are smarter in hindsight. :)  So, thanks for dropping by and while you have a few minutes, do yourself a favor and continue hopping along to read some other scenes in progress!  Have a great week.  ~ shelly

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It’s time for WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY and another taste of our work in progress, “Their Destiny”.  In last week’s scene, Libby was in David's office and on the verge of sharing her fantasy.

Libby’s eyes remained closed as her story continued.  "I walked into the room and saw a look of disapproval on his face.  He immediately motioned with his finger to approach the front of his desk and asked why I hadn’t called.  Standing before him, my eyes darted nervously around the room as I tried to think of an acceptable response.  Finally,  like a naughty girl, I shrugged and looked down at my feet.  He said it wasn’t right to flirt with him if I didn’t have good intentions and called me a tease.  There was no point in defending myself – I knew he was right.  He said I needed to be taught a lesson.”

David chuckled.  “Thank God someone has sense in this fantasy.” 

“Someone is going to find a sock in his mouth if he doesn’t close it.  Please continue, sweetie.” 

The flesh of her labia became slick and swollen as she got lost in a familiar tempo.  “David walked behind me and whispered in my ear.”

“What did he say?” James grinned at David like a cat who had just caught a mouse in a Disney cartoon.

“He said I deserved a good spanking.  When I didn’t respond, David smacked my bottom and told me to put both hands on his desk.  After lifting my dress, a brisk whack was administered to each cheek.  I could feel myself getting wet just hearing that I needed a spanking, so imagine how excited I was to receive it.” 

David laughed.  "That really yanks your chain, doesn't it?"

"One more word and you're a dead man." 

Libby ignored both of them as she vigorously rubbed her gushing slit up and down.  “David carefully edged the dress up over my head and calmly placed it on the chair.  Slowly his fingers slipped under each side of the waistband and inched my panties down.  With my bare bottom on full display bent over his desk, it seemed like forever until I felt the first crack of his palm.  But finally it met dead-on again and again with my tender flesh, and just when I thought the days of sitting comfortably were over, he picked me up and placed my hot, reddened backside on the cool oak desk.  I have to admit being a little surprised when my legs were nudged apart with his head, and gasped as he barely touched my saturated skin with the very top of his tongue.  Arching and hoping to encourage more than a tease, I was able to lean backwards and felt my heart jump when he slid under the hood and vibrated his warm, moist tip against my hard bean.”

“Like this?” David put his hands on the inside of her thighs moving them even further apart and lowered his head.  He quickly tugged her panty away from James and ran his fingers through her soft, reddish brown waves.  As David began licking intensely in the same motion her fingers were traveling, Libby removed her hand, silently urging him to take over.  Staying with the fantasy, he replicated the movements and added a few of his own, fucking her actively with his tongue.  Her hips rose from the couch as she moved closer, spurring him on to drive each thrust a little deeper.  James unbuttoned her dress strap and tenderly lifted a breast, carefully cupping it with his hands.  Gently but firmly his wet lips elongated her nipple, while the roughness of his short, dark whiskers brushed against her creamy skin shooting a direct current to her pussy.  David sucked and relentlessly nibbled Libby's clit, hungrily awaiting her spasms to escalate into a powerful, pounding force.  Smaller orgasmic waves continued as aftershocks, and she giggled uncontrollably trying to push his head away, but David didn’t stop until she screamed for mercy.  

Finally, she was sated, exhausted and smiling - sandwiched in between her two favorite handsome men. She couldn't have dreamed up a better ending.

Libby’s eyelids snapped open like a window shade with a tight spring.  In the glow of a hall nightlight, she suspiciously looked around her bedroom unsure of where she was.  Peering over her shoulder to confirm it was James spooning from behind, she sighed.  What a crazy dreamI need to keep that one to myself, she intelligently decided.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It’s time for WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY and another taste of our work in progress, “Their Destiny”.  In our last post, Libby was spanked, tucked into bed by James and fell into a deep sleep!  Usually the snarky comments flow from Libby's mouth, but in her dream – the sass is coming from everyone.  Since this was such a long scene - I cut it into two.  Hope you enjoy! :)

* * *

She stood in her closet deciding what to wear.  After careful deliberation, Libby chose a colorful, sleeveless tank dress, platform casual sandals, and a fun summer handbag.  At six forty-five her seat belt was buckled, and she checked her short, layered auburn red hair in the rear-view mirror before driving away.

As Libby pulled up in front of David’s house, she immediately noticed that his car was the only one in the driveway.  Feeling anxious as hell, she pressed the buzzer with manicured, shaky fingers.  David quickly opened the door and greeted her with his famous smile.

“Hey Sunshine, you’re a little early.  I’m just finishing up a few things for work, but come in and have a seat.”  His tone was soft as he led her into his office and gestured toward the couch.

“Why are we having this meeting?” She sat down and clasped her soft, slender hands together.

The silence was deafening as David cleaned up his desk and walked over to sit next to her.  In his quiet counseling voice he finally said, “It seems we’re in a situation that calls for an unconventional solution, Libby.  James and I are both in love with you, and neither of us is willing to walk away.  Would you prefer that one of us did?”

She looked down at the carpet and shook her head.

“An audible answer would be helpful, since I can’t see you from the bathroom.” James strolled in from the hallway.

“I thought you went to work.”

“I didn’t have any fires to put out, so I thought I’d start one over here.”  James sat down on a chair, leaned back and slowly placed his hands behind his head.

“I hate to interrupt this riveting conversation, but do you ever fantasize about me?”  David angled his head to meet her eyes.

“Am I dreaming?  Is this happening because James thinks you have a crush on me?”

“Are you jealous, James?” David’s forehead crinkled.

“I was, but recently changed my ways and feel like a new man.”  His gaze returned to Libby.  “There’s a question on the table, sweetie.  David and I talked about it and would like to share you.  What do you think?”  There were two sets of eyes staring at her.

“Can’t we save this discussion for our next Sunday dinner together?”  She cocked her head and batted her eye lashes.

“No!”  The answer was shot back in perfect harmony.

“Come on, be a sport, James.  Don’t you want to hear about her fantasies?  I know it would make my day.”  David reached over and slowly raised her dress up, revealing brightly-striped cotton bikini panties.

James quickly got up from his chair and walked over to the couch.  He crouched down in front of Libby and pulled her panty to the side.  "Here's an idea.  I'll hold this and you can demonstrate how you like to enjoy yourself while giving us the details of your fantasy."  He gave her pussy a sweet kiss and knelt down on the floor.

She looked at both of them and then closed her eyes.  "I can't believe I'm going to do this."

David smiled as he checked her moist area.  "Everything's safer when you're dreaming, kitten.  This must be a good one, and it isn't nice to be greedy.  Please share with us." 
With both index and middle fingers, she slowly teased her soft, slippery folds.  “Don’t let go of my panties, James.”

“Not a chance, darling."  His grin was playful as he winked.  "The story, please?” 

“Well, I was supposed to meet with David, but there was a funeral scheduled, so he asked if I could come in the evening.  When I got there, he was dressed in a black form-fitting shirt, blue jeans and black leather boots.  He appeared more like a Dom than a minister.” 

“That would be a very good look for me.”

“The comments need to stop from the peanut gallery - you're interrupting her concentration.  Please continue, Libby.” James glared at David.

Her movements were slow but sure as she began circling her clitoris. Libby’s eyes remained closed as her story continued.

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